Why You Should Never Use Artificial Fragrances

Stop and Don't Smell The Chemicals!


Everyone has their favorite scent. Maybe they look for it in a candle, or in some over-the-counter product. But there's one thing the labels on these products don't tell you...


Artificial fragrances are REALLY, REALLY bad for you.


And not just a little. Artificial fragrances are dangerous to not just your health, but to the environment and everyone around you.

But before you get upset about not being able to smell your favorite scent ...




There ARE natural fragrances out there that are safe. AND they smell even better than the artificial ones


In this blog we talk about the difference between natural and artificial fragrances, and why you need to GO NATURAL today!




When looking at whether to buy products with an artificial or natural fragrance, you first need to look at how these products are made.

Artificial fragrances are synthetic, meaning the ingredients making them up are man-made. (1)

These artificial fragrances are created in a lab or factory using ingredients you either can't pronounce, or probably don't want to, such as petroleum and natural gas.


Many over-the-counter products use petroleum/oil to create their artificial fragrance. (Source: 26)


This means that when you put an over-the-counter product on your face or body, you're also applying petroleum and natural gas to your skin. (2)

That sounds bad, but it gets worse. 95% of over-the-counter ingredients you're picking up at the store come from dangerous synthetics called petrochemicals. (3)


FUN FACT: Damage from artificial fragrances is cumulative, much like sun damage. GO NATURAL and protect your skin today! (4)


Whereas artificial fragrances are dangerous for your short-term and long-term health, natural fragrances are pure and derived from healthy, skin-boosting essential oils. (5)

The ingredients in these fragrances are hand-picked naturally, rather than being mixed by perfume chemists who spend their days mixing gases and chemicals. (6)

This makes for an olfactory experience that is not only more pleasing for your nose, skin, and bodily health, but for a natural scent that lasts longer and smells more like whatever the label says it should! (1)


Now that we know the difference between natural and artificial fragrances, let's talk about why you need to avoid artificial fragrances today.




Simply knowing petroleum and natural gas are used in their creation should tell you that artificial fragrances are bad for the environment, but there's more.

Commercial, over-the-counter companies secretly guard the ingredients in their products, but not for the right reasons. What they're really trying to do is protect the damage they're causing to the environment and water supply. (7)

Phosphates, common ingredients in artificial fragrances, stimulate the chaotic production of algae in water, which sucks up the oxygen in common water supplies. This damages the delicate water system and leads to food chain disasters for animals and marine life. (8)

Products containing artificial fragrances also destroy the ability for marine life to defend themselves from other potential dangers and risks, making their use increasingly dangerous for the world around us. (9)


FUN FACT: Over-the-counter products create just as much pollution as fuel from cars. GO NATURAL and take the first steps to saving the environment today! (10)


The other problem with artificial fragrances is that the dangerous ingredients they're made of don't go away.

In fact, musks, which are common ingredients in over-the-counter products, don't degrade, and instead accumulate over time. (11)

And musks aren't the only ones that stick around. Many ingredients in over-the-counter products, such as diochlorobenzene and camphor, are BANNED in certain states or are on the EPA's Hazardous Waste List because of their long-term health hazards. (12)




Even though artificial fragrances are bad for you, their use is only growing, which is bad news for your body.

Around a third of all people suffer from allergic reactions to artificial fragrances. These sufferers complain of allergies, but there's a problem with this train of thought - these people are not actually suffering from allergic reactions. (13)

It's more like a sensitivity, but that doesn't make it any less severe. In fact, 17% of people suffer from severe respiratory reactions to artificial fragrances, with symptoms ranging from coughing to breathing difficulties. (14)


FUN FACT: Artificial fragrances are so dangerous that Finland, Canada, and Denmark have created fragrance-free zones at airports and other public places. GO NATURAL and protect yourself today! (15)


And these health problems are not just minor. About 9% of people say they physically can't perform their day-to-day activities when having to inhale artificial fragrances. (16) (17)

Artificial fragrances also harm your mind, causing severe headaches that can be damaging for hours or days on end. (18)

Also called olfactory migraines, the headaches caused by artificial fragrances happen because these fragrances trick your brain into thinking you're in danger, confusing your sensory nerves and upsetting your trigeminovascular system, the central hub responsible for headaches. (19)




There are more than 5000 chemicals used to create artificial fragrances, so it's only natural that some of these are going to irritate your skin. (20)

The dangerous chemicals used to create artificial fragrances strip your natural oil from your skin, while also causing flareups of eczema, psoriasis, hives, and contact dermatitis. (21) (22)

Those with sensitive skin can also feel burning sensations and tingling from the chemicals in over-the-counter products, which can leave them inflamed long after the products have been used. (23)


FUN FACT: Artificial fragrances cause eye irritation that can lead to long-term eye problems. Use ALL-NATURAL FACE WASH and look your best (AND SEE YOUR BEST) today! (24)


And before you decide to simply reach for the "unscented" variety of the over-the-counter product you're looking at, remember that unscented does not mean without fragrance.

In fact, over-the-counter products use chemicals and artificial fragrances to simply mask the odor of the other dangerous chemicals in their products, which will still leave your skin irritated and inflamed. (23)

And don't expect things to get any better any time soon. Fragrance is the only ingredient companies don't need to be specific about, which means buying any over-the-counter product almost always leaves you with the chance of short-term and long-term health complications. (25)


Sounds gloomy, I know, but don't worry. There IS a way for you to get your hands on great-smelling products that ARE safe for you, your loved ones, AND the environment.


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