Armpit Detox Package


Like your skin and your face, your armpits also need TLC and attention. Without proper care, they could become sources of unpleasant odors and sweating. With that in mind, we carefully handpicked products that we know will help you stay fresh all day long! Our Armpit Detox Package!

✅ Magnesium Deodorant - Acts as a barrier that protects your skin without blocking your sweat glands. It also prevents contact with the bacteria that travels with your sweat.

✅ Mineral Scrub - Exfoliating at least three times a month to buff away dry skin and dead cells resulting in fresh, young, soft, and clean skin.

✅ DIY Detox Face Mask - This will help draw out bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt, and dust from your armpits.

Get that 24-hour protection and more with our Armpit Detox Package!


Package Includes:
1 x MG Deodorant
1 x 3.2oz DIY Mask
1 x 2oz Mineral Exfoliating Scrub