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Keratin: What Is It, and How To Boost Yours Today!

Care For Your Keratin Today!


There are many keywords that are thrown around by over-the-counter products when trying to sell their products. One of these words is keratin.

But what these products don't actually tell you is what keratin is. And this information is super important, because keratin happens to be the building block of your entire body.

As a matter of fact, keratin is a special kind of protein, and is absolutely essential for everything from protecting you to regulating the activity and growth of your cells. (1)

So let's dive into this blog, where we discuss what keratin is, what it does, and how you can BOOST YOUR KERATIN LEVEL TODAY!




As mentioned before, keratin is a protein. But this is not your usual protein. In fact, keratin comprises your skin, nails, and hair, and can even be found inside your body, and in your glands and organs.

But perhaps the best-known place to find keratin is in your hair. In fact, keratin is the foundation of your hair's structure, making it an important part of having smooth and healthy hair. (2)

And like many proteins, nutrient-rich foods help support your natural level of keratin. Some of these foods include sweet potatoes, mangoes, kale, and a variety of natural fruits and vegetables. (3)


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Keratin is not just an important protein for human skin, nails, and hair. The proof of this is by looking at the origin of the word - which derives from the Greek word keras, which means horn.

This makes sense because keratin is also part of the composition of horns, hooves, and claws, and can be found in the structure of tortoise shells, bird beaks, and feathers. (5)

The reason keratin can be found in so many different places is because it can be found on epithelial cells, which cover the surface of many different places outside AND inside your body. (6)


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One of the most important functions of keratin is its ability to add strength to your hair, skin, and nails due to its contained structure.

Its presence on your skin actually enables your skin to be firm and elastic. Additionally, keratin protects you, as evidenced by its role in forming calluses where you need them most. (7)

In fact, keratin is so important to your skin cells that keratin works with other proteins to comprise your epidermis - the top layer of your skin. There it protects your body from germs, the environment, and potential infection. (8)


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And aside from its essential functions in achieving optimal skin health, keratin also provides support in your mouth. As a matter of fact, keratin supports your tongue and your TMJ - the intersection of your jaw and cheek bones.

This helps you both digest your food and chew, making keratin an essential part of the digestive process. (10)

Keratin is even partially responsible for why your skin gets all saggy when spending time in water. This is because keratin balloons when it takes in water, while your internal skin doesn't. (11)


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Though keratin is essential for your entire body, perhaps the best known association of it is with your hair. And that's for good reason.

Keratin in your hair not only prevents damage from heat, frizz, and breakage, but also assists with the management and handling of your hair. And if you ever wondered how to get your hair glossy, the answer is keratin. (12)

Though your hair contains many different kinds of proteins, keratin is important because it actually smooths the overlapping cell layers that create your hair strands, also known as your hair cuticle. (13)


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The reason keratin is so important to your hair is because it brings amino acids and a complex composition that functions as your hair's protective wall.

Furthermore, keratin protects the inside of your hair - your hair cortex - where it promotes hair flexibility, strength, and general hair health. (15)

And though keratin functions as a protective protein meant to protect your hair, it also has the ability to remedy it - even creating dandruff in an attempt to help your hair (keratinized cells also create blisters to protect you!). (16)


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Though we've talked about how strong keratin is, it can also be compromised, which can lead to weaker skin, hair, and nails. One reason for this is heat.

Keratin treatments, which are supposed to boost you with keratin, can be incredibly damaging to your hair because of the necessary heat involved in the process, where you can lose necessary proteins and suffer breakage and weakened hair. (17)

What's also crazy is that many artificial chemicals and treatments you may think can boost your keratin levels actually contain formaldehyde, a carcinogen that can give off dangerous scents. (18)


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If you look at the ingredient list for many keratin treatments, you'll see why it's so dangerous - methanal, ammonium thioglycoate, and methylene glycol (just to name a few) - they even sound dangerous, and many release dangerous fumes when heated.

Making matters worse is the fact that many keratin treatments require you to wait a specific amount of time before washing your hair, leaving you exposed to these chemicals for a longer time. (20)

And even though you're trying to remedy your hair when getting a treatment, you may actually be doing more harm than good. In fact, keratin treatments can dry out your hair and potentially lead to breakage. (21)


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Though keratin treatments with dangerous chemicals and ingredients should be avoided, there are ways you can boost your own natural keratin today. And it starts with your diet.

Eating foods with protein can help boost your keratin naturally, so it's a great idea to eat yogurt and other foods loaded with amino acids that will increase keratin levels. (22)

It's also a good idea to eat onions, as they're loaded with L-cysteine - compounds that are actually a part of keratin. They also contain folate, which helps lead to healthy follicles. (23)


FUN FACT: Look for plant-based proteins to help fuel your keratin supply, such as beans, nuts, and quinoa. To prevent a loss of moisture on your scalp, simply apply GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL 4D HYDRATING HYALURONIC ACID HAIR SERUM to your head today! (24)


Another way to ensure your keratin supply is at its top-notch best is by making sure you have a good supply of VITAMIN C. This is because VITAMIN C on its own is not only awesome for your body, but VITAMIN C also helps your body enjoy the rewards of plant-sourced iron.

This iron is an essential part of making natural keratin, so therefore increasing your VITAMIN C will lead to healthier nails, skin, and hair. (25)

And if you're looking for a special fruit that not only contains VITAMIN C, but also Vitamins A and E, and that will also boost your collagen and facilitate hair growth, look no further than healthy all-natural blueberries! (26)


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