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Benefits Of Peppermint For Oral Health!

The Perfect Gift To Your Gums!


The holidays are here, which means holiday flavors like gingerbread, chestnut, and sweet salted caramel are creeping back onto your dinner and dessert plates. But did you know there is one holiday flavor that will not only make your holidays more cozy, but also PROTECT your teeth and gums? What is this holiday treat?




In fact, peppermint contains both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that not only help it to PREVENT oral infections, but also STOP the future growth of bacteria, which are so often the cause of both short-term and long-term problems in your mouth. (1)

Unfortunately, with the influx of oral care products on the market today, it can be more difficult than ever to find products that contain the health-boosting properties of this truly essential oil. But there’s no need to worry about that anymore, as GARNER’S GARDEN contains FLUORIDE-FREE ORAL CARE PRODUCTS with the truly awesome benefits of peppermint you can enjoy all winter long!

In this blog we talk about the benefits of PEPPERMINT in oral care, and how you can enjoy SWEETER ORAL HEALTH today!




When I say the word peppermint, you probably think of little red candy canes dancing in your favorite cup of coffee or hot cocoa. But in reality, peppermint is an herb that’s commonly cultivated throughout North America and abroad. And what makes peppermint truly effective in both oral care (and in other areas too) is the fact that it’s also able to be isolated as an essential oil.

Peppermint oil as an ingredient in oral care has the capability to REDUCE the debilitating symptoms of many oral problems as a result of its ability to curb the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth. And not just bacteria, but fungi too, as peppermint contains awesome anti-microbial properties enabling it to fight fungi and reduce the pain bacteria can cause. (2)

Another great attribute of peppermint is that it NATURALLY cools your mouth. This makes it both a refreshing ingredient in your favorite FLUORIDE-FREE MOUTHWASH, as well as an effective tool to numb pain and ease away symptoms of debilitating muscle pain and tooth aches, thereby fighting pathogens that can lead to gum disease and cavities. (3)


QUICK TIP: Believe it or not, many people have general tooth sensitivity to cold weather, making winter a painful few months. Take your health into your own hands with the strength of peppermint oil found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE TRIO! (4) (5)


The benefits of using mint in oral care is actually not a new idea. In fact, people have been using mint on their teeth for years to remedy oral problems and to bolster their gums. And even today, mint is the most commonly enjoyed flavor in oral care products, with the most common herbs being peppermint and spearmint.


Peppermint kills bacteria that can cause bad breath and other oral care problems. Enjoy a healthier mouth today with the peppermint oil in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE TRIO!


Though the refreshing flavor and smell of peppermint is reason enough to use it, mint is also loaded with a bunch of minerals and vitamins. These include Vitamins C, B6, A, Folate, and Riboflavin, which can improve the strength of your bones, jaw health, and general skeletal health and well-being. (6)

Mint is also used in oral care because of its ability to boost you with antioxidants that will improve your immune health, while also reducing the growth of tumors that can give you short and long-term health problems. It’s important to remember that these are NATURAL boosts to your immune system – plant-based ones – which can relieve discomfort and breathing problems you may be suffering from. (7)


For the best ALL-NATURAL all-in-one oral care routine with the incredible health benefits of peppermint oil, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Oral Care Trio, which includes the following fluoride-free health-boosting oral care products: 






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One of the worst problems you may suffer from in your mouth is something called gum recession. This is when gaps can create breaks between your teeth and gums, leading to infections and the potential for tissue or structure damage. Gum recession can be so debilitating that it could even lead to tooth loss down the line.

Thankfully, peppermint can help fight potential gum recession, as it is an antiseptic capable of preventing vulnerable gums from suffering as a result of bacteria in your mouth. Without the help of peppermint, your gum problems can lead to periodontal disease, which is why so many people recommend holistic and natural solutions to gum problems. (8)


Peppermint fights plaque, which helps reduce gum disease and long-term tooth problems! Boost your oral health today with the peppermint oil found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE TRIO!


Peppermint oil is also a great boost for your gum health, as it can effectively reduce plaque and curb the inflammation of your gums. This is why it’s also often found diluted in FLUORIDE-FREE ORAL RINSES and in other ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE PRODUCTS that can lessen tooth pain and ease some of the oral symptoms you have or don’t want in the future. (9)


QUICK TIP: Your teeth actually expand in the cold weather, leading to potential cracks in enamel. Enjoy stronger teeth and greater overall oral health today by using GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE TRIO! (10)


Another great reason to enjoy ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE PRODUCTS with peppermint is because it’s a healthy and supportive way to simply enjoy your favorite holiday flavor. In fact, many of the foods and drinks that you normally enjoy peppermint in contain excessive amounts of teeth-damaging sugar molecules, making the need for these oral care products even more important.

Even simply having peppermint around can naturally benefit your oral health, mood, routine, and energy levels. This is why peppermint can be found in many things from tea to diffusers to other ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS like ALL-NATURAL LIP BALM – also essential for a long and dry winter. (11)

And if you’re suffering from pain as a result of other kinds of muscle aches or issues, peppermint can act as a numbing agent to help relieve some of the pressure. For example, simply using peppermint can eliminate pathogens that can cause you cavities, which can eventually lead to further deterioration of your oral health. (12)


For the best kid-friendly oral care products with the benefits of peppermint oil, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Kid's Mouthwash and Tooth Powder Package, which includes the following fluoride-free oral care products specially made for your kids:  











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    Hey VINEVIDA, thanks so much for your kind words! It’s amazing how effective All-Natural ingredients and essential oils like peppermint can be in improving not only your oral health, but your mental and physical health too! Please check out our entire line of All-Natural products, and let us know what you think!

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