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Is Your Deodorant Toxic? Four Reasons To Go Natural Today!

Smell Great ... Feel Great!


It’s summer, which means that sweating season has begun. And as summer heats up, one item in your self-maintenance toolkit becomes more and more important - Deodorant.

New studies are revealing that the over-the-counter deodorant you may be using is actually doing more harm than good. You might be wondering, is your deodorant toxic?

In this blog we discuss the reasons why over-the-counter deodorant might be toxic, and what you can do to safely keep your stank at bay all summer long!



Aluminum is the most widely used metal -- it's used in piping, construction, and the creation of many kitchen materials and appliances. But what many people don't know is that aluminum is also common in many over-the-counter deodorants.

Aluminum is dangerous to the body's endocrine system and bone growth, but a particular kind of aluminum - aluminum salt - is what's scaring doctors and scientists most. (1)

Aluminum salts are used in deodorants because of their ability to prevent you from sweating. The problem with this is that aluminum salt does this by dissolving into your bloodstream!  (2)



A breakdown of aluminum salt translates to a buildup in your body, which can lead to health problems down the line.

“Too much aluminum in your body can cause bone diseases or dementia,” says Benjamin Chan, DO, from Penn Family Medicine Phoenixville. (3)


QUICK TIP: The FDA mandates chemical deodorants include warnings for those with kidney problems because of aluminum's risk to kidney health! (4)


In addition to the havoc aluminum wreaks on your bones and endocrine system, aluminum also contributes to what doctors call “gene instability.” (5)

Gene instability is what leads to free radical type problems inside the body, such as a buildup in tumor material and the slowdown of healthy bodily function.

Gene instability has also led the National Institute of Medicine to conclude that aluminum is capable of causing both DNA alterations and epigenetic effects. (6)



There are many micoorganisms in and on the human body that you need in order to function healthily. These healthy microorganisms can be disrupted by a chemical ingredient known as Triclosan.

Triclosan is a common ingredient in many over-the-counter deodorants, and in animal studies, it has been linked to abnormal gene activity, particularly in the brain. (7)

Triclosan can also hinder your immune system from functioning normally over time, and can facilitate the growth of antibiotic-resistant germs. (8)


WARNING: The FDA classifies Triclosan as a pesticide and a possible carcinogen. Don't put it on your skin if you don’t have to! (9)


Triclosan is banned from being used in antiseptic wash products because of its danger when once inside your body.

So, if you think deodorants are safe because they don't go inside your body, think again!






Phthlates are chemicals that are used to help extend the life of your deodorant, but this feature is also what makes it potentially dangerous. (10)

Studies have shown that Phthlates lower IQs and increase your chance of getting asthma, or of making your asthma worse. (11)

In fact, pregnant women absorbing Phthlates have a 72-78% increase in their risk of asthma. (12)

Phthlates also affect hormone levels, thus affecting development, energy, and your ability to have children. (13)



Consider parabens as salts, designed to preserve your deodorant and keep bacteria, viruses, and fungi from growing on the surface of your deodorant stick. (3)

Unfortunately, the body identifies parabens as estrogen, a female hormone which can cause health problems in larger amounts for both men and women, particularly in the way of breast cancer. (14)


WARNING: Most breast cancers develop in the upper outer quadrant of the body, near the underarm, where chemical deodorants are applied!


Paraben use over time can be especially bad considering underarm tissue is the home to many hormone receptors, making the human body more reactive to the preservatives in chemical deodorants. (16)



The University of Reading found that parabens strengthen estrogenic effects, which is another way of saying that the parabens in chemical deodorants can cause cancer development over time. (17)

Parabens are also common triggers of allergic reactions, so be careful when using chemical deodorants with these unnecessary preservatives. (18)


If you're thinking...

"Oh my gosh. My deodorant is killing me?! Does that mean in order to be safe, I need to smell?"

The answer is no.


And that's because Garner’s Garden has 100% All-Natural Deodorants that will keep you smelling great, and give you the safe, natural protection benefits you need:


Garner’s Garden 100% All-Natural Deodorant is chemical free, and will keep odor at bay for 12+ hours!


Garner’s Garden 100% All-Natural Magnesium Deodorant is chemical free and provides long lasting protection! This deodorant uses the power of magnesium to actually ELIMINATE body odor by acting as a barrier between your skin and sweat without clogging your pores.




For those looking for even more protection, Garner’s Garden 100% All-Natural Maximum Strength Magnesium Deodorant will keep odor at bay for 24 hours or more, and will help those who need more protection.

And for even more protection, activate the power of charcoal with Garner’s Garden 100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant, which will absorb sweat while simultaneously detoxifying and exfoliating your skin!



And don't forget to drop us a line in the comments section below for a chance to win a free deodorant of your choice!!!!





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  • Sabrina HillBaskin

    I use the garner’s garden antibacterial mouthwash and it works great. It’s the only mouthwash that Freshes my breath that causes me to have no odor. I purchased deodorant for my husband and he loves it and it smells so good I thought he had cologne on. I’m going to purchase deodorant for myself since learning how dangerous the deodorant I’m presently using. Thanks so much your products are wonderful, healthy, safe and get the job done. My family and I will only use garder’s garden hygiene products for life.
    Garner’s Garden replied:
    Hey Sabrina! Thanks so much for your glowing review and for using our ALL-NATURAL products! Please feel free to reach if you have any questions or concerns.

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