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How To Make Your Ultimate DIY Mask!

Made By You ... For You!


When you turn on the television, there are tons of ads claiming to know exactly what YOU need to make YOUR skin look younger and be healthier.

But wouldn't the person who knows the most about what your skin needs be you?

In fact, people have been creating their own cosmetic detoxes for centuries. (1)

And now is easier than ever to make your own DIY MASK that is JUST RIGHT for your skin and what you need now.

In this blog we discuss what a detox mask does, why it's important, and how to make your own DIY MASK today!




Everyone has heard of the importance of exfoliating, and there's a reason why. That's because exfoliating makes your skin more radiant, feel smoother, and look younger by removing dead skin cells and toxins laying on the surface of your skin.

Not only that, but regular exfoliation also improves your blood circulation, which makes you look younger and have a natural glow. (2)

So how do you best exfoliate? You use a mask. And not just any mask. You use a mask that's made just FOR YOU, BY YOU, and to HELP YOU. And you do this by understanding the science of how CLAY works and reacts with other ingredients that will provide the most benefit to you. (3)


FUN FACT: Clay masks are not just for people with oily skin. They also work for people with dry and combination skin! No matter your skin type, feel the benefits of CLAY today! (4)


Detox masks can look and feel differently, and that's because of the ingredients within them, which can change the mask's color, make-up, and the way it feels upon application.

Different masks can also be used for targeting different desired results and for different skin types. For example, KAOLIN CLAY is especially effective for sensitive skin types, and BENTONITE CLAY effectively targets excess oil for people with acne and oily skin. (5)

But no matter what ingredients you choose to include in your DIY MASK, you'll still want the most common benefits of CLAY MASKS, which include unclogging your pores and removing toxins that can build up on your skin over time. (6)





One of the things people love most about CLAY MASKS is that they work instantly. Many people even feel them working because of a cooling feeling they provide and the amazing soothing improvements they immediately make to your skin.

CLAY MASKS also become even more effective over time, controlling the size of your pores and ensuring your skin consistently looks younger and feels healthy. (7)

And no matter the ingredients in your DIY MASK, be sure to WASH your face before you mask, which ensures your custom mask is more easily able to clean your pores and even your complexion! (8)


FUN FACT: Love to work out? Cool down and protect your skin from a dangerous buildup of heat energy by using a cooling MASK today! (9)


The reason clay works is because clay contains a negative pH, while your skin has a more positive pH. This helps draw oil and impurities out of your skin, and into your mask.

Your mask is not solely for exfoliating, though. CLAY MASKS can even remedy wounds and even your complexion, which is especially important in the warmer spring and summer months. (10)

And believe it or not, CLAY MASKS even have the ability to hydrate your skin as they draw your excess oil, which is important while you're flushing out all those negative toxins. (11)


Now that we know the importance of DETOXING MASKS masks, let's talk about the three best ingredients to include in your DIY DETOX MASK!




One of the most common ingredients in all CLAY MASKS also happens to be one of the most effective, used for cosmetic purposes for thousands of years.

Without getting too scientific, BENTONITE CLAY has an amazing capacity for cation exchanges, which makes it so effective at drawing toxins, even attracting toxins in your gut. (12)

BENTONITE CLAY also contains anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it fights breakouts and helps remedy a variety of skin conditions like rashes and dermatitis. (13)


FUN FACT: BENTONITE CLAY has been shown to hydrate your scalp and strengthen your hair. Remineralize your skin today by detoxing with 100% ALL-NATURAL BENTONITE CLAY! (14)


Though many people expect BENTONITE CLAY to absorb excess oil from your skin (which it does), not many people realize that BENTONITE CLAY also removes dangerous germs and bacteria from your face and body.

And when it comes to acne, BENTONITE CLAY can be used as a remedy to help prevent your pimple from becoming a full-fledged breakout, while also offering you a soothing and calming feeling to fight acne tension. (15)

And if you're suffering from dryness or a dull complexion as a result of the up-and-down weather, BENTONITE CLAY will help restore the natural glow of your skin, and make YOU look like YOU again this spring! (16)


To get even more of the Bentonite Clay you love, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Bentonite Clay, which effectively detoxifies, remineralizes, and remedies your skin!




KAOLIN CLAY is an amazing clay, and that's because of its versatility. In fact, it contains a host of skincare benefits, while also being the mildest clay you can use for cosmetic purposes.

It's so mild that aside from being an excellent exfoliator, KAOLIN CLAY also acts as a gentle cleanser capable of washing away dead skin and excess oil WITHOUT causing your skin to dry out. (17)

KAOLIN CLAY is also anti-inflammatory, and can help remedy irritation and rashes, while smoothing out your skin to provide you a more even complexion. (18)


FUN FACT: Not only does KAOLIN absorb excess oil, it also balances your oil production with consistent use. Enjoy smoother skin today by using 100% ALL-NATURAL KAOLIN CLAY! (19)


KAOLIN CLAY also does a great job of working WITH your skin, acting as a toner to help shrink your pores and prevent a buildup of bacteria.

Not only that, but KAOLIN CLAY also prevents your oil-producing sebaceous glands from creating enough oil to cause acne all over your body. (20)

KAOLIN CLAY can also be used on your scalp, where it will increase your circulation and strengthen your hair follicles, while removing dirt and oil that can cause you irritation. (21)


To get even more of the Kaolin Clay you love, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Kaolin Clay, which balances the oil on your skin, improves blood circulation, and nourishes all skin types!




Though not always thought of in the same way as the CLAY MASKS we previously talked about, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL can be exactly what you need in your DIY FACE MASK.

That's because ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is incredibly effective at fighting breakouts and providing you with clear skin that's smoother and more radiant. (22)

And perhaps the greatest attribute of ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is its ability to draw and then trap toxins and bacteria that can build on the surface of your skin, thus improving your complexion. (23)


FUN FACT: Always MOISTURIZE after using a clay mask! Also lock in your natural moisture with a 100% ALL-NATURAL CLAY MASK today! (24)


Aside from it being a great exfoliator, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is also antifungal and antibacterial, meaning it can help remedy symptoms of troubling skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

And if you're looking to shrink the appearance of your pores, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is the ingredient for you, as it not only unclogs your pores, but effectively absorbs excess oil too. (25)

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL also provides immediate results, offering you skin that feels cleaner and smoother right after you rinse it off. (26)


To get even more of the Activated Charcoal you love, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Scrub, which not only detoxifies your skin, but also seals in moisture, tightens pores, and prevents future breakouts! Contains Bentonite Clay and Kaolin Clay too!


And for the greatest all-natural DIY MASK on the market today that will leave your skin SMOOTH, your pores CLEAN, and your body REFRESHED, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural DIY Detox Face Mask, which includes:


And for more of the ALL-NATURAL CLAYS you love, GARNER'S GARDEN has you covered.


Click HERE for all the ALL-NATURAL DETOXIFICATION your skin needs, and LOOK YOUNGER and feel MORE RADIANT today!








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