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BREAKING NEWS: Why You Should NEVER Scratch Eczema!

Ditch The Itch Today!


It’s spring, meaning 'tis the season for fluctuating temperatures, allergies, and, unfortunately, eczema. And as anyone who has ever had eczema this time of year knows, it's often followed by many symptoms that are both debilitating in the short-term and the long-term.

One of the terrible symptoms of eczema you're probably familiar with is itchiness. The itchiness that goes along with eczema can be extremely irritating – literally and figuratively – and can totally disrupt your life. Itchiness can be so disrupting that people often try all kinds of at-home remedies and over-the-counter products promising instant results, when, in reality, these non-solutions are not targeting your real problem. (1)

Well, new research is out on the dangerous effects of scratching eczema-plagued skin, as is a NEW WAY to NATURALLY REMEDY your eczema, while RELIEVING those problems that can come from constant scratching.

In this blog we talk about the dangers of scratching eczema-riddled skin, and how you can enjoy SMOOTHER and HEALTHIER skin today!




Want to stop scratching that irritating itch?



There’s a reason people call eczema an itch with rashes. This is because eczema carries with it one symptom that basically anyone with eczema has to deal with – scratching. Unfortunately, scratching releases what are called mediators – things that only cause further dry skin and worsening eczema.

And though it seems obvious to just say stop scratching, it isn’t always that easy. This is because it isn’t really known why eczema causes people to itch, which is why it’s so difficult to alleviate this terrible symptom. There are some known causes, though, including a diminished outer layer of skin, nerve problems, and even your general tendency to scratch. (2)

The scratching of eczema involves many different parts of your skin and body, including your nervous system and immune system. Your skin also plays a role in this irritating cycle, as skin inflammation can lead to further scratching that only makes your skin problems – and your eczema – worse. (3)


QUICK TIP: The itchiness of eczema can lead to patchy skin and bleeding. Manage your eczema – and alleviate your eczema symptoms today – with the soothing all-natural ingredients in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ADULT ECZEMA PACKAGE today! (4)


Eczema is bad, but the itchiness of eczema can be even worse. This is because the scratching symptom of eczema can actually hinder your daily life, making even the most common of tasks suddenly difficult. What follows are both physically and mentally draining side effects.


Rough skin can make your life rough too! Boost your skin health - and your mood - with the powerful all-natural ingredients in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ADULT ECZEMA PACKAGE today!


One of the little-known side effects of eczema and its associated itchiness is the inability to sleep. And what’s even worse is that once you do finally fall asleep, you can experience broken sleep, which we all know can sometimes be just as irritating as the itchiness that causes it. (5) (6)

Believe it or not, your itch actually has a scientific name – pruritis – and goes along with eczema because of the skin condition’s tendency to cause the barrier of your skin to lose moisture and go dry. An often-overlooked byproduct of damaged skin is increased skin sensitivity, which can make other symptoms and skin problems associated with eczema more dangerous. (7)


Fight the itch - and all those terrible symptoms of eczema - with Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Adult Eczema Package, a collection of soothing all-natural skincare products that can balance your skin's natural acidity and boost you with essential minerals and oils!






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An itch sounds mild, but it’s not. Other things that aren’t mild are those over-the-counter skincare products promising smoother skin and claiming to target eczema and itchiness at its source. Many of these products ignore the fact that there are ALL-NATURAL WAYS to REMEDY eczema, some of which you probably can do right now!

One underestimated way to alleviate eczema is by choosing ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS that go to work upon your skin’s natural barrier. It's important to GO ALL-NATURAL because expensive over-the-counter skincare products can contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, and dangerous ingredients they say will help, but are really just dangerous ways to give you false hope. (8)


Your scalp is prone to eczema too! Soothe the sensitive skin on your head with the moisturizing shea butter found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WHIPPED SHEA HAIR BUTTER today!


When looking at why your eczema is triggering your unwanted itch, you need to look at something already inside your body – filagrrin. Filagrrin helps to seal your skin’s outer barrier, and those with just one of these important genes may find it harder to remedy their skin – thus leading to worsening skin problems. (9)


QUICK TIP: The scaliness of scratched skin and eczema can have you covering yourself up and feeling embarrassed. Be proud of your beautiful skin today with the vitamin-rich all-natural ingredients in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ADULT ECZEMA PACKAGE! (10)


One of the other problems with eczema is that it isn’t something that goes away forever. In fact, eczema is usually recurring, sometimes offering no clues as to when and how it will return. It can be so unpredictable that although commonly shown in children before they hit the age of five, adults can show symptoms of eczema later in life too.

No matter when you get it, the consequences of having eczema can be severe and dangerous. Blisters can also follow eczema, as can painful rashes and oozing. Looking at ways to remedy eczema-plagued skin can be complicated, as it can many times lead to skin that’s extra-sensitive and unable to be remedied through other means. (11)

One of the more dangerous consequences of eczema and related itching is the fact that the wounds caused by scratching can become infected. If your eczema-riddled skin is spotted, or if you feel your skin suddenly sore or swelling, your skin may be infected and it's recommended you seek professional help. (12)


To fight the inflammation and irritation of eczema and scratching for your kids, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Kids Eczema Package, a collection of gentle all-natural skincare products that can rejuvenate and moisturize your child's sensitive skin!




Want to stop scratching that irritating itch?
















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  • Alrié V. Matthews

    I bought a few products a while back.
    She likes the eczema soap & keeps a bar in the bathroom and kitchen.
    Thank you for these products. Parents don’t like to see their child suffer, no matter what their age is.
    Garner’s Garden replied:
    Hey Alrié, thanks so much for your comment! We’re so happy to see your family enjoying our 100% All-Natural Products. Please check out more of our beauty care products, including some your child may enjoy, by heading to Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or comments! Thanks again!

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