4 Benefits of Beeswax for Your Skin!

A Sweet Treat For Your Skin!


When I say beeswax, you may think of buzzing bees, flowers, or jars of honey. But for thousands of years, beeswax has been used for cosmetic purposes. (1)

Beeswax has made a resurgence in the last few years, and is now featured in body butters, lotions, lip balms, sunscreens, makeup, and other cosmetic products trying to take advantage of the beeswax's amazing all-natural skincare benefits.

And dermatologists agree - beeswax works!

In this blog we talk about what beeswax is, and four benefits of this amazing natural skin remedy!





Beeswax literally translates to a bee’s wax, and this isn’t far from the truth.


Beeswax is naturally created by bees as a tool for them to create their honeycomb. And beeswax is a miracle ingredient with skin benefits. (2)

Beeswax contains almost 300 natural compounds from those busy bees to help them secure their homes and provide security to their hive. (3)


FUN FACT: Amazingly, beeswax can change colors depending on where the bees are from!  (4)


Beeswax never spoils, and is used in a variety of culinary products because of it's incredible ability to handle heat and its malleable consistency. (5)

The burning of beeswax can destroy pollutants and toxins in the air, and is often used in candles for their calming smell and soothing aromatics. (6)


Now that we know what beeswax is, let's dive into the four benefits of this sweet treat for your skin!


A Layer Of Protection


What makes beeswax so amazing is that it actually creates a layer of protection on your skin, offering you security from harsh pollutants and toxins in the air. (7)

Despite providing a layer of protection, beeswax allows your skin to breathe, while not clogging your pores. (8)


FUN FACT: Beeswax is also great for sensitive skin – if it works for the bees, it’ll work for you too! (7)


The reason beeswax can protect your skin so well is because it's an occlusive - another word for the process of maintaining hydration and moisture in your skin.

This is especially important as we enter the fall season, where a drop in temperature can leave your skin quickly dry and cracked. (9)




Beeswax draws in moisture, which means it’s a humectant. These benefits allow it to work perfectly as an ingredient in many lotions and body butters. (7)

Beeswax, like other humectants, works by pulling in water from the air, and uses that water to moisturize your outer skin. (10)


FUN FACT: Beeswax contains Vitamin A, which moisturizes your skin and helps you heal faster from wounds and dryness! (11)


Beeswax, and other humectants like it, are so incredible for the skin because they actually reduce the appearance of dead skin cells.

This makes your skin look more vibrant and youthful, while also recycling the moisture of your skin from layer to layer, giving you a complete glow. (7)



Beeswax is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, enabling it to be a perfect natural remedy for open wounds, burns, and joint pain. (12)

Beeswax has also been proven to soothe a variety of chronic skin problems, including eczema and psoriasis. (7)


FUN FACT: Beeswax can be used as an anti-histamine and for relief from allergies as we enter the fall season! (13)


Beeswax's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties enable it to be used as a vapor rub on your feet or chest to help fend off chronic coughing and choking. (14)

Beeswax is also antimicrobic, and is actually used in food preparation to fend off disease and act as a therapeutic. (15)





Beeswax repairs damaged skin, and erases signs of aging and wrinkles. It does this by boosting levels of collagen in the skin, thus removing free radicals and toxins - major causes of skin aging. (8)

Beeswax also shores up dry and cracked skin, which prevents dangerous bacteria from entering your bloodstream. (9)


FUN FACT: Beeswax reduces the appearance of stretch marks! (16)


Beeswax also helps hair follicles grow stronger and soothes the scalp, locking in moisture and providing your hair healthy hydration. (17)

Beeswax contains regenerative qualities, helping you to heal faster from wounds and get back to yourself quicker from ailments like the common cold and allergies. (18)


Smells Amazing


We've covered how beeswax is great when applied to the skin because of its antibacterial properties, but the power of beeswax extends to its smell too.

Beeswax is well-known for its aroma-therapeutic properties, including being able to detox the air you breathe. (19)


FUN FACT: Use beeswax to calm your mind and body and get a good night's sleep! (20)


Aside from smelling great, beeswax also cleanses the environment and purifies the air.

The American Lung Association has endorsed and recommended beeswax for breathing support, so give it a shot - you'll feel the difference in your lungs immediately! (21)


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