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How Air Conditioning Affects Your Hair!

Beware The Air!

Many people worry about how their hair looks when they go out, but don’t realize that much of their hair's style and texture can be affected when inside. This is especially true in the summer, when indoor air conditioning can play a major role in the health and personality of hair.

In fact, the problems air conditioning causes on hair are chemical. Air conditioning can trick your body by creating a temperature far different from the one outside – one you might’ve just been spending a good deal of time in. What then happens is your body’s natural sweating ability malfunctions, leaving toxins behind to harm you and for your hair to begin drying out. (1)

Now nobody wants super dry hair when they’re looking to GLOW in the summer. Thankfully, there are ALL-NATURAL ways you can not only enjoy HYDRATED and HEALTHY HAIR, but for you to feel your BEST when it's finally time to go out.

In this blog we talk about the effects air conditioning has on your hair, and how you can enjoy HEALTHIER and STRONGER HAIR today!






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The bottom line is that air conditioning is essential on hot summer days, but also potentially dangerous to your scalp and hair. And perhaps the worst thing air conditioning can do is cause you to lose your hair. One of the reasons air conditioning causes you to lose your hair is because it takes away something super important your body needs: moisture.

Now it's important to know your air conditioner doesn’t selectively target moisture. It removes moisture from the air, but it also removes moisture from your skin. This leaves your body dry and often unprepared to achieve balance again. Sometimes this results in skin stretching, and flaking from your scalp. (2)

This probably isn’t news to you. After spending a lot of time in the air conditioning, you might feel that your scalp is itchy or dry. This is a sign of air conditioning damage, as is dry or dull hair strands. It’s important to remember, though: don’t try to fight the drying effects of air conditioning with artificial ingredients in over-the-counter hair products, which can cause even more dryness. (3)


QUICK TIP: Hair is meant to protect you from your environment. Protect what’s supposed to protect you and enjoy healthier hair by using the 100% ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN’S HAIR PACKAGE today! (4)


Air conditioning can also cause you some serious problems when trying to style your hair. Cool indoor air can cause your hair to be brittle and at more risk of future damage, which can hinder you when styling on fun summer days and nights. (5)


Your hair doesn't have to go dry from indoor air! Protect your hair with a natural boost of hydration and the 100% ALL-NATURAL HAIR OIL found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN'S HAIR PACKAGE today!


Air conditioning can give you split ends and unwanted frizz that can make your hair lose its natural shine and glow. It’s also important you avoid hair utensils like heated tools and irons, which may be just as debilitating to your hair as air conditioning. These tools can remove moisture from your hair, and leave you in some serious danger. (5)

Some people may even experience itchiness of their hair and scalp because of indoor air conditioning. Subsequent scratching can cause you more problems you don’t want, including pain and bruising. Air conditioning can also make your skin appear wrinkled, which can cause you to lose the healthy and elastic skin you want. (6)



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  • SHEA HAIR BUTTER: provides instant moisture; reduces scalp flakiness and irritation

  • HAIR OIL: improves circulation on scalp; stops hair shedding

  • ARGAN OIL: uses Vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and linoleic acids to nourish summer-damaged hair



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To better understand the effects of air conditioning on your hair, you need to better understand your hair. Basically, your hair is broken down into three parts – the cortex, cuticle, and medulla. However, there is a fourth element of your hair, called the cell membrane complex, which can be affected by indoor air.

The air can cause this super important element of your hair to experience stress, and for your hair to grow vulnerable. This is especially noted in people who prefer to let their hair dry naturally, which can be just as debilitating (or more) than using heat to dry it. (7) (8)


Dry hair and scalp can leave you scratching and in severe pain. Enjoy healthy moisture you can count on when out in the heat or in the air conditioning with the 100% ALL-NATURAL MEN'S HAIR BALM in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MEN'S HAIR PACKAGE today!


Another problem air conditioning can cause is that it can simply make you feel bad, which can compound problems with your hair and scalp. If your air conditioner is not properly upkept, you can experience allergy attacks and dryness that can not only affect your skin, but your eyes, leading to itchiness and pain. (9)


QUICK TIP: Indoor air conditioning can cause your skin to lose its natural moisture, resulting in flakiness and dry scalp. Boost the moisture and health of your scalp with the 100% ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN’S HAIR PACKAGE today! (10)


Indoor air conditioning can cause you to feel both irritation and inflammation. The inflammation can lead to the loss of your hair, usually as a result of a lack of moisture. Resulting dryness can also cause cracks in your skin, which is something you definitely don’t want on top of your head.

Another problem indoor air conditioning causes is early aging. Nobody wants dull or old-looking hair when they’re ready to go out on the town in the summer. Unfortunately, indoor air conditioning can also leave you with rashes, making these problems feel and look worse. (11)

And don’t just run outside to escape the damage of air conditioning on your hair! The outdoors can be just as dangerous to your hair in summer due to external factors, such as summer warmth, pollutants, and UV rays from the sun. (12)



Air conditioning can hurt men's hair too! Enjoy healthier men's hair and scalp today with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MEN'S HAIR PACKAGE, a PARABEN-FREE and CHEMICAL-FREE way to fight dryness and improve hair thickness and strength!






  • MEN'S HAIR BALM: moisturizes scalp and provides better control over hair

  • ARGAN OIL: moisturizes gently with lightweight and non-sticky ingredients

  • MEN'S HAIR OIL: soothes dry and itchy scalp; fights hair thinning/shedding




Want RADIANT and HYDRATED hair this summer?

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