Ways To Boost Skin Cell Turnover!

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With so many over-the-counter products out there promising instant results to artificially boost your skin with chemicals, artificial fragrances, and preservatives, it can be difficult to fully understand why sometimes your skin looks dull, and other times it looks bright and healthy.

Well, that all has to do with a completely natural process inside your body called cellular turnover.

Cellular turnover is not only responsible for giving you that natural glow you want, but also in staving off the effects of UV damage and unwanted signs of aging. (1)

And new studies are revealing there are ways you can boost your natural cellular turnover, and turn your previously sagging skin into youthful skin you'll be happy to show off.

In this blog we discuss what skin cell turnover is, why it's important, and how you can achieve RADIANT SKIN TODAY!




Blinking. Breathing. Thinking. These are a few things your body does to keep you going that often go unnoticed. But another crucial thing your body does for you is regularly turning over your skin.

The really obvious explanation of what skin cell turnover is can actually be considered the most correct one: skin cell turnover is the turning over of dead skin cells to younger, more vibrant ones. (2)

And your body needs this. That's because your skin is the body's largest organ, with a purpose to protect you. Therefore, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently is incredibly important for your overall bodily health. (3)


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Every 28-40 days, new skin cells are born, and then they have the tough task of journeying through your skin layers, all the way out to the surface of your skin.

As these skin cells push their way forward, your old skin cells, which have now become flaky and dry, are then pushed aside, and are replaced by younger, more vibrant and youthful cells. Sounds pretty awesome, right? (5)

It is, and that's because another great aspect of skin cell turnover is that with consistent, healthy turnover, you'll also have speedier, more efficient recoveries from wounds and other skin ailments. (6)


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Now that we know what skin cell turnover is, let's talk about why it's important. First, it's important to note that your body does what it does for a reason, and in the case of your skin, it's goal is to protect you.

In fact, the main purpose of your skin is not just to make you look good, but to regulate the temperature inside your body and provide your internal body protection from germs and other free radicals and environmental pollutants. (7)

Your healthy, radiant skin also allows you to make your own Vitamin D, and gives you the tools to utilize your senses and protect yourself from dangers you probably don't even think twice about. (8)


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Unfortunately, when our skin cell turnover isn't functioning as efficiently as we need it to, or when we age and our processes begin to slow down, we can suffer from adverse reactions.

This includes increased risk for insufficient hydration, UV damage, premature aging, and skin infections that can lead to long-term overall health problems. (10)

Having poor skin cell turnover also slows down the rate at which wounds can recover, giving you a greater chance of having wrinkled, craggly skin that is pale and lackluster. (11)


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One of the worse side effects of poor cellular turnover is that your dying skin cells are trapped on the surface of your skin. And that buildup of dead skin cells also means something else: acne.

Sebum and Cutibacterium acnes (bacteria that causes acne) can build up on the surface of your skin quickly, leaving you unnaturally oily and more prone to breakouts. (12)

Having clogged pores and unhealthy cellular turnover can also be connected, together giving you a greater chance of having acne and breakouts. And if you're prone to acne already, healthy cellular turnover is especially important. (13)


FUN FACT: Your new skin cells are enriched with vital nutrients and collagen needed to look their best and be their strongest. Boost your collagen with VITAMIN C, which increases collagen synthesis! (14)


Though poor cellular turnover is a leading cause of acne, speedier and healthier skin cell turnover can lead to your acne problems going away.

Having consistent, healthy skin cell turnover removes the traffic jam on the surface of your skin, and gives your face (and the rest of your body) less of a chance of having a build up of pollutants, excess oil, and bacteria. (15)

And cellular turnover matters even more when you go outside, as stepping out from the sun decreases your cellular turnover rate, giving you a greater chance of clogged pores and acne. (16)


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Since sun damage and slow cellular turnover are related, one of the best ways to restore your skin cell turnover is by remedying the risks and damage of the sun.

Adding ALL-NATURAL VITAMIN C is a great way to protect yourself against the damage caused by the sun, which will help keep your skin cells turning over at the rate you want them to. (17)

Vitamin C also exfoliates and gives you a cleaner complexion, allowing for a reduced chance of cell buildup and poor cellular turnover. (18)


FUN FACT: Cleaning your face with an ALL-NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL FACIAL CLEANSER will remove the buildup of dead skin cells and bacteria on your skin, making way for younger, radiant skin cells to come to the surface! (19)


Another great way you can boost your skin cell turnover is by adding moisture to your skin, especially moisture filled with healthy oils, vitamins, and nutrients. (12)

Vitamin A in particular plays an important role in the regeneration of your skin and healthy skin turnover, acting in a similar way to proper exfoliation. (20)

Vitamin A works to not only moisturize and hydrate your skin, but also to regulate cellular function, giving all your cells a better, more efficient purpose and younger appearance. (21)


For all the Vitamin C you need, check out Garner’s Garden 100% All-Natural Vitamin C Facial Serum, which also includes vital Vitamins D and E, effectively enhancing your skin's radiance, restoring your skin's protective barrier, and improving your skin's hydration!




Although we've covered some necessary ways you can boost your skin cell turnover, one of the best ways to return your natural glow to your skin is by exfoliating.

Exfoliating and cellular turnover are partners, and helping one also helps the other. That's because exfoliating cleans all of the dirt out of your pores, including dead skin cells that might not want to go away, thus stimulating greater cellular turnover. (22)

Exfoliating also helps bring your new, youthful cells to the surface of your skin, and even acts as a supplemental turnover machine, sidestepping the process by removing the dead skin cells itself and revealing what's underneath. (23)


FUN FACT: Exfoliate after WASHING your face. This will allow you to have a more thorough exfoliation, and clean off even more dirt and debris! (24)


Exfoliation is especially important if you suffer from already lagging cellular turnover. This is because exfoliating works in conjunction with your body's natural exfoliating process to bring to light your most youthful and radiant cells. (25)

Exfoliation also has an added benefit that many people don't realize: exfoliating boosts your circulation, which is crucial when it comes to optimal skin health. (26)

This is because your dermis (the bottom layers of your skin) is the home of your new skin cells and is ALSO responsible for circulation. Therefore, taking care of one can have an added benefit on the other! (27)


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