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How To Set Your Makeup This Summer!

Ready ... Set ... YOU!


Thought it's never easy to get your look exactly the way you want it, in summer it can be particularly difficult to set your makeup and retain your awesome style all day long. And for many of us, this is a big, big problem.

In fact, a third of women say they wouldn't be caught leaving the house without makeup, and nearly half of all women say they prefer wearing makeup versus going bare-faced. (1) (2)

But there are a few new tricks and an awesome NEW WAY to ensure your makeup won't run or loosen during long days in the sun and fun summer nights.

In this blog we talk about how you can set your makeup and get your style just right ALL SUMMER LONG!





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Let's be honest. Setting your makeup is an art, and takes a lot of time and patience. Enter summer, and suddenly all the effort you've put forth to perfect your makeup is undone. That's because summer causes makeup to slide and slip off your face due to excessive sweating and heat.

Summer is so debilitating for your makeup that many people recommend switching out your makeup for sheer and lightweight makeup, which may or may not upend your entire makeup routine and summer style. (3)

But one great trick to keeping your makeup set and your style intact is by ensuring you're setting your makeup on a sweat-free face. To do this, ensure you WASH with an ALL-NATURAL FACE WASH right before you apply your makeup. (4)


QUICK TIP: Powder can stick to summer skin and clog sensitive pores. Absorb sweat without disturbing your makeup today by spritzing yourself with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL HYDROSOL HYDRATING FACE SPRAY! (5)


If you want to effectively end those days of boiling lipstick and runny foundation, it's essential that you MOISTURIZE in the morning. This will leave your face less prone to mid-day summer greasiness.

HYALURONIC ACID, in particular, is known to help keep your makeup on your face, while still functioning as an awesome de-ager capable of hiding imperfections and softening wrinkles. (6)

It's also recommended that you don't forget the sun protection. Use MOISTURIZER WITH SPF PROTECTION, which will help your summer style by offering you necessary sun protection and the moisture you need. (7)


To set your makeup and effectively balance your skin's pH, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Hydrosol Hydrating Face Spray, which replenishes your skin and acts as a pick me up all day long!




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Although the effects of unsettled makeup may seem like a makeup problem, many of your problems can be resolved before you ever put your makeup on. And one of the best things you can do to ensure your makeup sets is EXFOLIATE.

EXFOLIATING will help your makeup stay longer by preventing texture through your makeup as a result of dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt that can cling to your skin on long summer days. (8)

It's also important you know what kind of skin you have, and how your skin reacts to summer conditions. For example, dehydration and summer dryness can cause you to require more MOISTURIZER, which would then require a lighter foundation. (9)


QUICK TIP: Applying setting powder and spray to where your makeup creases can keep your makeup set all day. To set your makeup, while also balancing your skin and reducing irritation, use GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL HYDROSOL HYDRATING FACE SPRAY! (10)


Another key aspect of your perfect summer style is by understanding that sometimes less is more. In fact, all the best tips and tricks in the world don't erase the simple fact that heavy makeup and sweat can lead to creasing and cakiness.

Waterproof makeup can also be effective during summer heat, as is having a SETTLING SPRAY you can apply whenever you feel your style needs a pick-me-up. (11)

And as mentioned before, half the fight of maintaining a summer style that doesn't wash away in the heat involves prep. Be sure you're HYDRATING your skin and equating the moisture your body needs with what you're giving it for later application. (12)


For best results, pair our 100% All-Natural Hydrosol Hydrating Face Spray with our 100% All-Natural Normalizing Face Oil and 100% All-Natural Body Oil to best absorb the nourishing all-natural oil into your skin!





Want perfect makeup that will last all day?

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