4 Reasons To Use Shea Butter Today!

Shea Hello To Your New Best Friend ...


These days, there are tons of over-the-counter products out there promising impossible results in record time.

These artificial products are all talk, and the chemicals inside them are actually hurting you more than they're helping you.

But there IS an ALL-NATURAL product out there that DOES provide a whole host of benefits, and is safe for all skin types. Its name?




In this blog we talk about what shea butter is, and four amazing reasons you should be using it today!




Shea butter is a vegetable fat extracted from the shea tree. It's usually off-white in color, and maintains its form in warm temperatures. (1) (2)

More benefits of this natural fat are being revealed in new studies every day, but shea butter has been used for the purposes of skincare for centuries. (3)

Shea butter can be found in hundreds of products, ranging from aftersun products to hair treatments to anti-aging creams, and that's because of all the amazing things this natural ingredient can do!


FUN FACT: Shea butter is so safe for use that there's absolutely NO medical literature revealing a topical allergy to it even exists! (1)


What makes shea butter so effective in skincare? Because it's a superfood, shea butter contains a massive amount of vitamins and healthy fatty acids. (4)

And shea butter doesn't just help your skin. Even the tiniest kernels of shea butter contain incredible health-boosting properties that relieve pain and boost your immune system! (5) (6)


So now that we know what shea butter is, let's dive into why you should be using today!




Shea butter is probably best known as a moisturizer. And the secret behind this ingredient's moisturizing greatness is its fatty acid content. (7)

Shea butter contains several acids - linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids - all of which absorb instantly into your skin, providing you immediate hydration. (8)

The acids in shea butter create moisture and restore your body's lipids. This strengthens your skin's defense against harsh environmental pollutants and irritants. (1) (9)


FUN FACT: Shea butter restores your body's natural oil balance, meaning it prevents acne breakouts! (10)


Another great attribute of shea butter's incredible moisturizing ability is that it reduces your chances of drying out, which is especially important as we enter the cold months in fall and winter. (1)

Also, shea butter is a ZERO on the comedogenic rating scale, meaning it will NOT clog pores! (11)

And the best part about shea butter is that no matter where you are in your skincare -- in repair mode or prevention -- it will help you. And this is because of its oil-controlling properties, which controls your sebum (natural oil) levels. (5)




Shea butter is loaded with antioxidants, and these vital nutrients make it an antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory miracle ingredient. (1) (2)

The antibacterial properties of shea butter enable it to fight the bacteria that cause acne scarring and health complications. (1) (2)


Shea butter quickens the skin's healing process! (Source: 25)


And if you already have a breakout, shea butter is perfect for you too! Shea butter contains stearic acid and allatonin, which helps regenerate your skin and hasten your healing process. (7)


FUN FACT: Shea butter diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, making you look (AND FEEL) younger! (12)


Not only does shea butter fight bacteria, but it also fights inflammation. Shea butter contains Vitamin K, which remedies rosacea and stretch marks, and revitalizes old and dying skin cells. (13)

Shea butter also soothes sunburns by easing the pain and preventing the peeling of your skin, which are common problems in the fall when people let their guard down when venturing outdoors. (14)

Shea butter also remedies flaky, dry, and irritated skin, which is all the more important as we enter fall and winter. (9) (15)




While many skincare ingredients work wonders for just your skin, shea butter also contains many benefits for your hair.

In addition to the vitamins shea butter is packed with, it also contains calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, and zinc, which protect your hair from weakening, and prevent breakage. (16)

Shea butter also contains triglycerides, which are especially strong at conditioning - making shea butter a perfect addition to your haircare regimen. (17)


FUN FACT: Can't seem to lock in your next great look? Shea butter can also be used for hair styling! (18)


And shea butter isn't just for one type of hair. It's for everyone.

Everyone from those with fine hair, curly hair, oily hair, and dry hair will see shea butter completely transform their scalp health. (19)


Shea butter moisturizes your hair follicles several layers deep, facilitating growth and restoring hair strength. (Source: 26)


The amazing phytonutrients of shea butter make it an emollient - meaning it literally seals in moisture to your hair. (20)

And if you have dandruff, don't worry. Soothing shea butter onto your scalp fights dryness and remedies the symptoms of dandruff. (21)




We're all familiar with the dryness, dermatitis, and skin problems fall and winter bring. Well have no fear; shea butter is here.

Shea butter moisturizes deeply, which fights the effects of dry and cracking skin. (1) (2)

Dr. Y. Claire Chang, a board-certified dermatologist from Union Square Laser dermatology, agrees. "It is great for dry skin, and can create softer, hydrated, plumper skin, especially during the dry winter months." (22)


FUN FACT: Some people refer to the shea tree as the "Tree of Life" because of the many health benefits of shea butter! (23)


The problem with fall and winter is that the coolness and dryness of the air hurts your skin, then compounds the problem by exposing you to more irritants, creating a never-ending cycle of skin problems and irritation.

Shea butter ends the cycle, preventing future dryness and softening scar tissue, easing away the scars of your old wounds. (24) (2)

Shea butter also provides relief for dry, chapped lips, which is a common problem when the temperature drops in the fall and winter months. (22)

So where can you find this incredible skincare wonder product?


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