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4 Ways Body Wash Moisturizes Your Skin!

Wash AND Hydrate Your Skin Today!


This summer has been a scorcher, which means more sweat and more humidity. But it also means drier skin as a result of increased sunlight and artificial air conditioning. (1)

Now here's some good news: there is a way for you to not only give yourself a satisfying wash, but also a moisturizing one.

In fact, there's one ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH that can not only clean all that unwanted sweat off your skin, but also provide you the moisture you need to tackle all your outdoor (and cool indoor) activities.

In this blog we talk about four ways ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH moisturizes your skin!





Want a cleaner, more refreshing wash?

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When you think of body wash, you probably think of a gentle cleanser that will leave your skin feeling smooth and clean, and the rest of your body feeling refreshed. But here's what many people don't know: body wash is also a great moisturizer.

As a matter of fact, body washes are formulated in such a way that they are far more gentle and hydrating than other soaps, granting body washes the unique ability (assuming they're ALL-NATURAL) to literally clog up the microscopic cracks in your skin and make your skin appear fuller and smoother. (2)

Sealing in these cracks is a great way to keep your skin moisturized and full, and also to seal in your moisture and coat your skin with hydrating ALL-NATURAL ingredients. (3)


QUICK TIP: A great wash is essential for cleaning off dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells, as well as for preventing body odor. Give yourself the best and most moisturizing wash of your life with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH, and enjoy the freshness all summer long! (4)


Another reason body wash is so moisturizing is by looking at its ingredients. GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH, for example, contains water as one of its top ingredients, and this is a major hydrating boost for your skin.

That's because your body is 60% water, so including water in your skincare not only offers the other essential oils in ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH to be more readily absorbed and extracted, but also works wonders as a base to provide your skin much-needed moisture. (5)


Water is essential for boosting your skin with moisture, especially during the dry summer months!


And to put it simply, water replenishes the moisture in your skin. In doing so, it smooths the ingredients and texture of the awesome ingredients found in your ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH! (6)


For an effective wash that will please your senses, clean your body, and moisturize your skin, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Body Wash and the following five refreshing and hydrating varieties:


  1. Citrus Mint

  2. Lavender & Bergamot

  3. Lemongrass

  4. Unscented

  5. Original


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      When looking at how body wash moisturizes your skin, you need to look at the list of ingredients. Now this can be a scary notion when dealing with over-the-counter body washes, but an exciting one when looking at ALL-NATURAL ones.

      For example, GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH contains essential oils like LAVENDER that will not only please your senses, but also provide your skin with the radiance and moisture you want. (7)


      Lavender in ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH boosts your skin's moisture!


      Essential oils like LEMONGRASS and TEA TREE are also effective at managing acne and oily skin, as they have the uncanny ability to wipe away bacteria and excess oil without drying your skin - key steps in retaining moisture. (8)


      QUICK TIP: Body washes strengthen your skin's protective barrier, providing a boost to your stratum corneum. Provide your skin the strength and protection it needs this summer by using GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH! (9)


      One of the lesser-known ways body wash moisturizes your skin is due to the way it works, and also the way it doesn't. For example, body washes don't excessively foam your skin, which leaves more of your own natural oils behind to moisturize your skin.

      Body wash also isn't handled from person to person, as many soaps are, which means less risk of a transfer of bacteria, and also less risk of irritation and infection from germs. (10)

      Body washes can also be combined with a scrub cloth or loofah, giving you the added cleansing boost that you simply don't get with other washes, helping to remove dirt and sweat without the drying of your skin from dangerous ingredients and chemicals. (11)


      For a refreshing cleanser and moisturizer with the exfoliating power of activated charcoal, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Body Wash and the following five varieties:


      1. Citrus Mint Charcoal

      2. Lavender & Bergamot Charcoal

      3. Lemongrass Charcoal

      4. Unscented

      5. Original



      Want a cleaner, more refreshing wash?

      Get 15% off TODAY on any of our 100% All-Natural Body Wash and 100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Body Wash!






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