What Is A Hot Flash, And How To Remedy It Today!

Cool Down In A Flash!


You're going about your day, living your best life, and all of a sudden, a rush comes over you, and something feels terribly wrong. You're sweating. Flushed. Heart's beating fast. Stressed. So what's happening?




And believe it or not, hot flashes are common, and can affect anyone, regardless of their current situation. (1)

But thankfully, new research is showing you can RECOVER from hot flashes in a flash, and get back to living your best life right now.

In this blog, we talk about what a hot flash is, what causes it, and how to REMEDY it today!




Though the words hot flash are thrown around often, it's not always easy to know what it actually is. Well, a hot flash is kind of like what its name says - a sudden rush of heat, a feeling of being flushed, or sweating.

A hot flash can happen during the day or at night, and can hit you so suddenly that it can wake you up while you're sleeping. (2)

But surprisingly, hot flashes aren't always caused by one thing. In fact, there are many medical reasons and lifestyle causes that can lead to a hot flash at a moment's notice, which can prove life debilitating for sufferers. (3)


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Though hot flashes sound like they come and go pretty quickly, this isn't always the case. In fact, hot flashes can last anywhere from a few seconds to ten minutes, but on average, they last around four minutes, which isn't much of a flash at all.

But they CAN hit you in a flash. People may be having an ordinary day when they suddenly have a hot flash. Other times, you may have some warning before your hot flash strikes. (5)

Hot flashes can also be very difficult to diagnose, as some people may think they're simply warm because of their activities, or are having a warm spell, when in reality they may be suffering from a hot flash. (6)


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Though many people think hot flashes just appear (which they kind of do), there are many causes that can trigger them, and many of them you can encounter in your day-to-day life.

One cause of hot flashes is, believe it or not, heat. In fact, hot weather is a major cause of hot flashes, so it's extra important you take it easy and understand your triggers when outside as we spring into the warm spring weather. (7)

The reason the heat and hot flashes are so closely linked is because even a small adjustment in your body temperature can cause a potentially debilitating hot flash. (8)


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The danger of heat in causing hot flashes is not just limited to the weather. In fact, spicy foods, such as chili, hot mustard, and certain peppers can cause hot flashes.

And since hot flashes can also affect you while sleeping, it's important that you ensure your bedroom is nice and cool, and that you watch the amount of layers you sleep with, to help prevent hot flashes. (10)

Another potential trigger for your hot flashes is exercise, so it's important that you drink enough water as your cells work and use up your energy, which causes you to feel hot. (11)


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Though many people associate hot flashes with hormones and heat, there's an unlikely cause that also happens to influence so many other physical and mental problems in our lives ...




And stress doesn't just cause hot flashes. It also causes symptoms commonly associated with hot flashes, like a rapidly beating heart, labored breathing, and compulsive actions. (12)

The reason stress causes hot flashes is because, when stressed, your body is in an elevated state of reacting to a threat. This state can lead to enhanced stress on your heart and higher blood pressure, which can lead to hot flashes. (13)


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Though stress is a trigger of hot flashes, it should also be noted that many kinds of emotional reactions can cause them.

This is because an emotion that's related to stress can cause our blood to surge to the surface of our skin, which is that feeling we have when we're feeling red in the face or emotionally exhausted. (15)

And there is no guarantee that your stressful trigger occurs before a hot flash. In fact, hot flashes can occur before, during, or after a period of stress and anxiety. (16)


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Due to the broad nature of hot flashes, and because so many different things cause them, it might be impossible to completely prevent them. But there are several steps you can take to keep them from coming as often as they can.

First, avoid smoking and being around smoke, as this - even e-cigarettes - can potentially lead to hot flashes. (17)

Second, alcohol can be a trigger for hot flashes. Understanding what triggers hot flashes and what makes them get worse can help you determine the steps you need to take to reduce your own personal attacks. (18)


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Another great way to prevent hot flashes is by keeping you and your home in as cool a state as possible. This includes having ice packs and cold compresses on hand should you need them in a snap.

To that end, it's also great to have cold water or a frozen treat nearby to help you cool down in a (hot) flash! (20)

And because stress is such a common trigger for hot flashes, it's also important that you efficiently manage your time, which will keep the stressful overheating from happening in the first place. (21)


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One great way to remedy hot flashes is by taking the time to care for yourself when you have one. One simple way to do this is by practicing a relaxation exercise.

Certain breathing techniques, meditations, visualization practices, and walking routines can help ease away any hot flashes that can come by way of stress. (22)

Simple exercises can also help remedy symptoms closely associated with hot flashes, such as those associated with mood, weight, and your cardio fitness. (23)


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We've covered some of the foods that can help cause hot flashes, but there are also some foods that can help stave them off.

Lentils, chickpeas, and soybeans are considered estrogens that are plant-based and rich in isoflavones, which can help provide relief for people with hot flashes. (25)

And for the best remedies that are specific to you, be sure to journal when you get your hot flash. This will help you avoid similar triggers, and create a self-help plan just for you!


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