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Does Styling Affect Hair Health?

Keys To Your Best Style and Health!



Let's be honest. Your style is as much a part of you as anything. But for the longest time, hairstyles have been blamed for many common hair and scalp problems.

Well, new studies are revealing that this long-thought-to-be myth is actually true, and that the styles we love may actually be causing us harm.

But don't worry. There are WAYS you can maintain your fabulous look, while also achieving your best hair health.

In this blog we discuss the importance of HEALTHY HAIR STYLING, and ways you can restore your hair health today!




One of the problems people make when handling their hair is thinking that it's separate from the rest of their body and skin.

In fact, your hair is made up of keratin, a protein that also plays a role in building up your skin and nails. Therefore, hair should be thought of as just an extension (pun intended) of the rest of your skin. (1)

Understanding this is essential because 60% of women have sensitive scalps, and 40% of men do. This sensitivity can lead to itchiness and pain that can potentially cause inflammation and other, more serious health complications if your hair is neglected. (2)


FUN FACT: Knowing your hair care triggers is essential in achieving optimal hair health, as is choosing 100% ALL-NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS. (3)


Although it can seem counter-intuitive to care for your hair while still manipulating it, it IS possible to still get the look you want while protecting your hair and maintaining good hair health.

Be gentle with your hair, from the way you wash it, to the temperature of the water you wash with, and the way you dry it. Doing so will better protect your overall hair health. (4)

It's also important to remember the following hair care mantra: looser is better.

Loosen up the grip you have on your hair and make sure there is no pain at your hairline. Checking this is a quick way to see if you're doing all you can to keep your hair healthy and strong while styling. (5)


One way to keep your hair healthy and strong every day regardless of your style is by using Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Shea Hair Butter. Our 100% All-Natural Shea Hair Butter provides necessary moisture that will prevent hair breakage and promote hair growth; perfect for winter dryness!


Men should also check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Men's Hair Balm, which maintains healthy moisture in your hair, while also moisturizing your scalp; pair with 100% All-Natural Beard Oil for your best style today!

 And that's not all! Also check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Men's Hair Butter, which boosts your hair with critical moisture, providing antibacterial and anti-fungal protection!




Though many things can lead to a diminishing of your hair health, including up to 80 percent of hair loss being attributed to genetics, there are ways your style can turn otherwise healthy hair into hair that's struggling and suffering.

One of the best ways to ensure your style is working on healthy hair is to use less dry heat. Dry heat not only makes your hair shaft weaker, but it can lead to hair that's frizzy and more difficult to manage and style. (6)

In fact, using any kind of heat while styling your hair causes little holes in the protective barrier of your hair and cuticle damage, leading to potential damage to the entire outer layer of your strands. (7)


FUN FACT: Stress and anxiety can lead to hair loss and a slowdown in your hair turnover. Relax with the stress-relieving power of LAVENDER, and enjoy healthy hair and your favorite style today! (8)


Though hair damage sounds like something that's permanent and irreversible, take a deep breath, because it's not.

In fact, once you stop the damage you're doing to your hair (style or otherwise), the root portion of your hair will grow back and you can achieve optimal hair health again. (9)

Hair also has the capability of being boosted with 100% ALL-NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS, as amino acids in many of these products have been shown to strengthen damaged and weakened hair. (10)


To strengthen damaged and weakened hair, use Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Hair Oil, which boosts your hair with Vitamin E and essential oils to provide relief from dryness, bacteria, and fungi; also vegan!


Men should also check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Men's Hair Oil, which moisturizes your scalp, strengthens your hair and increases hair growth!




First thing's first, it's important know if your hairstyle is truly the cause of your hair problems. To ensure this is your issue, check to see if your hair is thin or weak. If it is, then it's time to check your style.

One style to avoid using every day is the pony tail. Pony tails may be easy to do, but in most cases, they pull your hair and can lead to damaged strands. (11)

Another reason pony tails are so detrimental to your hair health is because the elastic nature of hair ties can lead to a tight pulling of your hair, which eventually causes fraying and the yanking of your hair from the root. (12)


FUN FACT: Wet hair easily breaks when combed or manipulated. Be sure your hair is moisturized and ready to be handled with 100% ALL-NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS before aggressive styling!  (13)


Another style that has long been thought of as a potential problem for hair is the braid. But that's no longer the case.

When braiding, be sure that your hair isn't hurting you. A sore scalp as a result of your style means your braids are probably too tight. If this is the case, leave some of your hair out at the edges and loosen up the braid. Doing this will harm your hair significantly less. (14)

And in the same vein as the braid, it's also important that you be careful when putting your hair into a bun. Pulling your hair too tight can lead to the ripping of your hair from your head - definitely not good for hair health. (15)


To get your hair back to its natural beauty, use Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Argan Oil, which remedies your split ends, while nourishing your hair with omega fatty acids, Vitamin E, and linoleic acids!





Although your style can be the cause of your hair problems, there are other things to be mindful of when keeping your hair healthy and strong.

One thing is bleaching your hair. Bleaching your hair to better match your style is acceptable, as long as you make sure your hair is unwashed. This will allow your natural oils to protect your hair during the bleaching process. (16)

Another problem people usually encounter when styling their hair is when it's soaked. Simply brushing your hair before showering will take out the tangles that can come from waiting until after you brush. (17)


FUN FACT: Changing your hairstyle can reduce the pressure upon your hair by giving yourself the opportunity to recover. Make sure you moisturize between styles with 100% ALL-NATURAL HAIR OIL, and feel the hydration today! (18)


Although it may seem strange, one of the best things you can do to help facilitate your hair growth is to trim it.

Trimming your hair is different from cutting it. A trim is a way to cut your hair - around a half inch at a time - which will allow new hair to grow by getting rid of your old, damaged hair. (19)

It's also important that when you're straightening your hair, you're not depleting all your moisture from it. If you're not careful, straightening your hair can lead to a complete loss of moisture, which is why showering usually undoes your straightening. (20)


To restore moisture back to your hair, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Hair Serum, which speeds up your hair growth up to 5X its natural rate; also reduces hair breakage!




Although the way you handle your hair can be essential to good overall hair health, just as important are the products with which you use.

Many over-the-counter hair care products contain a surplus of alcohol that can dry out your hair and leave your follicles dehydrated and weak. And the more alcohol you take in, the more your hair weakens. (21)

The short-chain alcohols in many over-the-counter hair care products are known for their tendency to evaporate quickly, and leave your hair and scalp dry and in desperate need of nourishment. (22)


FUN FACT: Moisturizing your scalp leads to growing, happy hair. Replenish your scalp with the essential oils in 100% ALL-NATURAL HAIR BUTTER, and enjoy soft and smoother hair today! (23)


In addition to alcohol, many over-the-counter products contain other chemicals and preservatives that can lead to hair loss. (24)

Certain artificial gels commonly used in styling have also been linked to hair problems such as dry scalp, irritation, and dandruff. This can worsen if your gel isn't thoroughly washed out before use. (25)

And if you wanted just one more reason to choose 100% ALL-NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS, these products also help the environment and the rest of your overall physical and mental health. (26)


To help reach your favorite style while maintaining peak hair health, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Women's Hair Package, which includes our 100% All-Natural Shea Hair Butter, 100% All-Natural Argan Oil, and 100% All-Natural Hair Oil.



For men, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Men's Hair Package, which includes our 100% All-Natural Hair Balm, 100% All-Natural Hair Oil, and 100% All-Natural Argan Oil!















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