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Coconut Oil: Uses and Benefits For Your Skin

Crack Open the Hydration Today!



Summer’s over, but that doesn’t mean the sweet treats of summer have to come to an end. In fact, there is one summer fruit that’s awesome for your skin year round. It’s name?




Coconut – or coconut oil, to be exact – is a skincare ingredient that dermatologists have been raving about for years, and new studies are proving that coconut oil is a miracle worker for your skin.

In this blog we talk about what coconut oil is, and why it's exactly what your skin needs as we enter the fall season.




Coconut Oil ( Greek Food Ta Mystika) (22)


Coconut oil is a healthy fat that’s extracted straight from raw coconuts, dry coconuts, and coconut kernels through a process called pressing.

Coconut oil can be solid, but can also be made soft and liquid through changes in temperature. This makes coconut oil the perfect skincare ingredient in a variety of cosmetic products. (1) (2)


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What makes coconut oil so healthy is because 65% of it is comprised of medium-chain fatty acids.

These are healthy fats, the kind your brain needs to function and your body needs to break down other vitamins and nutrients. (3)


Although coconut oil is featured in many products, from food and drinks to aromatics, perhaps the greatest benefit of the ingredient comes in the form of skincare. Let's check out the reasons why.


It Kills Bacteria


The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are not just good for your brain. They also help coconut oil kill harmful bacteria.

The reason coconut oil is so effective at killing bacteria is because of its high density of 12-carbon lauric acid. (4)

Lauric acid is the enemy of micororganisms, including fungi and viruses, as well as bacteria, which is great news for your skin. This is because many skin problems, from acne to cellulitis, are caused by bacteria or fungi growth on your skin. (5)


FUN FACT: Using coconut oil restores your oxidative stress and improves your lipid profile, which results in better bodily health as well as skin health! (6)


Not only does coconut oil kill harmful bacteria, it prevents bacteria from growing on your skin too. (7)


And your skin will thank you for this.


This is because the National Institute of Health recently discovered there are over 100 times more bacteria on human skin than was previously thought. This includes dangerous disease-causing bacteria and the bacteria that can cause acne and other skin conditions you don't want. (8)

And every year more benefits of coconut oil are being discovered, including just recently, when coconut oil was found to kill fungi interacting with water. (9)




Hydrating your skin is one of the most important things you can do to maintain youthful skin free from wrinkles, fine lines, and a loss in your natural glow.

The fatty acids in coconut oil hydrate your skin immediately, reducing dryness and providing your skin the jolt of moisture it needs to stay elastic and glowing. (10)

This is especially important as we enter fall, where indoor heating and a drop in temperatures can leave your skin dry and dull.

A change in your skincare regimen to include hydrating ingredients like coconut oil is recommended by dermatologists to avoid common fall skin problems, so use coconut oil and moisturize every day! (11)


FUN FACT: Coconut oil moisturizes more effectively than mineral oil, an ingredient many dermatologists recommend as an everyday moisturizer. (12)


The ability for coconut oil to hydrate your skin also enables it to decrease the severity of the symptoms of dry skin and eczema.

It does this by soothing your skin, reducing your urge to scratch, and lowering your chances of infection. (13)

Coconut oil also soothes the symptoms of eczema in children, so use it on your little ones today! (14)




Coconut oil seeps into your skin so easily that it acts as an instant de-agifying miracle ingredient in your skincare regimen. (10)

The application of coconut oil has been linked to an increase of collagen production, which is the protein your body needs to fight free radicals and diminish the effects of aging.

Coconut oil also strengthens your skin tissue and prevents wrinkling, giving your skin an instant glow that lasts for days. (15)


FUN FACT: The collagen coconut oil provides you is the lifeblood of your skin, and gives your skin a firmer feel, younger look, and overall more elasticity. (16)


Coconut oil is also jam packed with other vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin E. Vitamin E keeps your skin from cracking, which is a common problem many people face in the fall. (17)

Coconut oil floods your skin with antioxidants that fight free radical damage and prevent the aging of your skin.

Dermatologists consider the Vitamin E coconut oil gives you the "workhorse vitamin," a vitamin that both strengthens your skin's natural defenses while also attacking the bad environmental pollutants trying to hurt you. (18)




Coconut oil prevents harmful bacteria from growing to the point where acne and other skin problems can develop. But if you already have some of these conditions, coconut oil will help you too.

Coconut oil contains incredible health-boosting nutrients called phytochemicals that soothe your skin and help restore you back from the damage your skin faces every day. (10)

This is largely because of lauric acid, one of the main components of coconut oil. (3)


FUN FACT: Coconut oil attracts dirt on your skin, making it effective as a makeup remover at the end of a long day! (19)


Because of its high content of lauric acid, coconut oil is actually better at killing acne than benzoyl peroxide (an acne medication). (20)

Lauric acid also helps fight the symptoms of psoriasis, a common skin condition that may worsen in the fall.

Coconut oil can even help those suffering from chronic inflammation by decreasing the swelling of your skin and evening out your texture and glow. (21)


So Where Can You Get Your Hands On This Miracle Skincare Therapy?


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  • Victor scott

    Good to learn more info about coconut oil. I’ve learned a few things like how it can kill bacteria, can kill acne, how the medium chain fats that it contains can help with your stress, etc. And im also not surprised that it’s a much better moisturizer than mineral oil – something that these evil bug name companies thought it was a good idea to squeeze oil from minerals like crude oil for our skin (eve petroleum jelly is from that. And oversees, they call fuel powered cars – petrol powered cars hence the name petroleum jelly. Thank u Garners Tarden for using the original things from God for our skin
    Garner’s Garden replied:
    Hey Victor, Thanks so much for your comment! It’s so true. All-natural is all-natural, no matter what. We hope you enjoy our all-natural products, and feel free to reach out if you have any other comments.

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