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Four Health-Boosting Benefits of Tea Tree Oil!

All-Natural Nourishment Today!


Let's be honest. There are tons of chemicals and long-named ingredients out there promising to be the next big thing to help you achieve great skin health. But there is one secret ingredient that's been doing it with PROVEN RESULTS for centuries. Its name?




And tea tree oil doesn't just have one awesome benefit. And it doesn't just improve your skin.

In fact, tea tree oil has been proven to be a targeted remedy for a variety of ailments, as well as a versatile addition to your shopping list, for ages. (1)

In this blog we talk about what TEA TREE OIL is, and four health-boosting benefits that will have you looking AND feeling your best today!




Though there are many remedies and do-gooders in the fight for smooth and clear skin, one of the unsung heroes in achieving optimal skin health is tea tree oil.

Though found in Australia, this awesome ingredient distilled from the tea tree has quickly spread from being an herbal remedy Down Under to one of the most sought-after skincare ingredients on the market today. (2)

Tea tree oil is so versatile that it can be included in the recipes for many ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS, from SOAPS to MOISTURIZERS, to even HAIR CARE PRODUCTS and BODY WASHES! (3)


FUN FACT: Skincare aficionados love tea tree oil, praising its gentle nature and ability to apply it topically to the skin every single day! Click HERE, and feel the gentle remedying power of TEA TREE OIL today! (4)


Once it's steam distilled from the Melaleuca Alternifolia Tree (the tea tree), tea tree oil is generally considered colorless or pale yellow, but it packs a huge punch with an awesome earthy scent that's refreshing and clean.

It also works great with other oils and ALL-NATURAL ingredients, and can be included as an additive for diffusers and in PRODUCTS designed to reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation. (5)

Tea tree oil is also capable of being a pure ESSENTIAL OIL, which means something awesome: its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities are more available to you than ever before! (6)


For the best ALL-NATURAL PURE tea tree oil your skin needs, check out Garner's garden 100% All-Natural Tea Tree Shampoo Bar, which is boosted with essential oils and antioxidants to MOISTURIZE your skin, INCREASE hair growth, and STIMULATE your production of keratin!


Also check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Calendula and Tea Tree Soap, which SOOTHES chapped skin, while REMEDYING eczema, sunburns, and wounds!



Now that we know what tea tree oil is, let's talk about four benefits of this awesome skincare ingredient!




There are many reasons tea tree oil is so effective as a skincare ingredient, but one of its greatest benefits is the way it remedies and prevents breakouts.

This is because tea tree oil is antimicrobial AND antibacterial. A recent 2017 study showed that using tea tree oil improves the symptoms of mild and moderate acne, all the while having no serious side effects. (7) (8)

In addition to being antimicrobial and antibacterial, tea tree oil is also anti-inflammatory, which means it reduces redness and irritation that usually accompanies acne, all the while being gentle for those with sensitive skin. (9)


FUN FACT: Tea tree is so effective as an herbal remedy that it got its name by being a substitute for tea. Nourish your skin with refreshment by applying 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY WASH today! (10)


One of the reasons tea tree oil is so effective at fighting acne is because it's loaded with compounds called terpenes.

Terpenes are some of the best acne fighters around, and that's because they fight the bacteria that actually CAUSES your breakouts, also known as Propionibacterium Acnes. (11)

And if you are already suffering from a breakout, tea tree oil can be used to help reduce the chances of scarring, while calming swelling as a result of both hormonal and normal acne, and clogged pores. (12)


For a gentle cleanser that will protect your skin from dangerous free radical damage and breakouts, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Antibacterial Facial Cleanser, which uses tea tree oil to ELIMINATE acne-causing bacteria, while also RELIEVING eczema and inflammation!



And for best results, pair our 100% All-Natural Antibacterial facial Cleanser with Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Foaming Black Soap, which DEEP CLEANS your pores, ELIMINATES acne, and is SAFE for all skin types! Available for MEN and WOMEN!


And for a GENTLE CLEANSER that you can use multiple times a day without drying out, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Organic Face Wash, which reduces acne marks and scarring!





Many people don't associate your hair and scalp with your skin, but tea tree oil thinks all of you deserves to look and feel your best. And that's why it works just as hard on your hair and scalp as it does the rest of your body.

