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How Spring Affects Your Sleep!

A Springboard To Better Sleep!


There are many ways spring affects us, from giving us runny noses to budding flowers to longer days and more sunshine. But there is something else spring affects that you may not like ...




And this is a problem that can affect way more than just your sleep. In fact, sleep problems are such a serious concern that even the CDC is investigating its effects on your safety and the overall public health, where it can lead to driving accidents, social problems, diseases that are chronic, and even potentially long-term sleep disorders. (1)

We can all agree that one sleepless night is bad enough, but a season of sleep insufficiency is unacceptable. Well, there's no need to worry about this anymore, as sleep this spring is under YOUR control and WITHIN REACH with the RIGHT HABITS and PREVENTATIVE MEASURES!

In this blog we talk about how spring affects your sleep, and how you can enjoy a WELL-RESTED and HEALTHY YOU all spring long!







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Spring is a time for renewal and longer days filled with more sunshine and fun. But a bad night’s sleep can ruin all your springtime plans, and can send you down a path of rough days and nights that can turn your exciting spring into a dull and anxious one. But now - the early part of spring - is the best time to take your sleep into your own hands.

Thankfully, you can use some of the perks of spring to actually make your sleep better this season. One way to do this is by taking care of your body. A simple walk in the spring sunshine can help you sleep easier at the end of the day, once the sun has finally decided to go down. (2)

It’s definitely saying something that spring sort of begins with you losing an hour of sleep, but that loss of sleep doesn’t have to linger. Once that hour is long gone, keeping to a routine is of paramount importance, which can include anything from reading to listening to easy music and even taking a relaxing bath. (3)


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Many people have difficulty sleeping in spring, but may not know why. Many times, this is because of the change in seasons. In fact, there’s a name for this condition – spring fatigue – which refers to the common problems people have when trying to adjust to the changing seasons.


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All these potential sleeping problems can be compounded by the normal equinox, which can lead to a deregulated circadian rhythm system, which is when it can take a lot of time for your body to adjust to sunrises happening later in the day and mornings that are darker than your body has grown used to. (5)

Another problem you might not realize that spring causes with your sleep is spring humidity. Spring humidity (which only worsens as you enter the latter part of the season and summer) can affect your inner temperature, and can cause you to suffer from congestion and even sweating, making it that much harder to fall and stay asleep. (6)



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So we know spring can hurt your sleep, but what can you do about it? Well, first off, enjoy the sunshine. As a matter of fact, simply stepping into the spring sunshine once awakening can reset your body’s clock, altering (for the better) your sleeping cycle.

It’s also important that with all the additional activities you plan on participating in during spring, you maintain consistent sleeping hours. This includes on the weekend, and even your naps, which don’t have to be entirely skipped, but should be monitored for consistency so as to not shock your body and nighttime sleep. (7)


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It’s also important to avoid alcohol a few hours before bed, as well as to not over-plan your days. You don’t want to mess with your body’s natural ability to wind down, which is essential for getting a good night’s sleep, and so you should avoid those activities that are highly active, especially before bed. (8)


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Another way to boost your sleep this spring is by stepping away from your phone and devices. This can be more difficult as we engage in more springtime activities, but shutting off the TV an hour before you close your eyes and turning off your phone two hours before bed can help improve your sleep immediately.

Being sure to not overly stimulate your mind will also help your sleep, but so is knowing what to eat before bed. Obviously caffeine is a no-no, but avoiding fatty foods and spicy foods can help stave off things like insomnia and indigestion, which can wreak havoc on your springtime sleep. (10)

And as always, be good to yourself – your body will thank you for it. Take care of yourself with ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS, and keep to a regular sleeping routine. This will help allow you to take advantage of the night, which is when you should be sleeping, as darkness helps boost your melanonin – helping you fall asleep. (11)




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Want a good night's sleep every night this spring?

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