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Benefits Of Activated Charcoal On Summer Skin!



There are many products claiming to bring you one step closer to dreamy and summer-ready skin. But what about now, when you’re already smack-dab in the middle of summer and looking to PROTECT your skin and RESTORE your summery glow?

Well, it’s not easy to find out what exactly can get rid of all that dirt and grime that can unfortunately become a real problem in summer. There is one ingredient out there, though, that does promise to naturally remove dirt, while also restoring your NATURAL GLOW. What is this ingredient ...? (1)




But considering activated charcoal is so popular today, it can be difficult to know which activated charcoal on the market is best. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as GARNER’S GARDEN uses only the most ALL-NATURAL ACTIVATED CHARCOAL in its ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS, providing you with glowing skin you can trust all summer long!

In this blog we talk about the benefits of using activated charcoal on summer skin, and how you can achieve HEALTHY and RADIANT SKIN right now!






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Activated charcoal goes by many names – awesome skincare ingredient, summer skincare hero, and also ... activated carbon. The reason this is important is because, just like in summer, it relies upon heat to be effective.

The activated charcoal we all know and love actually starts out as a just a simple piece of carbon simmered with oxygen, facilitating its ability to adsorb. That’s right – adsorb, which is another way of saying that activated charcoal detoxifies and purifies – exactly what you want for your summer skin. (2)

The best way to think of activated charcoal is by thinking of it as a magnet. So basically, when all those summer germs, irritants, and pollutants hit your skin, the magnet you use – also known as activated charcoal – flies in, attracting those nasty germs, leaving you with FRESH and CLEAN SKIN. (3)


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There are many reasons why activated charcoal is effective in the summer. One of the biggest reasons is because it fights dullness. This can be a common problem in the summer, when the sun can drain you of not only your energy, but the life of your skin as well.


Summer skin can be oily, sweaty, and covered with dirt and grime. Remove all those nasty impurities from your skin today with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACIAL CLEANSER!


What activated charcoal does is it cleans your skin by eliminating excess residue that can build on your summer skin when you step outside. It also helps diminish the drain on your skin that dead skin cells can cause by driving them out and enabling BRIGHT and RADIANT CELLS to take their place. (5)

The awesome ability for activated charcoal to drive out toxins also makes it effective for those with oily skin. And considering we all spend more time sweating and outside in the summer, using activated charcoal to remove extra sweat and oil can be a great way to restore your positive glow when out in the sunshine. (6)


To prevent summer breakouts and the effects of summer-aged skin, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser, a gentle but effective way to detoxify and cleanse your skin every day!



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Another reason activated charcoal should be used in summer is because of its ability to fight breakouts and the buildup of acne. As mentioned previously, oil can build up quickly on your skin, leading to summer breakouts. What activated charcoal does is it effectively removes impurities, stopping breakouts before they can start.

As an additional benefit, activated charcoal is antibacterial, enabling it to decrease the obviousness of acne. As a result, you simply won’t need to worry about acne because there won’t be an opportunity for acne to become inflamed. (7)


Long days in the sun require exfoliation and detoxification! Enjoy clean and radiant skin all summer long with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ACTIVATED CHARCOAL ORGANIC BODY WASH!


One of the ways activated charcoal prevents acne from building up on your skin is by unclogging your pores. With smaller pores, you’re less likely to have pores stuffed up with impurities and bacteria, enabling you a greater opportunity for pimple-free skin and less breakouts. (8)


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As with all summer skincare products, it comes down to what’s inside them. But what many people don’t realize is that ingredients can contain ingredients too! And what’s inside activated charcoal is precisely what makes it such an awesome summer skincare ingredient.

Not only does activated charcoal contain potassium – an effective ingredient on skin suffering from dehydration – but it also contains calcium – a natural oil controller. And as an added bonus, it also contains magnesium, which calms irritation, a common skin problem people suffer from during summer. (10)

And perhaps the best reason activated charcoal should be used on your skin is because it’s gentle. During the summer, your skin encounters heat, air conditioning, irritants, sweat, dirt, and many other variables, making it difficult to know whether your skin needs one ingredient or another. Thankfully, though, you can rest assured that activated charcoal is great on sensitive skin, and exactly what your skin needs this summer!* (11)


To remove dead skin cells that can quickly build in the stifling humidity and hot summer sun, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Organic Body Wash, a cleanser that uses therapeutic-grade essential oils to effectively and naturally clean your skin!


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* Always use on a small area of skin before use, especially if you have sensitive skin or can develop a reaction.


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