What Is The Right Way To Brush Your Teeth?

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Brushing your teeth. We've all been doing it for longer than we can remember. In fact, many of us do it twice or more per day without even thinking about it.

But many of us don't really know why we're doing it. And worse than that, many of have been doing it wrong.

Yup. That's right. Many people have been brushing their teeth the wrong way for years, negating all the hard work and good that they think they're doing.

Well, that ends today. In this blog we discuss the importance of brushing your teeth, and how you can brush your way to BETTER ORAL HEALTH TODAY!




Though brushing your teeth is second-nature today, just a short while ago this country was in a serious oral health crisis. And that's because only 7% of people brushed their teeth at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Sounds bad, right? Well, it was. In fact, at the beginning of the century, the United States declared oral hygiene (or a lack of) as a national crisis. (1)

Well, thankfully, we don't live in that era anymore, but that doesn't mean the national dental crisis has ended.

In fact, as recently as 2018, a quarter of people were walking around with untreated tooth decay, according to the CDC. (2)


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Unfortunately, tooth decay and poor brushing habits have now become a worldwide problem, in large part because of the way people brush, and what they're brushing with.

To support this, the World Health Organization cites exposure to fluoride as a major cause for the dental problems in people worldwide. (4)

And studies have shown that matters only worsen as you grow older. A bombshell study by the CDC found that 90% of adults aged 20-64 have tooth decay, and that number only grows with age. (5)


So now that we know what can happen if you don't brush the right way, let's talk about why you should.




When your mom or dentist tells you to brush your teeth, there's a reason. It's because brushing your teeth is the key to good oral health.

One of the main reasons brushing your teeth is so important is because brushing your teeth helps prevent tooth decay, impeding the formation of small holes that can form on your teeth. (6)

Brushing your teeth also rids yourself of the bacteria that wants to erode your enamel. Without effective brushing, the ensuing tooth decay can cause pain, tooth loss, and serious infection. (7)


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In addition to preventing tooth decay, brushing your teeth also helps stop the buildup of plaque and odor-causing bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Another side effect of brushing - the care and support for your gums - is an aspect of brushing your teeth often overlooked.  (9)

Gum infections like gingivitis and periodontis can be just as serious as tooth decay (if not more), and many oral care problems can be reversed with good brushing and the right oral care habits. (10)


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Now that we know the importance of brushing your teeth, it's time to talk about the right way to do it.

When brushing your teeth, the first thing you should do is angle your toothbrush 45 degrees to your gums. This allows the bristles of your toothbrush to clean away all the plaque that can be hidden under your gum line. (11)

Then, you need to gently (again: gently) brush your teeth in tooth-wide motions. Being consistent in this habit will allow the chewing, outer, and inner surfaces of your teeth to be properly cleaned. (12)


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And if you're nervous about moving your toothbrush around your precious teeth, don't be.

Don't be afraid to flip your toothbrush around to get as much of your tooth's surface as you can, cleaning off as much plaque and bacteria (without hurting yourself!) as possible. (14)

And don't forget your tongue! Your tongue is one of the most bacteria-entrenched spots around your body, so cleaning it should always be an essential part of your brushing routine. (15)


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As with many things in life, your effort can be easily undone with poor form and execution. And the same goes for brushing.

To get the most out of your time spent brushing, be sure to brush your teeth twice a day - one in the morning, and once at night -  which is a good habit. But that's not all. (16)

It's also important for your enamel that you brush your teeth thirty minutes after consuming acidic foods. This is important because any acid on your teeth would then be solidified, enabling you to remove it without harming your teeth. (17)


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In our busy lives, it's becoming more and more common to shortchange the time you spend brushing. And doing so can lead to significant problems.

Brush your teeth for two minutes at a time. Any less can lead to insufficient brushing, and an undoing of all the good you're trying to do! Set a timer if you have to - whatever you do -- brush for two minutes! (19)

During these two minutes, be sure to manage your time so you're spending adequate time not only on each tooth, but also flipping the brush over so you can massage your gums and get the underside of your teeth all nice and clean too. (20)


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Many of us have grown up using the same products day after day, but times change, and new research has revealed something startling:




And not just a little. Tooth powder is a better alternative to toothpaste at controlling plaque and gingivitis, while also reducing the buildup of stains and damage. (22)


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Not only is tooth powder more effective at brushing your teeth, but it's safer too.

As opposed to toothpaste, which contains many artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and preservatives (how do you think they get that gel in the tube?), tooth powders are known for their ALL-NATURAL ingredients without fluoride, making them safer for children and adults alike. (24)

Another reason to choose tooth powder over toothpaste for the best oral care is because tooth powder doesn't contain glycerin.

Toothpastes rely on glycerin for consistency and texture, but it also may be coating your teeth with a barrier that prevents the fortification of your teeth. Bottom line - tooth powder is better. (25)


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