4 Reasons To Use Kaolin Clay Today!

The Right Way To Clay!


Between makeup, irritants, and your own natural buildup of bacteria and oil, it's more important than ever that you do something special to keep your skin glowing and radiant.

For centuries, people have been doing this with something completely natural and simple...




Kaolin clay has a ton of benefits for your skin and hair, and is an essential part of your skincare regimen as we enter the cold and dry months of winter. (1)

In this blog we talk about what kaolin clay is, and four reasons you need to start using it today!




It's impossible to talk about the history of kaolin clay without talking about China. In fact, kaolin's name derives from Gaoling, a southeastern village in China, near the province of Jianxi. (2)

Part of what makes kaolin so powerful is because of kaolinite - natural silicates that are powered to boost your skin with the detoxifying strength you need. (3)

And though kaolin clay is completely natural, it's also one of the most incredibly versatile ingredients out there. It works great with other clays, and also as part of a larger skincare regimen. (4)


FUN FACT: Sensitive skin? No problem. 100% ALL-NATURAL KAOLIN CLAY is gentle on sensitive skin, which is even more important in winter! (5)


There are many benefits of kaolin clay, but perhaps the most defining property of kaolin is its ability to draw out toxins and remedy your skin. (6)

In doing this, kaolin can be solid or powder, and usually contains other all-natural minerals such as muscovite and anatase that help make kaolin the miracle ingredient that it is. (7)



Kaolin is also one of the simplest clays out there in terms of its chemical structure, which is what enables it to be so transformative and reactive (in a good way!) for your skin. (3)


Now that we know what kaolin clay is, let's talk about four ways it will boost your skin today!





One of the most distinctive properties of all clays is its ability to draw oil out of your skin. And kaolin clay is no different. (8)

Kaolin clay absorbs excess oil you don't want, while keeping your natural oil intact. It does this by managing your sebum level, preventing the buildup of acne-causing bacteria. (9)

And if you have naturally oil skin, kaolin is great for you too. This is because kaolin manages oily skin, keeping you smooth and blemishless for days on end. (10)


FUN FACT: Kaolin is one of the most common clays on the planet, but they're not all made the same. Go ALL-NATURAL, and skip the chemicals and artificial ingredients found in over-the-counter clays! (11)


There's a reason oil causes pimples and acne breakouts. This is because of your oil gland, or your sebaceous gland. (12)

Kaolin targets the overproduction of these sebaceous glands, so you still receive the hydration they provide, but without all the negative acne-causing side effects. (10) (13)

And to double down on its oil-controlling properties, kaolin minimizes the appearance of pores, helping to reduce bacteria buildup that causes inflammation and breakouts. (14)




Another awesome benefit of using kaolin clay is that it will make your skin smoother. And not just a little.

Kaolin clay has a calming effect on irritated and inflamed skin, enabling your body to feel supple from its own natural oil. (15)

Even though it's a fine clay, kaolin has a naturally perfect abrasive structure. This structure is soft on skin, but tough on unevenness, making for skin that's smooth and perfectly YOU. (16)


FUN FACT: In addition to controlling shine and evening skin, kaolin mattifies, so once you use 100% ALL-NATURAL KAOLIN CLAY, you can be sure your look is clear and natural! (14)


Another way kaolin evens our your skin is because of its neutral pH. This makes your skin softer and less prone to inflammation and irritation. (17)

The ability to keep the pH level of your skin is also essential in managing the microbiomes on your face and body.

Managing your pH and oil with kaolin will prevent the duplication of bacteria, while also promoting your healthy cells to grow. (18)

Your acid mantle - a protective layer on your face tasked with managing what goes in and out of your pores - is also aided by kaolin. This partnership helps create healthy cellular turnover as part of a healthy pH balance on your skin. (19)




Kaolin clay contains many amazing properties that directly help your skin. But one indirect way it does this is by boosting your circulation. (16)

This boost in circulation is incredibly important, helping to prevent accelerated skin aging and sagging, while also evening out skin and texture. (20)

The reason clays are so effective at boosting your circulation is because of the ions they're charged with. These amazing properties enable them to attract the particles you don't want, while providing a rush of blood to where you do! (21)


FUN FACT: Healthy blood flow is essential for maintaining a resistance to infection. Choose safety this winter with 100% ALL-NATURAL KAOLIN CLAY, and be healthy all season long! (22)


Another benefit of kaolin's ability to boost blood circulation is that it promotes cellular regeneration and healing. (23)

By stimulating your blood cells, you'll receive a calming sensation that lessens pain and suffering as a result of eczema and other forms of dermatitis common in winter. (24)

And considering clays have been used in naturopathic therapy for years to leverage magnetism and promote holistic healing, now's the time to choose kaolin for your skin and hair! (25)




Not all clays are effective for your entire body, including your scalp. Kaolin is.

In fact, all of the benefits of kaolin clay for the body are also effective on top of your head, helping to detoxify your scalp and hair. (26)

Kaolin stimulates hair growth, which is especially important considering your scalp has the highest blood circulation of any area of your body. (27)


FUN FACT: Need a quick fix for dirty hair? 100% ALL-NATURAL KAOLIN CLAY also works as an effective dry shampoo to get your style locked just right! (28)


In addition to removing toxins and excess shampoo from last night's wash, kaolin also functions as a great cleanser. (29)

And if you have problems on top of your head, kaolin is right for you too. That's because kaolin works to control yeast growth and the symptoms of dandruff, providing a clean scalp and healthy hair. (26)

And for those with dry hair, kaolin is a great choice also. This is because kaolin - otherwise known as the gentlest of all clays - supports dry hair. (30)


Only not all Kaolin clays are the same. For the greatest benefits and best results, GO ALL-NATURAL with Garner’s Garden 100% All-Natural Kaolin Clay!


Our 100% All-Natural Kaolin Clay eliminates excess oil, while boosting your skin with the essential nutrients you need! Great for all skin types and the whole body!


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