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How Air Quality Affects Your Physical Health!

Smell Better Health Today!


Everyone knows bad odors stink (pun intended), but not many people know they can also cause you short and long-term health problems. Well, they can, and some serious problems at that, making air purification not just something you need to do to remove bad odors, but something you need to do to ensure good physical health as well. 

This is because when you’re indoors, you’re not just breathing in indoor air. You’re also breathing in potentially dangerous particles capable of causing major health problems like confusion, dizziness, and potentially even cancer and respiratory issues. (1)

But you don’t need to worry about dangerous indoor air - or bad odors - anymore, as there are ways you can not only DISINFECT your indoor space, but PROTECT your family from all those terrible health problems that can arise from poor indoor air quality.

In this blog we talk about the importance of air purification, its impact on your physical health, and how you can enjoy your BEST HEALTH EVER today!





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Let's start off with a surprisingly crazy fact: we're indoors 90% of the time. Yup. Crazy but true. You might not think about it often, but we're literally inside, surrounded by the same stale air and smells, most of the time we’re awake (and sleeping!). The monotony of this everyday odor can seem unimportant, but can actually be the cause of your chronic health problems.

This is because indoor air needs to be PURIFIED, or else things like mold, chemicals, artificial fragrances, paints, smoke, furniture, and miscellaneous vapors can seriously damage your health. Temperature and humidity also play roles in how you react to the indoor air quality of your home, work, and play. (2)

In addition to eliminating odors, using a ROOM MIST SPRAY can help you feel more active, enabling you better capacity to move around and for you to simply feel good. What results is increased productivity and greater work performance. (3)


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One of the major problems with indoor air is that it can negatively impact so many different parts of you, causing you health problems you might not know until many years later. This means it can be difficult to precisely know the damage your indoor air is doing to you before you CLEAN it.


Bad odor can hurt way more than just your nose. Protect your bodily health with the ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ROOM MIST SPRAY today!


Additionally, some health issues, like poor concentration, headaches, and eye problems can be caused by bad indoor air quality – and pollutants – despite the fact that some think they’re caused by something completely unrelated. This can lessen the importance people feel indoor air quality can have on their health - a dangerous notion. (5)

Any number of particles in the air can affect your health, including particles you might think are just outside, like pollen, insect pollutants, wood, and allergens. This doesn’t even take into consideration the dangerous bacteria you, your pets, and family can bring into your personal space. (6)


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Believe it or not, outdoor air quality can affect your indoor air quality too. Even if you think your home is well-insulated, it's basically impossible to keep air in one spot and out of your home. Therefore, things like the weather and the air exchange rate can affect your health, even when inside in the fall and winter.

The air exchange rate is actually something calculated by looking at various things around you, such as infiltration, mechanical ventilation, and natural ventilation. Depending on the air around your personal space, more health problems can arise, including the pollution of your indoor air. (7)


Many of the health problems you experience can be a result of the air you breathe in your home and personal space. Protect your health - and feel invigorated today - with the ALL-NATURAL and CHEMICAL-FREE ingredients in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ROOM MIST SPRAY today!


Many of the problems in the air are actually caused by things that release particles and gases into your space. This can be particularly dangerous and problematic for people with pre-existing health problems, the elderly, and children. (8)


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Although many people think they could simply recycle the poor air out of their indoor space, it’s not that easy. This is because indoor air is often limited, meaning pollutants can build there, leading to more and more health problems over time – a serious problem as we head into the fall and cooler months.

Another great part of replacing negative odors is that you are the one in control of how your space smells. You can choose health, while also choosing a PLEASANT SCENT based on how you feel, where you live, where you want to live (lol), and based on the month or season it is. (10)

Without eliminating the poor odor and dangerous air particles in your home, you may be driving people away. This is because cleaner air not only filters out dangerous bacteria that can cause infections, but can also make your space welcoming and supportive for those around you. (11)


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Disclaimer: Contact a doctor/health care professional if you have any questions about your health. Don't ignore medical guidance or delay getting help because of content on this site. The content on this site is not meant to replace or as a substitute for any advice, treatment, or diagnosis from a medical health professional. The content on this site is not medical advice or guidance.





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