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4 Ways Witch Hazel Helps Your Skin!

Cast Your Skincare Spell!


Although its name is spooky, witch hazel is a natural ingredient that can be found in many of the most effective, 100% ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS on the market today.

In fact, more than a million gallons of witch hazel are sold each and every year! (1)

And that's because it works. In fact, new studies are revealing that there is so much more to this amazing ingredient than we ever thought.

So let's dive into this magical blog, where we talk about what WITCH HAZEL is, and four ways it will help your skin today!




Witch hazel may sound like something that belongs in a cauldron, but there's nothing artificial about what it does for your skin.

Witch hazel is natural, and is actually a shrub that's native to the United States. And if you're curious as to whether its scientific name is witch hazel, unfortunately it's not. Its scientific name is actually Hamamelis virginiana. (2)

And the entire shrub is beneficial. Both the leaves AND bark of the witch hazel shrub are used in the production and synthesis of effective, ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS. (3)


FUN FACT: Witch hazel keeps growing in the fall and winter when most all other plants aren't. Sounds like magic to us! (4)


As far as how witch hazel got its particularly fun name, that can be traced back to Middle English and the word wicke and the Anglo-Saxon word wych. These words mean lively and bend, referencing witch hazel's power as an ALL-NATURAL TONER. (5)

And the skincare benefits of witch hazel are nothing new. In fact, Native Americans used witch hazel for hundreds of years, believing it to have special powers and abilities. (6)

And it hasn't stopped there. Today witch hazel is used in a variety of skincare products, and is one of the only medicinal ingredients the FDA has approved for non-prescription drugs! (1)


Now that we know what WITCH HAZEL is, let's talk about four ways it helps your skin!




Inflammation is one of the most common triggers for a variety of skin and health problems. One way to remedy this is with witch hazel.

Witch hazel is tailor made to fight inflammation, and that's because of its high composition of tannins and gallic acid. (7)

Witch hazel is also high in the inflammation-fighting flavonoids kaempferol and quercetin, two components known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

These anti-inflammatory properties are so strong that witch hazel is even included in many teas for inflammatory relief from respiratory discomfort. (8)


FUN FACT: Some believe witch hazel can be used to detect water underground. Use 100% ALL-NATURAL WITCH HAZEL, and feel the instant hydration today! (9)


The anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel don't just help your throat. They also work wonders for your skin.

The tannins in witch hazel relieve inflammation associated with eczema and psoriasis, not to mention general itchiness and discomfort from inflamed and puffy skin. (10)

And it's not just anti-inflammatory. Witch hazel is also an antiseptic, meaning that it can be used as an ALL-NATURAL CLEANSER, helping to remedy open wounds and clean excess dirt off your face. (11)


One way to enjoy the cleansing strength of witch hazel is with Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Intimate Washes:


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Witch hazel's anti-inflammatory and antiseptic power also makes it an effective remedy for acne. And that's because of its high composition of tannins.

Witch hazel doesn't just fix blemishes. It actually works to soak up excess oil, preventing pimples from forming and stopping full-on breakouts from ever taking shape. (12)

It does this by not letting your pores get clogged in the first place. Your body's overproduction of sebum (your natural oil) is easily offset by witch hazel, along with bacteria that can lead to breakouts and infection. (13)


FUN FACT: The anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel also reduce puffiness under your eyes. Use 100% ALL-NATURAL TONER and enjoy smoother skin today! (14)


In addition to drying the oil clogging your pores, witch hazel also controls your pores, working to refine them and restore them to a healthy size. (15)

This is because tannins make witch hazel an astringent, allowing it to reduce the appearance of large, greasy pores, instead shrinking them and minimizing their scale. (16)

This especially makes witch hazel important for people with oily skin, which can worsen in the winter months as our bodies try to compensate for the cold and indoor heating. (17) (18)


For the best acne-prevention care, check out Garner's Garden Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Antibacterial Facial Cleanser, which uses witch hazel to clear pimples and rinse away the bacteria that can lead to breakouts!


Also check out our 100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser, which tightens pores, draws out toxins, and prevents future breakouts!




In addition to helping to balance the oil already on your skin, witch hazel also acts as an incredibly efficient exfoliator.

The reason witch hazel effectively exfoliates your skin is because it contains salicylic acid, which removes oil from your skin, along with dead skin cells, pollutants, and bacteria. (19)

It does this by hydrating your skin to the point where it becomes difficult for your skin cells to stick together, thus enabling these cells to be more easily cleansed. (20)


FUN FACT: Having trouble removing your makeup? 100% ALL-NATURAL WITCH HAZEL is great at removing makeup, sweat, and pollutants, giving your face the clean canvas you want for your next application! (21)


Another reason why witch hazel is so great at exfoliating is because it's chalk full of antioxidants, which makes it effective at dealing with bacteria buildup on your skin.

The tannins (which make up anywhere from 8-12% of witch hazel) in witch hazel create an invisible layer on your skin that naturally holds back grease, while keeping in your natural beauty. (22)

And using witch hazel as a TONER goes hand in hand with its use in exfoliating, enabling witch hazel to be a dual threat in your skincare routine, while also managing oil on oily and combination skin. (23)


For the best ALL-NATURAL TONER containing the magical benefits of WITCH HAZEL, look no further than Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Pure Facial Toner, which reduces wrinkles, moisturizes your skin, and builds your collagen, making you look younger today!


Also check out our EXTRA STRENGTH variety, which uses essential oils to help relieve acne and get rid of excess dirt and oil!




Although there are many awesome compounds in witch hazel that make it the magical skincare ingredient it is, perhaps the most important ones are the ones that fight skin aging.

Witch hazel contains high amounts of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that fight free radical damage - the stress on your skin that causes premature aging and skin problems. (24)

And considering free radicals are everywhere, witch hazel may just be the secret ingredient to keep you looking young and fending off extrinsic skin damage. (25)


FUN FACT: Have stretch marks? 100% ALL-NATURAL WITCH HAZEL reduces the appearance of stretch marks! (26)


A major reason why witch hazel prevents aging is because it reduces the likelihood of the body to produce elastase - a protein known to deteriorate the skin's natural barrier. (27)

Not only does witch hazel stop elastase from breaking down your skin, but it also stops collagenase - another skin-breaker that causes photoaging and UV damage to worsen. (23)

And the cooling sensation of witch hazel is something you can feel right away, which means your tissues contract, and less free radicals can breach your skin and cause damage! (28)



For the ultimate anti-aging care, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, which evens out your skin, shrinks your pores, and helps relieve acne!


Also check out our 100% All-Natural Eczema Relief Spray, which uses witch hazel to restore your acidity level and fight bacterial infection!










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