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Facial Toner: The Underrrated Skincare Product You Need Most!

Tone Up - It's Fall!


We can all agree that the weather's getting colder, which means you’re probably reconsidering your summer skincare routine, and thinking about the changes you need for your fall one. But there is ONE CHANGE you need to make right now involving an all-too-often overlooked part of your skincare routine ...




Here’s the deal: facial toner is an essential part of your skincare routine year-round, especially in the fall. This is because dryness will inevitably take hold, harming your skin as a result of humidity and temperature level drops. What results is irritation and flaking that can develop into even worse skin conditions - and even more skin problems - you don’t want. (1)

But here’s some good news: there IS an ALL-NATURAL SOLUTION you have overlooked for too long – a solution that can not only MOISTURIZE your skin, but also BUILD your skin's collagen, leading to a STRONGER and HEALTHIER you you'll be proud to show off - exclusively from GARNER'S GARDEN!

In this blog we talk about the importance of toner in fall, and how you can enjoy YOUNGER-LOOKING and MORE RADIANT skin all season long!






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For many people, toner is something they’ve heard of, but have not necessarily included in their ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE ROUTINE. This can oftentimes pose some serious consequences, especially in the fall. On the other hand, toners can fuel your skin with hydration, especially after washing, when your skin can suffer from dryness.

Toner also helps to strip your skin of lingering dirt and oil, notably important in the fall when summer impurities and fall pollutants – as well as allergens and environmental irritants – can leave your pores clogged and prone to unwanted breakouts difficult to clear away. (2)

Toner is an underrated part of your skincare routine, especially when it comes to tightening pores and balancing oil on skin. This is necessary in the fall, when fluctuations in temperatures can lead you to experience variations in oil production and sweat, and down a road of breakouts difficult to break out of. (3)


QUICK TIP: Toner is formulated with water, making it even MORE EFFECTIVE as a moisturizer in cooler, drier fall temperatures. Prevent dehydrated skin this fall with the FACIAL TONER found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL FACIAL CARE SYSTEM! (4)


Another great aspect of toner, especially in the cool, fall months, is what it does to the rest of your ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE ROUTINE. Toner actually increases the effectiveness of the rest of your ALL-NATURAL MOISTURIZER, helping to boost the hydration of your skin.


Want to restore your youthful glow this fall? Enjoy the pure benefits of witch hazel with the ALL-NATURAL FACIAL TONER found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL FACIAL CARE SYSTEM today!


Another benefit of toner is that the ALL-NATURAL ones help to add strength to your skin’s natural barrier, providing another way to increase the moisture of your skin and stop the harsh elements from getting to you. What it also does is shrink the appearance of your pores, making your skin look HEALTHIER and STRONGER. (5)

As important as it is to wash your face, many times you will still have dirt and grime left on your skin after, hurting the effectiveness of facial products meant to be applied to a clean face. So not only is your ALL-NATURAL TONER functioning as a bridge between WASHING and MOISTURIZING, but it’s also acting as both a cleanser and a moisturizer, making it that much more important to your ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE ROUTINE. (6) (7)


Don't forget one of the most important parts of your skincare routine - our 100% All-Natural Facial Toner, an all-natural toner using the skin-boosting power of aloe vera juice and witch hazel!



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And for a nourishing toner with the added boost of apple cider vinegar, check out our 100% All-Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, a great way to eliminate acne and provide balance and evenness to your skin this fall!


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Another reason you need facial toner is because of the increased time you spend indoors during fall. During this time, you may find that warmer baths and time spent in artificial heat can cause your skin difficulty regulating its own temperature and health. When this happens, you need to give your skin some extra strength in the form of ALL-NATURAL TONER.

To do this, you need to both increase the strength of your skin’s outer layer, and also stop a potential loss of moisture and hydration from leaving your skin. This will help you because all the moisture in the world won’t help if you can’t keep that moisture from staying on your skin. And not only can toner help maintain your moisture, but it can also stop the potential for long-term skin damage that can result from a damaged skin barrier. (8)


Want to reduce the wrinkles that can accompany fall dryness? Enjoy the ALL-NATURAL benefits of the ALL-NATURAL FACIAL TONER found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL FACIAL CARE SYSTEM today!


Toner is also effective when indoors in the fall because your skin can face a multitude of pollutants and irritants when inside, leaving your skin unprotected and vulnerable. Toners will also help manage your skin’s pH, while stripping away excess dust you may experience when indoors. (9)


QUICK TIP: Fall can leave your skin dry, wrinkled, and aged. Look younger this fall with the ALL-NATURAL FACIAL TONER found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL FACIAL CARE SYSTEM! (10)


What makes facial toners so great is that they really do go to work immediately upon touching your skin’s surface. What results is skin that looks smooth and more radiant, while also appearing youthful and glowing. Toner can also clean away the flakes prevalent on so many people’s skin during fall.

Another great feature of toner is that it can remove makeup caked to your skin’s surface, often left over after your daily wash. Without this layer of makeup, your skin can absorb much more, providing you with a fresh layer to build upon with the rest of your ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE ROUTINE. (11)

Another underrated aspect of toner is that it’s convenient. It allows your skin to have instant refreshment when out in the fall, or if there’s a sudden temperature or humidity shift. This can help balance skin that’s out of balance with oil, or that has been hurt by chemicals in tap water, such as minerals and chlorine. (12)


Enjoy the skin-boosting benefits of ALL-NATURAL TONER today with our 100% ALL-NATURAL FACIAL CARE SYSTEM, the perfect way to clean, buff, tone, and moisturize your skin to awesome health all fall long!


Includes Our:




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Want to boost the effectiveness of your entire skincare routine?

Get 15% off our ALL-NATURAL FACIAL TONER today!









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