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Common Summer Allergies, and How You Can Fight Them!

A Summer To Remember!

When people think of allergies, they probably think of the spring and fall. But did you know that one of the most dangerous and debilitating times of the year for allergies is the summer? It’s true, and something you need to be mindful of as you enter the hottest time of the year.

As you’re quickly finding out, summer allergies can be tough. But just like seasonal spring allergies, they can be managed with the right PREPARATION and KNOWLEDGE. Successfully getting through this season also means knowing how to lower your chances of exposing yourself to those things that can make your allergies worse. (1)

Thankfully, there are 100% ALL-NATURAL WAYS you can manage your allergy symptoms, and keep yourself FEELING awesome and LIVING your best life when outside in the summer, and once you go inside to escape the heat.

In this blog we talk about common summer allergies, how to manage them, and how you can enjoy your HEALTHIEST and BEST SUMMER ever!






Feel CLEARER and Breathe EASIER!




Many people think that once spring has ended, the allergies that go along with it magically go away. Well, this isn’t the case. In fact, many of the allergy problems you face in the spring can hinder you in the summer too. And two of the most common allergy problems to keep a look out for this season are grass and weeds.

Let's specifically talk about ragweed. Ragweed is a dangerous cause of many issues people have because it doesn’t just remain in your own backyard. It can travel many, many miles to affect many, many people, making it something to keep an eye on whether you live close to it or not. (2)

Unfortunately, summer allergies can lead to something called hay fever – also called allergic rhinitis – which can lead to problems many have when they have a cold, such as sneezing, nasal problems, congestion, and sinus trouble. You can even suffer from a disruption of your sleep, which can cause you uneasiness the next day. (3)


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Before we go any deeper into seasonal allergies and their effects, you need to know that you’re not less than for having them. In fact, fifty million people are affected by them, and that number is probably on the safe side. To feel better, it’s important to know what allergies are, and why you have them. (5)


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Basically, the thing you’re allergic to is called an allergen. Your body really doesn’t like allergens (obviously), and releases a bunch of chemicals, such as prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and histamines, which unfortunately lead to those terrible symptoms you hate. (5)

Allergies may seem like small problems your body can easily fend off, but this isn’t always the case. Without keeping an eye on your allergies, you can find yourself with difficulty breathing, hives, and sometimes even anaphylaxis – which can be fatal. (6)



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Knowing there are many allergies that can turn summer dreams into summer nightmares is one thing, but doing something about it is something else. One of the most important ways you can PROTECT yourself this summer is by cleaning yourself each night, especially when you get home from being out. When washing, be sure to clean the pollen off your skin to ensure a HAPPY and HEALTHY summer.

It’s also important to know when you’re going to suffer. Basically, if pollen is your problem, it’s best to avoid the afternoon, if you can. The worst time for pollen is just about the middle of the day. When it’s dry and windy out, you may especially feel the effects of pollen around you. (7)




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It’s also important to be mindful of bugs and bug bites when outside this summer. To protect yourself from some of these allergens, cover your skin safely if you can, and wear 100% ALL-NATURAL BUG SPRAY to help fend off those pesky bugs and corresponding allergies. (8)


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One of the major problems pollen poses is the fact that it can move so easily. Dry and hot, and especially windy, days can make your symptoms worse. It's super important you know what allergies are affecting you, as it’s important to know what STEPS you can take to keep yourself from suffering long-term.

It’s also important you practice common sense. How many times do we love lowering the window and enjoying fresh air? Many times, during peak pollen times, this can cause symptoms. Be sure to keep windows closed when suffering, and to wash with 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH to keep your body clean and nourished. (10)

But don’t just run inside and avoid outdoor fun this summer! You probably already know from experience when you suffer in the winter that allergies can bother you when inside too. In these cases, usually mold, bugs, pet dander, and dust can make your allergies worse. In this way, seasons are not always to blame for allergies, and why you may be suffering throughout the year. (11)



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Feel CLEARER and Breathe EASIER!









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