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Your Barbeque Beauty Care Checklist!


It’s just about summertime, which means one thing – it’s time to fire up the grill, invite family and friends, and enjoy some great food, music, and weather. Yup, it's that time of year - barbeque season! Now we all know some of the awesome things there is to enjoy during a summer barbeque, but there are also a few things you should PREPARE for as our favorite communal activity returns.

In fact, in a survey taken of people over the age of 18, the number one activity most people enjoy during the summer is barbequing, with more than half of people saying barbequing is a most-liked summer activity. We can all agree on that, but there ARE some things you should keep an eye on before you light up that grill. (1) (2)

Thankfully, new guidelines and ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS are available to help you go from barbeque nightmare to barbeque sensation in your quest for the BEST SUMMER EVER!

In this blog we talk about how to prepare for your summer barbeque, and how you can STAY BUG-FREE and enjoy RADIANT SKIN all summer long!






Enjoy BUG-FREE BARBEQUES this summer! 




One of the key attributes of an outdoor barbeque is that it is, of course, outdoors. This seems great when the temperature is comfortable and everyone is moving around, having a great time, but not great when you consider this: those in the pest industry consider now the official beginning of infestation season.

And these bugs are nothing to shrug at. In fact, summertime insects can plague you long after you’ve went inside, leaving your skin itchy, bumpy, and with rashes that can plague you for days. And this is a serious problem. I mean, you don’t want to get bit while taking a bite out of your favorite barbeque food! (3)

All kidding aside, bugs can cause worse problems than just a few bumps. Some bugs, like mosquitoes, can transmit West Nile virus, while ticks can leave sufferers with Lyme disease, which is not a small deal. Lyme disease can leave you with long-term health problems, like neurological issues, fatigue, and muscle pain. (4)


QUICK TIP: Many bugs cause allergic reactions, leaving sufferers with severe complications – some of which can be life-threatening. Keep bugs away from you during summer barbeques with GARNER’S GARDEN ALL-NATURAL DEET FREE BUG REPELLENT PACKAGE today! (5)


Thankfully, there ARE ways you can keep away mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs this summer. One way to do this is with ALL-NATURAL DEET FREE BUG SPRAY. Remember: it's essential you're careful of DEET, a common ingredient found in many over-the-counter bug sprays, which can irritate and harm your skin. (6)


Want to be the only one taking a bite during your summer barbeque? Keep away dangerous insects today with the ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS in GARNER'S GARDEN ALL-NATURAL DEET FREE BUG REPELLENT PACKAGE!


You also need to be careful if you have sensitive skin. This is why the ingredients in your bug spray are super important, so it's best to put your mind at ease and GO ALL-NATURAL with the ESSENTIAL OILS in GARNER’S GARDEN ALL-NATURAL DEET FREE BUG REPELLENT PACKAGE! (6)

It’s also important you use bug spray during your summer barbeques because bugs usually linger at dusk – around the time you’re firing up the grill. This is what’s called peak bug hours. And when people gather, they may also be wearing over-the-counter fragrances. Unfortunately, these draw bugs as well, potentially making your barbeque a not-so-friendly social gathering. (7)



Keep the fun barbeques cooking all summer long when using Garner's Garden All-Natural DEET Free Bug Repellent Package, a bundle of ALL-NATURAL and DEET FREE products offering protection from dangerous mosquitos and bugs! 



Includes Our All-Natural:





And don't forget your kids! Help your kids enjoy bite-free barbeques with Garner's Garden All-Natural DEET Free Bug Spray For Kids, the easy way to nourish skin with aloe vera, Vitamin E oil, and essential oils, while repelling dangerous bugs and insects!


Monitor children under six years of age. Do not swallow. Discontinue use and seek medical attention if irritation or rash develops.



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With longer days and less nighttime, you may also experience more exposure to the sun when barbequing. Unfortunately, this can lead to the aging of your skin – also called photoaging. As opposed to chronological aging, which is your typical skin aging, photoaging is due to radiation from the sun.

In addition to aging your skin, which you definitely don’t want when simply grabbing a bite with some friends, it can also lead to severe health problems, like skin cancer. The aging of your skin as a result of the sun is usually most seen on your neck, face, legs, arms, upper chest, and the back of your hands. (8)


Think you need to sacrifice hydration for skin protection during your summer barbeque? Think again. Moisturize your skin the ALL-NATURAL WAY while protecting your skin with the protective raspberry seed oil in GARNER'S GARDEN ALL-NATURAL 4D HYALURONIC ACID FACIAL SERUM!


And if you think your skin isn’t affected by the sun, think again. The sun can be causing problems you don’t initially see, including wrinkling around your lips, as well as changes to the actual texture of your skin. This can be a serious problem when the hottest days happen to fall on the day of your barbeque. (9)


QUICK TIP: Barbeques aren’t just invitations for great food. They’re also invitations for potential precancerous skin growths. Protect your skin and preserve your skin health with the protective ingredients in GARNER’S GARDEN ALL-NATURAL 4D HYALURONIC ACID FACIAL SERUM! (10)


Now would be a good time to talk about what SPF actually is. SPF is a measurement of how much UV radiation, or energy from the sun, it takes to burn your skin, versus those not protected. There are many myths around what SPF is, including that the number reflects how long you can stay outside without getting burned, so it's best know to know the truth so you can better preserve your skin health during outdoor barbeques.

It’s also important that you know sun damage is related to where you are under the sun. As a matter of fact, sun damage can be worse when in lower latitudes. It’s also worth knowing that you’re most likely going to barbeque on a nice, clear day - which also happens to be when sun damage is at its worst, rather than cloudy days, which can lessen solar intensity. (11)

When protecting your skin, it’s important to know when to apply your ALL-NATURAL SPF PRODUCTS. First, it’s always good to reapply them, but also to do your best to apply before putting on your makeup. And don’t forget your neck, which can be a vulnerable part of your skin when going out during barbeques. (12)



Enjoy radiant and youthful skin when barbequing this summer with Garner's Garden All-Natural 4D Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum, the easy way to boost your skin with max hydration, while reducing visible signs of aging!



Also enjoy sun protection when barbequing this summer with Garner's Garden All-Natural Normalizing Face Oil, the easy way to give your skin natural moisture, while regulating unhealthy oils lingering on the surface of your skin!



Check Our Our All-Natural Varieties:





Enjoy BUG-FREE BARBEQUES this summer! 



















*Disclaimer: Contact a doctor/health care professional if you have any questions about you or your child's health. Don't ignore medical guidance or delay getting help because of content on this site. The content on this site is not meant to replace or as a substitute for any advice, treatment, or diagnosis from a medical health professional. The content on this site is not medical advice or guidance. Speak to a health care professional before beginning any kind of medical/skincare/oral care routine. We are not fully guaranteeing prevention or remedying of any infections, skin problems, or diseases with the content on this site or with our products. Speak to a health care professional when mixing skincare products. Speak to a health care professional before essential oil use.









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