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BREAKING NEWS: The Danger Of Public Restrooms!

Your Intimate Health ... Your Life!


Spring is the time when everyone starts going out again, going back to all those places you’ve been waiting all year to return to. But with a return to all these public places is also a return to public restrooms. And unfortunately, the truth behind these germ hubs is worse than you think.

Everyone knows public restrooms are gross, but not everyone knows they can be dangerous too. In fact, aside from the obvious dangers of public toilets, there are other dangers as well, such as the fact that restrooms can be badly ventilated and prone to releasing dangers into the air, especially when flushing. (1)

But that’s not all. Your INTIMATE HEALTH is at risk when you use public restrooms, which is why it’s more important than ever you take the time to put your INTIMATE HEALTH first and PROTECT your entire body when you go out this spring!

In this blog we talk about the dangers of public restrooms to your intimate area, and how you can enjoy a CLEAN and HEALTHY INTIMATE AREA today!






Public toilets are dirty, and everyone knows it. But what many people don’t know is just how dirty they can be. In fact, the entire zone of the stall can be infested with bacteria to the tune of up to a thousand bacteria per squared centimeter, possibly even more depending on how often it's cleaned.

Although this sounds like a lot of germs, it’s even more considering your skin is basically already infested with bacteria and doesn’t need any more help getting dirty. For example, your skin can have many hundreds of thousands of bacteria on your for every centimeter square, making it already a potentially dangerous home for new bacteria you may be exposed to. (2)

When you undress in public restrooms, you can be exposing yourself to debilitating viruses and bacteria, including staphylococcus, hepatitis, and E.coli, not to mention the organisms crawling from other people’s intimate areas that can cause you potentially debilitating health problems. (3)


WARNING: Not only are there many bacteria and viruses capable of being transmitted during your standard trip to the bathroom, but COVID can too! Protect your body when you go to the restroom with GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL INTIMATE WASH PACKAGE today! (4)


The idea that public toilet dangers to your intimate health are simply a myth are not true. In fact, salmonella is commonly found in dorm rooms, and novovirus is commonly found in work environments and leisure ship toilets. The toilet bowl itself is a magnet for viruses and bacteria, and can lead to unwanted health problems down the line.


Public restrooms expose you to potentially dangerous levels of bacteria, posing a serious risk to your intimate health. Keep your intimate area in balance when you go out this spring with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL INTIMATE WASH PACKAGE!


In fact, every single public toilet poses a risk to your intimate health, as a bowl is obviously close to the waste people excrete, which can carry dangerous viruses and bacteria. And trust us - pathogens are not choosy about where they stick, and can cause you to suffer for having to do your business. (5)

You can also be at risk of having a dirty intimate area before ever flushing, as touching surfaces in the restroom like faucets and doors can already leave you dirty, which can then transfer to your intimate area when you're simply just trying to take care of your business. (6)



Enjoy worry-free trips to the restroom this spring by using the CHEMICAL-FREE & ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS found in Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Intimate Wash Package, which will balance your intimate area and leave you feeling clean and refreshed all spring long!


Package Includes:





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Restrooms are so dangerous that there are certain PRECAUTIONS you absolutely need to take when preparing to enter them. They’re so dirty that it’s recommended you use gloves when attempting to clean bathrooms, and restroom cleaners should keep in mind EPA rules when being used in a stall.

Some of the areas posing the most danger – also called high touch spots – actually need to be cleaned twice because of the buildup of viruses and bacteria upon them. Touching these spots can lead to a greater likelihood of transmission. (7)


Soap and water may not always be enough to clean your intimate area. Be sure you're efficiently cleaning your intimate area all spring long with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL INTIMATE WASH PACKAGE!


To help limit the potential for transfer of viruses and bacteria, you should first analyze the seat. Though almost all toilets will pose a risk to you, you need to visually analyze the seat you're about to sit on. Discolored or damp surfaces on the toilet seat can mean feces, urine, and the potential for blood on the surface. (8)


WARNING: Germs in bathrooms spread easily and quickly, especially gut bacteria. Protect your intimate area from dangerous viruses and bacteria all spring long with GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL INTIMATE WASH PACKAGE! (9)


Gut bacteria is so common in public restrooms that it can be found almost anywhere inside them, most notably on toilet seats and handles - places you’ll probably touch before and after handling your intimate area.

The gut bacteria your intimate area is exposed to can be especially dangerous for those with pre-existing conditions, like a weak immune system or those with open wounds. Bacteria can linger even longer on surfaces, with bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus able to live longer than you may think. (10)

The simple act of flushing with your intimate area over a toilet seat – even up to five feet – can pose health risks to you. Dangerous microbes are released in a similar manner to how aerosols work, leaving your intimate area at a potential danger for simply just having to use the restroom. (11)


Men need to take care of their intimate health too! Feel safe in stalls and urinals this spring with the CHEMICAL-FREE & ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS found in Garner's Garden's All-Natural Men's Intimate Wash Package, which prevents the buildup of anaerobic bacteria and eliminates fungal infections!


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