In fact, many of the same benefits of tea tree oil in fighting acne - its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties - also enable it to fight bacteria on the scalp that causes irritation and dandruff. (13)

It's also important to use tea tree oil on your scalp because your scalp is extra sensitive and vulnerable to a variety of fungi tea tree oil can gently control. (14)


FUN FACT: Want thicker, more voluminous hair? Tea tree oil makes your hair fuller by cleaning out the clogged pores on your scalp, nourishing your hair to reach its full potential! For stronger hair today, apply 100% ALL-NATURAL WHIPPED SHEA HAIR BUTTER! (15)


Another problem many people have with their hair and scalp is constant itchiness, even if they're not suffering from dandruff. But this is no problem for tea tree oil, which moisturizes your scalp and restores its natural surface.

Not only that, but tea tree oil can be considered a cleanser in the ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS it's included in, capable of washing away built-up chemicals and fungi on top of your head. (16)

Tea tree oil also plays a big role in managing the density of your hair, which is just one way of saying that by using ALL-NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS with tea tree oil, you'll have less flaking, less thinning, and an overall cleaner scalp. (17)

And for shinier and softer hair, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Hair Butter, which uses tea tree oil to HYDRATE your scalp and PROMOTE hair growth! Also available in MEN'S!

And to REPAIR split ends and gently STIMULATE hair growth today, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Argan Oil, which uses tea tree oil to unclog your pores and moisturize your skin!



I think we can all agree that we've cleaned our hands more in the last two years than in the rest of our years combined, and that's for good reason. But it's also likely that all this hand cleaning has done damage to your skin. That's where tea tree oil comes in.

Tea tree oil reduces/eliminates bacteria upon impact, while also stimulating your immune system with a blend of active compounds and bacteria-fighting components. (18)

Not only that, but tea tree oil is so powerful against bacteria that it can even be used as a disinfectant on surfaces that are known to be bacteria hot spots, or high-contact areas. (19)


FUN FACT: Tea tree is one of two essential oils (along with LAVENDER) normally considered gentle enough to apply directly on skin! Gently repair dry and cracked skin by applying 100% ALL-NATURAL CUTICLE OIL today!(20)


Tea tree oil's quality as a hand sanitizer is especially important in today's pandemic-ridden world, where viruses and variants continue to wreak havoc on our day-to-day lives.

And though tests specifically against COVID are still ongoing, what we do know is that tea tree oil is powerful in killing viruses and bacteria, and can even help stop the spread of viral infections like the flu. (21)

And then when you take into consideration tea tree oil-based hand sanitizers and washes don't have the harsh chemicals many soaps do, it's a good bet to use tea tree oil to help sanitize AND protect your hands this spring season. (1)


For the bacteria-fighting power of tea tree oil that will have your hands feeling CLEAN and HYDRATED, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Organic Hand Soap; also gentle on sensitive skin!



Also check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, which will KILL GERMS and BACTERIA when you need to disinfect on the go!





Just like when it comes to your hair and scalp, caring for your mouth is just as important as having smooth and clear skin, and finding the right ingredients is essential for achieving optimal oral health.

Tea tree oil manages the bacteria in your mouth, working to prevent tooth decay and a buildup of plaque, making for overall stronger teeth and oral health. (22)

Tea tree oil also helps eliminate bad breath as a result of its ability to kill bacteria, clean your gums, and prevent tooth decay. (23)


FUN FACT: Tea tree oil is antiseptic, making it effective at cleaning your mouth and removing dangerous plaque composites! Find tea tree oil in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MOUTHWASH, and enjoy a cleaner mouth today! (24)


Through its removal of plaque and bacteria, tea tree oil prevents many of the long-term oral health complications these two problems can cause.

Tea tree oil also inhibits bacteria's ability to create biofilm, while also working to prevent toothaches, apthous ulcers, and periodontal disease. (25)

And though it shouldn't be swallowed, using tea tree oil in your ORAL CARE ROUTINE is a great way of cleaning the vulnerable space along your gum line, promoting overall greater oral health. (26)


Find tea tree oil in Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Oxy Pulling Pre-Brush Oral Rinse, which KILLS BACTERIA and FUNGI in your mouth, while also RELIEVING pain and WHITENING teeth!

Also check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Antibacterial Mouthwash, which REMEDIES gum disease and gingivitis, while also SOOTHING inflammation of the mouth and throat!


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Tea tree oil is also found in Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Breath Freshener Spray, which effectively KILLS ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIA in your mouth!



And for all the best ALL-NATURAL products containing the bacteria and inflammation fighting power of tea tree oil, click HERE!










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