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Do You Sweat More In The Summer?

Don't Sweat The Summer!

Everyone knows summer is the time of year for more sun, activities, and fun. But as great a time as this is, it’s also a time when sweat can become a serious problem for many people. In fact, summer is one of the worst times for sweat-related physical and mental health problems, causing odor and self-confidence issues.

And it’s not hard to see why. Put simply, your body wants to remain at 98.6 degrees. In the summer, your personal temperature fluctuates more than usual due to hotter days and increased activity in the sun. And when your body’s temperature fluctuates, it’s your sweat that helps your body achieve the temperature it wants to be. (1)

So basically sweating in the summer is inevitable, but body odor isn’t. That’s because there ARE ways you can not only smell great when you go out, but also have FUN doing so, which will help your SELF-ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE, and ability to BE YOURSELF!

In this blog we talk about some of the obvious and not so obvious reasons you sweat more in the summer, and how you can enjoy an ODOR-FREE and FUN-FILLED summer in the sun!






Worried about summertime sweat? 




Although sweating is a normal bodily function, sweating in the summer can become a psychological problem, as well as a physical one. This is because summer is usually when you want to go out and enjoy more time with family and friends. Unfortunately, summer sweat can cause severe embarrassment, especially when the sweat on your body is visible.

There is another reason you may feel embarrassed as a result of summertime sweat: humidity. Humidity causes the sweat on your body to evaporate not as easily off your skin, leaving you super uncomfortable and self-conscious of how you look and feel. (2)

This is a significant problem, and also the reason why summertime often feels hotter than your typical hot weather. Humidity causes your body’s cool-down system to malfunction, which is why some people suffer from sudden strokes and cramping during the summer. (3)


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Another reason you sweat more in the summer is because many times your stress increases in the summer. And you’re probably familiar with the idea that more stress also means more sweat. To ensure you don’t smell, you need to rely on 100% ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT to help fend off that oftentimes debilitating summertime stress-related body odor. (5)



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To help fend off stress, you should calm down. This means deep breaths and constant attention to your mental health. It’s also important you fight increased heat by hydrating. Keeping your body at essential fluid levels will help maintain your body’s temperature, and also help control excessive sweating the summer can cause. (5)

Even though your body sweats a lot in the summer, it’s important to remember that you don’t want to eliminate the action of sweating. In fact, you should be grateful for your sweat. If you didn’t sweat, your summer would be filled with health problems. In this way the best way to manage sweat is to simply manage the odor associated with it. (6)



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The important thing to remember is you have a loooot of sweat glands – two to four million of them, in fact. And all of these sweat glands are looking to keep you cool and help you sweat. The hotter weather and humidity associated with summer can cause more sweating, but so can the activities you might engage in during the summer.

In the summer, many people like to go drinking with friends. Unfortunately, drinking can cause increased sweating due to something named vasodilation – which is when your blood vessels literally grow wider. Another potential cause of increased sweating is being around more people. Seeing people you like can cause chemical reactions that can increase the rate at which you sweat. (7)



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Some people may also suffer from super sensitive sweat glands – also called hyperhidrosis – which is when people sweat more than usual, sometimes for not much of a reason at all. This can be socially and mentally debilitating, and can cause you to sweat even if your body doesn’t necessarily have to cool down. (8)


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It’s also important to recognize how different people sweat. For example, many athletes or people who are used to sweating actually sweat more than some people because they’ve been EFFECTIVELY MANAGING their body temperature so well for a longer time - which is a good thing!

It’s also important to be careful of the damage products can cause on your armpits. You may be sensitive in certain spots, so it’s important to be mindful of over-the-counter ingredients and products that can cause you further skin damage and potential problems with the areas you’re applying your products to. (10)

It’s also possible that you are naturally going to sweat more in the summer. Genetics can play a major role in how you sweat. Some of the most common places you’re going to find yourself sweating are obviously your armpits, but also your palms, forehead, feet, and cheeks. (11)



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Worried about summertime sweat? 












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