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WARNING: Ingredients To Avoid In Intimate Care!

Knowledge Is Power!


In this crazy world of advertising and marketing tactics meant to get you to buy certain over-the-counter products, it can be harder than ever to discover the truth behind the lies. And many of these lies can come at the cost of transparency and your bodily health.

Although all harsh chemicals are dangerous in your skin care routine, you need to pay special attention to the care you give your intimate area. This is because although your skin is the biggest organ in your body, it also happens to be the most thin, which puts your intimate area at a significant risk and particularly vulnerable to chemicals and artificial ingredients. (1)

But thankfully, there are SAFE ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS that are specifically made to both nourish and protect your important intimate area that you can feel safe including in your skin care routine each and every day.

In this blog we talk about the dangerous ingredients to avoid in over-the-counter intimate care products, and the best ones you can use to ELIMINATE ODOR and PREVENT BACTERIA today!






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The unfortunate truth is that we are all constantly bombarded by over-the-counter manufacturers looking to cut costs and take advantage of their marketing tactics with one single purpose: to get you to buy their products. But here’s the deal: they use labels to mislead you.

In fact, you may not know it, but the average human being is affected by over a hundred cosmetic chemicals before they even leave their homes each morning. Many of these chemicals are both unregulated and untested, and many are capable of hurting your endocrine system and causing cancer. And the intimate area is not where you want to be exposing yourself to these chemicals. (2)

Believe it or not, over-the-counter intimate care products are known to be extra dangerous because they are literally being applied TO your intimate area, which doesn’t offer the protection of your stomach and saliva. Instead, these dangerous ingredients can enter your bloodstream and leave your sensitive organs in grave danger. (3)


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Here’s another loophole over-the-counter manufacturers get away with: they put dangerous chemicals in their products, then say it is exclusively for external use. But just like how dangerous toothpastes are not meant to be swallowed, you should not be using harsh chemicals that can easily infiltrate your sensitive intimate area.


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Many products also contain preservatives that release formaldehyde, which not only can trigger allergies – a potential pre-existing condition – but can also be considered a carcinogen. Putting dangerous chemicals like these near your intimate area is a serious concern and a serious problem you need to watch out for immediately for your WHOLE bodily health. (5)

Another problem ingredient found in many of these over-the-counter products are phthalates, which are potentially hazardous to your endocrine system and can cause developmental issues. And what’s worse is the purpose of these chemicals can oftentimes be to just compliment other dangerous fragrances that can cause you harm. (6)




Thankfully, there are ALL-NATURAL intimate care products you can rely on each day!


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One of the tactics over-the-counter manufacturers employ to get one over on you is greenwashing – another word for public relations tactics that use environmental policies and products to lie to you about their product’s effectiveness. In reality, they don’t really bet on you doing your homework and learning about what their product truly contains and can do to your body.

Considering most women will use around 12,000-16,000 disposable intimate products in their lives, it’s worth researching what you’re actually putting around this very sensitive skin. Being more careful will also enable you to protect the environment and not cause extra garbage in waterways and landfills. (7)


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A woman’s intimate area is also more prone to infection and bacterial overgrowth at different times of the month. Having ALL-NATURAL INTIMATE CARE PRODUCTS can help to not only prevent rashes, but also excessive itching, which can hold off potential problems down the line. (8)


QUICK TIP: A woman’s area is on the acidic side, and will do what it can on its own to fend off yeast and bacteria. Give it the extra strength it needs to stay healthy every day with GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL INTIMATE WASH PACKAGE! (9)


Even though some over-the-counter products can be detrimental to your health, that doesn’t mean you should avoid intimate care or see it as any less important than it is. In fact, washing your intimate area is one of the most important things you can do – and you should not be ashamed of it.

We live in an enlightened time, where intimate health is no longer being swept under the rug. Intimate products are now being given out for free at public places, and are being included in everyday SELF-CARE ROUTINES. In fact, the more you love and care for your intimate area and provide it with the right ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS, you’ll increase your own self-confidence and self-power. (10)

By taking the time to look after the products you use around your intimate area, you’re also taking the steps to take the power of your intimate health into your own hands. Using the right ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS will help to keep you fresh and ready to tackle your day and smell great all day long, while preventing infections and itchiness that can have you scratching at work or on the go. (11)



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Want natural care without the stress?







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