Why To Use Body Oil This Winter!

Moisturize and Chill!


If there's one rule of skin and winter, it's this: as the temperature drops, so does the level of moisture in your skin.

In fact, as you endure these cold winter months, you may be noticing many changes to your skin, such as itchiness, inflammation, dryness, and even flareups of skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. (1)

And with January just heating up, and the coldest month of the year still in front of us, it's more important than ever that you take the steps to protect yourself now.


One way to do this...?




Although sometimes thought of as a summertime skin treat, body oil is the perfect way to get your skin ready and remedied in the cold months of winter.

So let's dive into this seasonal blog, where we talk about why ALL-NATURAL BODY OIL is the perfect way to protect and remedy your skin all winter long!




Although it's always a good time to use body oil, winter may be the time your skin needs it most.

That's because the most well-known benefit of body oil is its ability to moisturize your skin - especially important when dryness takes over in the winter months. (3)

And body oil doesn't just moisturize a little. Body oils provide enough hydration to deliver a protective barrier over your skin - which really matters in the harsh, windy months of January and February. (4)

This protective barrier also has some aggression in it too, as body oil prevents the water on your skin from evaporating, keeping your hydration locked in for better, long-lasting effectiveness. (5)


FUN FACT: For best results from your 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY OIL, exfoliate. This will remove the dead skin cells and toxins blocking your pores, and enable you to retain the most hydration your BODY OIL provides! (6)


Another great reason to use body oil as the weather drops is because it's light on your skin, while still providing maximum hydration. (7)

100% ALL-NATURAL BODY OIL is so effective because it goes layers deep, not leaving behind greasy residue that so many over-the-counter oils and lotions unnecessarily cause. (3)

Body oil also softens rough skin, which is a major symptom of eczema and winter dryness. (8)


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One of the best features of body oil is that it's an emollient. (11)

Emollients are softeners, and work to remedy dry and rough skin. They do this by smoothing out the spaces left behind when your skin flakes during the harsh winter months. (12)

As an emollient, body oil layers your skin with protection, preventing cracks from causing scaliness and itchiness, especially as a result of wintertime skin problems like psoriasis and irritation. (13)


FUN FACT: Stress can trigger swelling and itchiness. Apply 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY OIL with the relaxing power of LAVENDER to reduce the irritation today! (14)


Another reason body oil is so effective is because of its ability to help your skin self-moisturize. It does this by working with your natural sebum (oil) to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. (11)


And there's a secret to how it does this:


The skin reacts to body oil by thinking that it IS your skin's oil, which makes it MORE easily absorbed and spread by your skin. (15)

In fact, this identification of your body oil and your body's natural oil makes it perfect for those with oily skin during winter, where the cold air and your body's natural oil production can leave your skin uneven and out of balance. (16)


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When looking at what your skin needs during the cold and dry months of winter, you need to first understand what's right for you.

Whereas many over-the-counter lotions and moisturizers evaporate when applied to your skin, 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY OIL remains on your skin, providing long-lasting hydration for a longer period of time than unhealthy, artificial lotions. (17)

This is because of the high concentration of fatty acids in body oil. These fatty acids provide nourishment and tightening properties to help secure your skin's natural barrier. (18)


FUN FACT: Not all body oils are beneficial. Over-the-counter body oils lack the fresh oil and natural benefits of 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY OIL. Go ALL-NATURAL, and feel the difference today! (19)


When looking at the reason to use body oil in winter, look no further than your own skin. This is because we make our own oil to protect us.

Therefore, by applying body oil, you're giving your skin more of what it already makes and needs! (20)

100% ALL-NATURAL BODY OIL is also compatible with specific ingredients to target certain areas of your body - those of importance where your skin may be extra inflamed or lacking elasticity. (3)


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Now that we know the importance of body oil for optimal skin health in winter, let's talk about when and how to use it.

One way to use it is by applying body oil after your shower or bath, when your skin is still slightly wet. This will draw the best hydrating benefits of the oil. (21)

Applying body oil before your shower is also beneficial, as showers can cause you to lose much of your skin's natural oil, and for your natural moisture to leave your skin. Body oil will bolster the protection your skin needs. (22)


FUN FACT: If your skin is really suffering from the harsh effects of winter, pair 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY OIL with a 100% ALL-NATURAL MOISTURIZER for extra protection! (23)


Another great way to use body oil is by massaging it onto your skin.

Massaging body oil onto your skin is effective because the warmth of your fingertips melts the oil as you apply it, allowing it to better penetrate your skin. (24)

Using body oil as a massage will also smooth at-risk areas of your body prone to wrinkling, such as your elbows, heels, and knees. (25)


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