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Prevent Fall Skin Allergies Today!

Away With The Allergies!

Most people are familiar with the sniffling, watery eyes, and sneezing that fall allergies bring, but did you know that allergies can also cause you significant skin problems? Well, it’s true, and as we enter the first full week of fall, these fall allergy dangers have never been so real.

And these problems are nothing to take lightly. This is because every year seems to be a worse one for allergy sufferers. There is some dispute as to why, but whether it’s because of the changing climate, fluctuating temperatures, carbon dioxide, or pollen, allergies are getting worse, and are affecting allergy sufferers’ entire bodies. (1)

But allergies don’t have to be a problem anymore, as new studies are revealing ways you can PREVENT SKIN PROBLEMS as a result of fall allergies, and make this season the BEST ONE EVER for your body and overall skin health.

In this blog we talk about fall allergies, their effect on your skin, and how to achieve your SMOOTHEST SKIN EVER this fall!





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Although skin problems might seem like the last of your worries when it comes to seasonal allergies, this isn’t true. That’s because allergies lead to bothersome rashes, skin sensitivity, and inflammation. The reason this is so dangerous is because allergies actually trigger an immune system response in your body, which can quickly become a major problem for your skin.

Allergies may seem like an impossible thing to avoid, but this isn’t entirely true. As a matter of fact, there are STEPS you can take right now to curtail the debilitating effects of fall allergies on your skin. Avoiding triggering plants and covering up your skin when going outside can help reduce the effects of fall allergies on your body. (2)

This is important because two dangerous seasonal allergies – ragweed and pollen – are known to cause skin irritation when touching your skin. Subsequently, you can experience rashes and extended periods of itchiness, while some people may even experience hives. Knowing how your skin reacts in these fall conditions is essential to PREVENT FALL ALLERGY IRRITATION. (3)


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Though it sounds gross, pollen and mold spores – common fall allergens – are extremely sticky, and can cling to both your skin and hair. This is dangerous because you can then take them anywhere, including inside your house. 


Over-the-counter soaps can be harsh on your skin, triggering allergic skin reactions and making pre-existing skin conditions worse. Enjoy smooth and healthy skin all fall long by using ALL-NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS!


And if you think medicine will fix your fall allergy problems, think again. It can take several days for allergy medicine to work, which means your skin can suffer unnecessarily for a while, even if you take medicine. And if you’re trying to estimate when fall allergies will affect your skin, it’s impossible to account for potential allergy problems from pollen, as both barometric pressure and weather can affect the pollen count. (5)

Another unpredictable thing about fall allergies and skin health is that sometimes you can suffer from skin reactions even if you don’t think you have allergies. These reactions, which range from under-eye circles to itchy skin to eczema - can be a precursor to further fall allergy problems and complications. (6)


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Another important thing to know about fall allergies is that some people suffer from more serious symptoms than others, but that doesn’t mean your skin problems aren’t serious. Even minor skin irritation is serious, making it essential that everyone suffering from skin reactions as a result of fall allergies take precautions to PREVENT SKIN PROBLEMS before they can become worse.

To do this, try to avoid the outdoors in the mid-afternoon (when pollen and ragweed are at their absolute worse), and do your best to check and keep your furnace filter clean to make sure it’s efficiently filtering out pollutants that can cause allergic reactions to your skin. (7)


Chemicals in over-the-counter baby care products can trigger skin allergies. Prevent potential allergic reactions this fall by providing your children ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PRODUCTS!


It’s also important that the SKINCARE PRODUCTS you do use are gentle and mild. This is because regularly showering and washing your body is essential if you want to clean allergens off your skin. This will also prevent the tracking of these allergens into your house, and on your sheets and bed, where they can linger and cause you prolonged problems. (8)


QUICK TIP: Each person can react differently to different allergens, and then experience different symptoms. Prevent the worst symptoms from fall allergies with GARNER’S GARDEN 30 DAY ULTIMATE FLAWLESS SKIN SYSTEM! (9)


Another problem that needs to be talked when discussing fall allergies and their effects on your skin is dry skin. Even though summer is not usually the time of the year when you need to worry about dry skin, the cooler temperatures of fall, when combined with fall allergies, can leave your skin extra dry and itchy. Mold – which grows out of control in fall – can also be the cause of itchy skin.

Cooler months and the fluctuations in fall temperatures can bring on even more itchiness. To curb the problems these things can cause, opt for an ALL-NATURAL MOISTURIZER, which can help prevent the further deterioration of your skin from sustained itchiness and its effects. (10)

Furthermore, it’s recommended that those who suffer from fall eczema and are aggravated by fall allergens MOISTURIZE. If you don’t, the surface of your skin will be even more sensitive to fall irritants and allergies, which can cause you flareups and worse symptoms that can deteriorate your skin over time. (11)


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Want smooth and healthy skin free from allergies and flareups?

Get 15% off our ALL-NATURAL 30 DAY SKIN CARE PACKAGES today!



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