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Jojoba Oil: What Is It, and Benefits For Your Skin!

The Perfect Winter-Care Ingredient!


There are many ingredients people look at when it’s time to amp up their winter SKINCARE ROUTINE. Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are chemicals and artificial ingredients found in dangerous over-the-counter skincare products that can cause more harm than good. There is one natural ingredient, though, that can instantly boost your skin health. What is this ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENT…?





Jojoba Oil has been everywhere recently, with people touting its ability to not only boost skin health, but also hair health with its amazing moisturizing and nourishing properties - super important during the dry winter months. (1)

Unfortunately, many awesome natural ingredients are diluted by chemicals over-the-counter skincare manufacturers throw into their products, undoing much of the good the natural ingredients can do. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as there are ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS with the MOISTURIZING and HEALTH-BOOSTING properties of Jojoba Oil that will actually help you.

In this blog we discuss the health benefits of Jojoba Oil, and how you can enjoy HEALTHIER and SMOOTHER skin all winter long!






Want The Moisturizing & Anti-Aging Benefits Of Jojoba Oil?




Before we talk about the awesome way Jojoba Oil helps your skin, let’s talk about what it exactly is. Well, the first thing to know about Jojoba is that it’s a shrub from the southwest, as well as other climates around the world, including those that are particularly dry and hot.

The oil of Jojoba is actually quite easy to extract, as each seed contains a good amount of oil to it. Now the awesome thing about this oil is that it contains a large amount of antioxidants, which not only defend you against skin damage, but also contain an assortment of health-boosting vitamins like Vitamin E, which makes up nearly three quarters of the oil. (2)

Jojoba Oil is also incredibly moisturizing, capable of fighting unwanted wrinkles and stopping the deterioration of your skin with its antibacterial properties. Jojoba Oil also contains other health-boosting nutrients and minerals that can benefit you, including your hair. (3)


QUICK TIP: Jojoba is found all over the world, having been used throughout history as a remedy for scalp and skin problems! Moisturize your skin with the 100% ALL-NATURAL JOJOBA OIL found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY MOISTURIZER PACKAGE today! (4)


We’ve mentioned how Jojoba Oil is deeply hydrating, but we haven’t told you one of the hidden secrets about Jojoba Oil not many people know: Jojoba Oil fights acne. In fact, because it's such a great manager of your skin, it can actually fight acne on acne-prone skin, also working on skin that might be prone to dryness or sensitivity. (5)


Feeling a little dried out this winter? Restore the radiance and moisture of your skin with the hydrating properties of Jojoba Oil found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY OIL!


Even more unbelievably, Jojoba Oil actually works these wonders on your skin without sparking acne or messying up your pores. Add to that the insane amount of antioxidants Jojoba Oil is giving your skin, and you’ll find yourself an ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENT your skin desperately wants and needs this winter. (5)

Jojoba Oil is also incredibly versatile, with its benefits capable of being applied to not only the parts of your skin everyone sees, like your hands and face, but also on your feet to make them soft, and as a remedy for burns you're prone to once the weather warms up. Also needed in winter, it can boost the glow and radiance of your hair. (6) (7)



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When looking at all the ingredients you can use to optimize your skin health, oils are usually the most popular, because they’re so simple and easy to use. But then comes the difficult part: deciding which oil to use. Jojoba Oil is a great option because Jojoba Oil acts similarly to the natural moisture your body already manufactures.

This means Jojoba Oil has a great ability to restore the balance of your skin, getting rid of excess sebum (the natural moisture you create) where it can damage you, while boosting your skin's radiance where you might be lacking. This also makes it effective on hair, where sebum can be found as a barrier on your individual hair strands. (8) (9)


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Another awesome benefit of Jojoba Oil is that it can address that one problem so many women suffer from at the end of a long day – makeup removal. Because it's such a gentle oil, Jojoba Oil can help remove the makeup caked on your face at the end of the day, without leaving greasy residue. (10)


QUICK TIP: Jojoba Oil works great on its own, as well as with other ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS and INGREDIENTS. Enjoy the benefits of Jojoba Oil all over your body with the 100% ALL-NATURAL and CHEMICAL-FREE INGREDIENTS in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY MOISTURIZER PACKAGE! (11)


Jojoba Oil also performs another function we haven’t talked about yet: it helps clean your body! Not only that, but Jojoba Oil kills the fungi and bacteria that can cause you some serious bodily harm, including providing great defense against candida and E.coli.

Now's a good time to note that as we enter something of a skincare revolution with more people inclined to GO ALL-NATURAL, not all products out there claiming to be natural really are, or are beneficial to your skin. Jojoba Oil, though, is derived from ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS and helps your skin while lessening the amount of irritation there - when found in the right ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS, of course. (12)

Another great thing about Jojoba Oil is that oil naturally has an easier time getting rid of the unwanted oil already coating your skin. This means Jojoba Oil can bind to what’s on the surface of your skin, then dissolve it easily. This helps eliminate unwanted steps in your skincare routine, streamlining your process and making RADIANT SKIN easier to achieve. (13) (14)



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Want The Moisturizing & Anti-Aging Benefits Of Jojoba Oil?















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