Why Sweat Smells!

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Everyone knows that sweat stinks. But not many people realize why. Well, new research is revealing more about why sweat smells, and the reason may be more surprising than you think.

And knowing why sweat smells is important, because surveys are showing that not only do people allow a fear of body odor to cause them to avoid social interaction, but also to have mental duress and feelings of isolation. (1)

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In this blog we talk about why sweat smells, and how you can SMELL YOUR BEST all day every day!





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Understanding why sweat smells is a complicated topic, and that's because sweat doesn't actually smell. Yup, that's right. Sweat itself doesn't actually have a smell to it. The gross smell we all recognize as pungent and offensive is actually a reaction that happens after bacteria comes into contact with sweat released from your apocrine glands.

Your apocrine glands are primarily located in areas like your groin and armpits, which is why these areas are so prone to smelling. Eccrine glands, on the other hand, are located all over your body. (2)

As a result of this chemical reaction, exactly what you smell (when you smell :) is a direct result of bacteria breaking down the keratin that's found on your skin's surface. (3)


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Another consequence of the chemical reaction that causes body odor is the fact that body odor can change. Your smell can change as a result of what you eat, changes in your hormone levels, medicines you're on, or other health problems or disorders.


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It's important to remember that these changes are not always a bad thing, or even things you can control. For example, people undergoing development where their hormones and sweat glands become more active are more prone to a change in body odor. (5)

It's also important to differentiate body odor from other odors your body just naturally secretes. For example, odorants - substances your body makes that have a smell - are necessary for the human body, and don't normally smell in small quantities. (6)


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Though sweating is normal, not everyone has the same body odor. For example, people with hyperhidrosis - a condition where the sufferer sweats excessively - and people who experience a lot of anxiety or stress can suffer from enhanced body odor.

Body odor is also more prone to affect people with certain conditions that can actually change your natural scent. These conditions include kidney disease, liver disease, gout, and any number of diseases that lead to a toxin buildup in your body. (7)


Exercise can lead to increased sweating and unwanted body odor. Protect yourself when exercising by using ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT.


The other thing to consider about sweat and body odor is that sweat doesn't tell the whole story. In fact, environmental pollutants and bacteria can layer upon your skin, interacting with what's already there to cause stronger body odor over time. (8)


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The fact that sweating has such a strong link to body odor also means that people who undergo night sweats and hot flashes are especially susceptible to unwanted odor.

Poor hygiene practices such as not using ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT, wearing clothes that are dirty and already covered with sweat and bacteria, and not WASHING regularly can also lead to smelling and body odor. (10)

There is also the potential for a factor out of your control to play a role in how much you sweat and its relation to your body odor. Your genes can lead your body to react differently from other people's, making you more prone to body odor. (11)


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