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BREAKING NEWS: The Quick Trick To Better Sleep!

Cleaner Sheets = Better Sleep!


Though sleep should be a simple and natural part of life, in recent years it's become a controversial subject, with many people turning to over-the-counter supplements and unusual routines designed to help them catch the extra few z’s they need. But what if I told you there’s an easy way you can not only SLEEP BETTER, but enjoy HEALTHIER SKIN too?

Well, the secret lies with your sheets. In fact, your sheets can be the determining factor in whether you enjoy a GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP or if your sleep is uncomfortable, causing you to wake up many times throughout the night (and feel terrible in the morning). (1)

Well, you don’t need crazy expensive sheets offering empty promises of better sleep anymore. In fact, you can enjoy HIGH-QUALITY SLEEP with a simple spray of an ALL-NATURAL SLEEP MIST, which can not only KILL BACTERIA, but CALM you down and DE-STRESSIFY you too!

In this blog we talk about the ways your sheets affect your sleep, and how you can wake up feeling RESTED and RELAXED today!






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Your sleep is important. Though this is something you probably already know, you might not exactly know why. Well, sleep is part of what are considered the main pillars to your health, the other two being physical exercise and nutrition. Now what if I told you that all three of these pillars are connected?

Well, it’s true, as neglecting your sleep can lead to a deterioration of your overall bodily health. Conversely, a good amount of sleep – healthy sleep – can help your immune system fend off disease, while also improving the health of your heart and mind – and also boost your capability to learn and remember. (2)

Though many people think it’s the amount of sleep that matters, the truth is that it’s also the quality of your sleep that plays a role in your health. Good sleep improves your entire bodily health, making it important you get HIGH-QUALITY SLEEP each and every day. (3)


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Knowing the importance of your sheets is simply not enough. This is because people often chalk up the relationship between their sheets and general sleep health to personal preference, which is is a cop-out, as you shouldn’t need to know if silk is good for you to get a good night’s sleep. In fact, there seems to be a consensus that there's no one kind of sheet to guarantee better sleep for everyone. (5)


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Though some people enjoy light sheets that can wick away moisture, others prefer sheets that are hot and enclose heat. Being a cool or warm sleeper may be personal, but there ARE ways you can enjoy a BETTER NIGHT'S SLEEP no matter what kind of sleeper you are. (5)

Now here’s the thing some over-the-counter sheet manufacturers don’t want you to know – many thread counts exceeding four hundred are synthetic. So how are you supposed to get a better night’s sleep with material that isn’t even material, but rather a couple of different materials thrown together? (6)



Take your sheets and sleep into your own hands!


Enjoy the best sleep of your life tonight by spraying your pillowcases and sheets with Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Lavender Sleep Mist, the convenient way to enjoy a better night's sleep, whether at home or on the go!



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To get a better sense of why your sheets are important, consider this: you’re losing around five hundred million cells of skin each day. Many of these skin cells wind up in your sheets. Not to scare you, but dust mites feed on this skin, potentially leaving droppings on your sheets that can cause you significant health problems.

Even if you’re not allergic to these droppings or dust mites, you can find saliva, skin cells, and sweat allowing bacteria to fester on your sheets - bacteria that can be dangerous, gross, and disruptive to your sleep and general health. (7)


Are sleepless nights affecting your mood the next day? Enjoy better sleep and happier mornings with the ALL-NATURAL LAVENDER in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL SLEEP MIST!


Not only are skin cells being transferred from your body to your sheets while you sleep, oil and dirt are too. This can lead to breakouts that can harm your skin and self-image, making it important you REFRESH your sheets, and do it consistently. (8) (9)


QUICK TIP: Dirt and bacteria easily transfer to your sheets, and so can dust in the air and from vents. Fight the bacteria that can grow on your sheets with the antibacterial strength of GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL LAVENDER SLEEP MIST! (10)


Dirty bed sheets can also disrupt the SKINCARE ROUTINE you've chosen to help you achieve SMOOTHER SKIN. This is because the minute your dirty sheets and pillowcases touch you, you begin to suffer from today’s dirt, yesterday’s dirt, and each day’s dirt you've transferred since you’ve washed them.

Also consider the amount of time you’re surrounded by your sheets. You can be in them upwards of nine or ten hours a night, upon which it’s very unlikely you’re just lying there. In fact, many people move around in bed, causing friction and for their pores to be susceptible to all that bad stuff polluting their sheets. (11)

In addition to the health of your sheets, it’s also important you pay attention to the room you sleep in. The ambience of your room can play a significant role in your sleep, making it important you care for your mental health to achieve good night's sleep. (12)



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*IMPORTANT: this product MUST BE USED within 4-6 months after purchase. If not, the Oxygen atoms will start to breakdown the lavender essential oil and it will smell rancid. Do NOT store for long periods of times that is longer than the recommend storage length. 

**WARNING: Spot test a small area of fabric prior to use to avoid staining. If skin irritation occurs, stop use immediately and seek medical help




Want to feel relaxed all day and sleep great at night? Click HERE and check out all of GARNER'S GARDEN'S PRODUCTS containing ALL-NATURAL LAVENDER today!









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