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Grow Thicker, Stronger Hair This Fall!

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Many people don’t realize the impact fall can have on their skin. But even more people don’t realize the impact fall can have on their hair. In fact, to ace this new, cooler season, you need to make some SERIOUS CHANGES to your hair care routine to prevent unwanted hair and scalp problems, including hair loss.

And this is a problem that affects everyone. 21 million women and 35 million men suffer from hair loss, and around 80% of women will suffer from hair loss by the age of 60. Though these numbers are staggering any time of year, the cooler fall temperatures can make matters even worse. (1)

But there’s no need to worry about that anymore, as we’ve got you covered with the BEST WAYS to not only protect your hair from the cooler fall temperatures, but to actually grow your hair THICKER, STRONGER, AND HEALTHIER than ever before.

In this blog we talk about fall HAIR CARE, and how you can achieve THICKER HAIR today!





Want thicker, fuller hair this fall?

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When talking about fall and hair care, we first need to talk about the season your hair is coming out of. The summer can be extremely debilitating on your hair and scalp for many reasons, most notably the sun. In fact, the sun can burn your scalp, and cause hair damage that can linger through fall.

Salt water and chlorine are also known to cause hair damage to even the strongest of hair strands by the end of September, which can leave previously healthy hair entering summer suddenly dull, dry, and brittle once fall rolls around. (2)

Another problem your hair faces during fall is the transition of temperatures from humid and warm to dry and cool. To PREVENT DAMAGED HAIR as a result of these environmental changes, it’s essential that you hydrate and condition your hair, which can reverse the potential complications of autumn dryness. (3)


QUICK TIP: Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) afflicts 30 million women in the United States, or one-third of women. Boost your hair thickness and moisture all fall long with GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN’S HAIR CARE PACKAGE! (4)


The reason hydrating your hair is so important this season is because colder weather causes frizz and static by sucking all the moisture from the individual strands of hair on your head. Any subsequent washes can also increase the dryness of your hair, leaving you even more dry than when you started.


Using HYDRATING PRODUCTS is essential to maintaining strong hair and a healthy scalp this fall.


This is where HAIR OIL comes in. ALL-NATURAL HAIR OIL is considered to be one of the BEST REMEDIES for dry hair, and even helps soothe scalps that are irritated or dry from the cooler, dryer fall climate. HAIR OIL will also bring a perfectly radiant glow to your hair, especially after you gently exfoliate once your oil has been applied. (5)

Being sure you’re taking the steps to NOURISH YOUR HAIR is also important because of the damage summer does to your hair cuticle. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons summer is so debilitating to your hair is because of the damage it does to your cuticle, which makes your hair look duller, and can also make it more prone to split ends and breaking. (6)



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Another important aspect of your FALL HAIR CARE ROUTINE is the quality of products you choose to use. In fact, the right hair care products can often mean the difference between having hair that looks thicker and stronger, and hair that is stripped of its necessary and natural lipids and oils.

It’s also important that you steer clear of heat during this cooler, dryer season. This is because heating tools on your hair cause significant hair problems, including breakage, if you don’t take the steps to PROTECT YOUR HAIR first. (7)


Thinning hair can worsen in the fall. Grow thicker hair today with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN'S HAIR PACKAGE!


People with fine and thin hair also need to be especially careful to not wash their hair to the point of breakage. Still, it’s essential that you remove the buildup of oil and potential loss in root volume that can come during the fall, along with the subsequent irritation and itchiness, even if you don’t notice it at the time. (8)


QUICK TIP: The cold and dry fall climate can dehydrate your hair and cause breakage. Lock in hair moisture and enjoy thicker hair growth all fall long by using GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN’S HAIR CARE PACKAGE! (9)


The other problems you need to look out for this fall are problems that can afflict you all year long - psoriasis and eczema. These problematic conditions of the scalp are often worsened as a result of reduced humidity and increased artificial heat when indoors.

The fall climate can also contribute to other hair and scalp problems, such as itchy scalp and static frizz. This is worsened by hard-water damage (common during summer), which you need to remedy during fall. These complications are why FALL HAIR CARE is so important, as you need to both REMEDY hair damage and both RESTORE and MAINTAIN your hair moisture throughout the season. (10)

The other problems you need to think about that work against you in the fall are clothes and accessories. Turtlenecks and sweaters can cause hair static and hair problems. This is where MOISTURIZING comes in. MOISTURIZING remedies hair problems that can arise during the fall, while also fighting the unwanted heat and wind that can cause you hair problems. (11)


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Want thicker, fuller hair this fall?

Get 15% off our ALL-NATURAL WOMEN'S and MEN'S HAIR PACKAGES today!



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