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Fight Pollen Allergy Symptoms This Fall!

No Pollen! No Problem!


The emergence of fall also means the emergence of fall allergies - and, of course, allergy symptoms. And though we all know fall and spring can be debilitating times of the year for your allergies and skin, there is one particular allergen that can be especially damaging. What is this allergen …?




And though everyone knows what pollen is, many people don’t know that pollen is something that can not only damage your skin health, but the health of your entire body, causing you nose problems, watery eyes, and even sneezing fits. (1)

But we have some good news. Even though it can feel like there’s no escaping this annoying and painful allergen, there is a way you can FIGHT ALLERGY SYMPTOMS and get back to AWESOME HEALTH all fall long!

In this blog we talk about the dangers of pollen to your general health and skin health, and how you can enjoy your BEST HEALTH and MOST RADIANT SKIN this fall!





Want to fight the symptoms of pollen this fall?




As soon as you step outside this fall, you're likely to encounter pollen. Sometimes thought of as a spring allergy, it's important to know that pollen can affect you during the rest of the fall too. Around this time of year, pollen can cause allergic reactions in many people, especially a dangerous condition called hay fever.

Hay fever sounds terrible, and it is. It's real name, though, is allergic rhinitis, which affects your nose as a result of an allergic reaction, oftentimes due to pollen. Pollen can also cause what’s called bronchial asthma – and rhino conjunctivitis – a problem with your eyes. (2)

What's also dangerous about pollen is that it can affect you without you even realizing it, making it that much harder to AVOID and PREVENT your exposure to it. This is because pollen is not always the easiest thing to detect, as it’s often powdery in nature, affecting trees, weeds, and grass, oftentimes carried by the wind. (3)


QUICK TIP: As soon as you step outside, you may be exposed to pollen. Stop the symptoms of allergies before they begin with the soothing power of EUCALYPTUS found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BREATHE BETTER PACKAGE today! (4)


The reason fall is such a dangerous time for sufferers of allergies is because it creeps up on people. This is because people can experience more severe symptoms of allergies in the fall than summer, when weeds can grow unruly and more widespread.


Runny nose from pollen got you feeling down? Go ALL-NATURAL with EUCALYPTUS and the power of ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BREATHE BETTER PACKAGE, the best way to fight allergy symptoms this fall!


And pollen isn’t the only problem you’re going to be facing this fall. With pollen comes other fall allergens, problems you may not know the sources of, but definitely know the symptoms of, and rising levels of mold. This is due to the leaves falling that you have no control over in the fall season. (5)

What can also affect how you react to pollen is the area you’re from, and the amount of pollen you’re allowing yourself to experience. The current season also affects how much pollen you’re exposed to, as is knowing you're more likely to be affected by pollen in the warmer weather. (6)


If you want to fight the debilitating symptoms of pollen this fall, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Breathe Better Package, an ALL-NATURAL & CHEMICAL-FREE way to fight respiratory problems and seasonal allergies brought on by pollen!


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You obviously don’t want problems with your eyes or lungs, but you also don’t want the inevitable skin problems that can arise because of spreading fall pollen. And some of these problems are associated with puffy and itchy skin.

Though this sounds like something that's not common, believe it or not, this actually is a super common problem. In fact, eighty percent of allergy sufferers will at some point be affected by skin problems related to their allergies – problems such as swollen skin, inflammation, patchiness, and irritation. The symptoms of fall allergies can also hurt your skin’s natural outer layer. (7) (8)


You may try to wash pollen and fall allergens off your skin, but you may actually be doing more harm than good, and even causing more allergy symptoms! Go ALL-NATURAL with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL FACIAL CARE SYSTEM, and enjoy only the most ALL-NATURAL & CHEMICAL-FREE INGREDIENTS all fall long!


Though allergies can be feel like no big deal to some, others can be severely affected by them - and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is because your body produces histamine, your body’s natural way of fighting the unknown substances considered dangerous to your body. (9) (10)


QUICK TIP: Pollen and other allergens can cling to your clothes, causing you allergy symptoms even when indoors. Fight allergies wherever you are with the power of GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BREATHE BETTER PACKAGE today! (11)


The other problem pollen causes is itchiness - a problem that can lead to worsening skin symptoms and more scratching, making your already-debilitating skin problems worse. The scratching pollen causes can also make your irritation worse, not just on your face, but your entire body.

Artificial preservatives and fragrances can also worsen your skin problems. However, the right ALL-NATURAL & CHEMICAL-FREE SKINCARE ROUTINE frees you from these dangerous chemicals and ingredients that can provide natural antihistamines, thus reducing inflammation. (12)

With this in mind, what you need to do is read labels and ingredients, and take control over what skincare products you do use. By going ALL-NATURAL, you'll be able to avoid the over-the-counter skincare products that can so often cause skin problems like contact dermatitis – and symptoms like rashes and itchiness. (13)




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* This product is made with pure essential oils. Do not apply directly to skin or ingest. Only use in humidifiers or diffusers. If concerned with inhaling/breathing essential oils, please consult with a medical professional prior to use.




Want to fight the symptoms of pollen this fall?









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