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Is Artificial Teeth Whitening And Bleaching Dangerous?

The Secrets Of Artificial Whitening!


These days, all anyone talks about is how to get whiter teeth. And as this craze has taken hold, people have inevitably tried anything to get their teeth as white as possible.

In fact, nearly 90% of people tell their dentists they want whiter teeth by way of teeth whitening. (1)

Unfortunately, to get their teeth as white as they want, people have turned to teeth bleaching and artificial whitening with over-the-counter products and procedures.

The problem with this is that this attempt at better (or at least better-looking) oral health is doing more harm than good.

In this blog we talk about the dangers of teeth bleaching and artificial whitening, and how to NATURALLY and SAFELY whiten your teeth TODAY!


Teeth Bleaching And Whitening


Though often thought of and used interchangeably, teeth bleaching and whitening are actually two separate things.

Teeth bleaching is when you attempt to whiten your teeth beyond their real color, whereas teeth whitening is when you (theoretically) remove surface stains to restore the natural color of your teeth. (2)

Though some people may not care what the process is in achieving whiter teeth, understanding the difference between whitening and bleaching is incredibly important.  (3)


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Another distinction between teeth bleaching and whitening is that the process of artificially whitening your teeth usually means bleaching your teeth anyway.

Now the method in which this happens can vary from teeth whitening strips loaded with strong chemicals that attempt to bleach your teeth, to chemical and laser treatments, to even over-the-counter products filled with a variety of solutions and ingredients. (5)

And when understanding the products claiming to whiten or bleach your teeth, it's important to note that not everyone sees good results with artificial whitening, especially considering many of these products are strong and can lead to sensitive and dehydrated teeth. (6)


To remineralize your teeth AND naturally whiten them, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Tooth Powder, which features a restorative and plaque-fighting blend of activated charcoal, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, and baking soda to provide you your brightest smile ever!






As we mentioned before, most people want whiter teeth, and are willing to do just about anything to get them. But unfortunately, many people willing to whiten or bleach their teeth should NOT be doing it for their own personal health.

In fact, people whose teeth are transparent due to age, those with a sensitivity to ingredients in their whitening/bleaching product, and those who are pregnant and breastfeeding should all heed caution when thinking about whitening or bleaching. (7)

Also, as obvious as it sounds, teeth bleaching and whitening can only be considered even remotely effective on natural teeth - and is NOT effective on colored restorations. (8)


FUN FACT: Artificially whitening your teeth can lead to tooth damage and expensive oral procedures down the line! Whiten your teeth naturally AND remedy dental problems you currently have with 100% ALL-NATURAL MOUTHWASH! (9)


Teeth whitening and bleaching can also lead to problems for people in different age groups. In fact, many teens misuse teeth whitening products, which can lead to enamel damage and the deterioration of their dentin.

It is also recommended that children and teens without their permanent teeth avoid whitening and bleaching products. (10)

Pregnant women should avoid teeth bleaching and whitening because their hormones can change, and can thus harm the structure of their teeth. (11)


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Though many people think teeth bleaching and whitening will instantly get them the results (often) promised by over-the-counter products and surgeons, many times the words you hear are just that - words. That's because the success of any whitening procedure starts and ends with a good ORAL CARE ROUTINE!

In fact, ensuring your teeth are CLEAN and that you're maintaining a strong ORAL CARE ROUTINE are essential steps in making sure your teeth will eventually whiten. (12)

That's because no amount of whitening product can reach your teeth if you have food covering them! Therefore, it's best to think about CLEANING YOUR TEETH before you even start thinking about whitening. (13)


FUN FACT: Prevent your teeth from staining due to inadequate oral hygiene in the first place by having a healthy ORAL CARE ROUTINE! (14)


So some people who want whiter teeth think their teeth are just naturally darker and in need of a fresh coat of paint. But in reality, tartar is yellow, and simply cleaning your teeth EFFECTIVELY can help remove this substance.

Also, aside from the fact that it can be dangerous and ineffective, insurance companies view expensive teeth whitening as cosmetic, and don't even cover it most times. By contrast, teeth cleaning is viewed as preventative, and is usually covered. (15)

And considering dentists recommend taking care of any dental problems you may have before thinking about having whitening done, it's a good idea to see if you can NATURALLY REMOVE YOUR STAINS before resorting to (artificially) staining them. (16)


To efficiently clean those hard-to-reach areas around your gums and teeth, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Oxy Pulling Mouthwash, which is 10X more effective than oil pulling, and effectively removes AND repels plaque!

Available in PEPPERMINT and CINNAMON varieties!



People who opt for bleaching and artificial teeth whitening are not always thinking about the health of their mouth, and can actually be harming themselves with their whitening method.

That's because over-the-counter whitening agents can cause harm to your gums, irritating them and leading to sensitivity and redness. (17)

And if you already have irritated gums, teeth whitening and bleaching will only make your gum problems worse, and can cause your irritation to worsen. (18)


FUN FACT: Even professional teeth whitening can take a long time to work, depending on your dental history. Better to go the ALL-NATURAL route your mouth will thank you for later by using 100% ALL-NATURAL OXY PULLING MOUTHWASH! (19)


Over-the-counter teeth whiteners are so dangerous that simply getting it on your gums (which, let's be honest) is inevitable, can cause irritation and for your gums to feel like they are on fire.

I'm guessing that is NOT what you probably want out of a product meant to go in your mouth! Not only that, but your gums can actually turn white themselves, which is also probably not the result you're looking for in your teeth whitener or bleaching agent. (20)

Not only that, but your gums are put at such risk while teeth whitening that professional dentists actually brush a special gel on your gums that will protect them during whitening. (21)


To kill bacteria that accumulates in your mouth throughout the day, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Breath Freshener Spray, which uses food-grade H202 and therapeutic grade essential oils to keep you feeling fresh in between brushings!





So we've talked about why some people may not have success teeth whitening, and why others should not partake in it at all. But what about the products/services themselves? Well, bottom line, they're dangerous.

Research has shown that artificial whitening can lead to a softening of your tooth's surface, and many are unsure if these products can lead to long-term problems for your teeth and oral health. (22)

And not to completely scare you, but the chemicals in bleaching products can even lead to blue enamel and potential tooth damage that can inevitably lead to a root canal! (23)


FUN FACT: Teeth whitening is so dangerous that there's a law in England (the Dentists Act 1984) that prevents anyone but dental health professionals from performing teeth whitening! Whiten your teeth NATURALLY and SAFELY at home with an ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE ROUTINE! (24)


There's a sad twist when it comes to bleaching and your oral health, and it's that by trying to create a future filled with white teeth, you may actually be leading to a future of fractured teeth and decay.

This is because your enamel, which is so important in maintaining strong oral health, can be eroded by the use of bleaching. (25)

And something else over-the-counter teeth whiteners and bleaching agents don't want you to know? Over-the-counter products you can buy in a drugstore simply don't contain the level of ingredients you'd need to whiten your teeth artificially anyway! That's why it's best to simply maintain STRONG ORAL HEALTH and GOOD ORAL CARE HABITS! (26)


For whiter teeth, fresher breath, and amazing results you will feel and see instantly, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Oral Care Trio, which includes our All-Natural Tooth Powder, All-Natural Antibacterial Mouthwash, and our All-Natural Oxy Pulling Mouthwash!


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