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The Benefits Of Room Spray!

You Can Tell By The Smell!

These days, many people are struggling, whether it be with their mind, body, or both. Unfortunately, over-the-counter manufacturers try to sell you on all sorts of products that can make your problems worse by subjecting you to dangerous chemicals and artificial ingredients. Well, there IS an awesome way you can give your life a refresher. With what, you may ask…?




And room spray doesn’t do just one thing. It can instantly FRESHEN up your living area and your mental state, whether at home or on the go, making it one of the BEST and MOST CONVENIENT ways to brighten up your life and space. (1)

But here’s the catch. As with many things, you need to be wary of over-the-counter chemicals and ingredients, and instead opt for ALL-NATURAL. Thankfully, there IS an ALL-NATURAL ROOM MIST SPRAY that can not only RELAX you, but leave your room SMELLING GREAT!

In this blog we talk about the benefits of room spray, and how you can enjoy a HAPPIER and MORE PEACEFUL life today!






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There are many reasons why room sprays make your life awesome. One of the most obvious and simple ones is that it makes your room, house, and wherever you choose to spray it SMELL BETTER. And not just a little. Even after cleaning, many times bad smells linger. An ALL-NATURAL ROOM SPRAY can freshen up your space quickly and effectively – with much less work required by you!

Room sprays don’t need to linger if you or a loved one don’t want them to. This makes room sprays effective for just about EVERYONE, regardless of whether or not they like scents. This is because the right room sprays do their job of livening up and cleaning the air, then dissipate without overstaying their welcome. (2)

Even though room sprays don’t linger, you should remember that the wrong ones can still pack a punch. In fact, many over-the-counter air fresheners can contain dangerous phthalates – which can not only hurt the environment, but you too! This is why it’s so important your room spray is ALL-NATURAL! (3)


QUICK TIP: Different chemicals in the air you and your loves ones breathe can cause some serious health problems. Clean your air with the 100% ALL-NATURAL and ANTIBACTERIAL INGREDIENTS in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ROOM MIST SPRAY today! (4)


Another awesome reason to use room sprays is because they are super malleable. You can easily switch from ALL-NATURAL EUCALYPTUS, CITRONELLA, LEMONGRASS, and CITRUS, depending on what your heart and mind want at the time. (5)


Want to clear your favorite room of that pesky odor? Revitalize your senses and clean the air with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ROOM MIST SPRAY today!


The malleability of room spray is so great because you get to choose what spray to use based on when you use it. Different seasons and places may require a different scent, while sometimes you may be in the mood for the rush of a particular scent based on how you feel at the time. (5)

Room mist spray provides a nice scent to your home, which can be super helpful when you have people over. After all, who doesn’t want their guests feeling welcomed and appreciated with LESS ODORS and BETTER SMELLS when they walk through your front door? (6)



Want a relaxing atmosphere and calmer mind? Check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Room Mist Spray, an invigorating spray made with premium grade essential oils and all-natural ingredients!



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We all know the importance of having a good smell in your home, but did you know that not having one can actually be dangerous? In fact, some smells can actually be hazardous to your health, not just in the short-term, but over time as well. Some smells that can actually be considered harmful to your health or just plain old annoying are mold, pet smells, gas smells, and smoke.

Another smell you definitely don’t want floating around is something you definitely have, and probably have a lot of – trash. The smell of trash can be dangerous because it actually travels throughout your space. Nobody wants to smell that, making it that much more important you spray rooms with an ALL-NATURAL ROOM MIST SPRAY to clear this unwanted odor away. (7)


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When trying to clear your home of these annoying smells, you need to be careful you’re not adding more chemicals into the air. For example, while trying to clear your room of these dangerous chemicals, some over-the-counter sprays may actually be adding synthetics to your space, which can hurt your respiratory system. (8)


QUICK TIP: Aside from all those smells inside your home that can cause you to plug your nostrils, smells outside your home can bother you too! Destinkify your home today with the 100% ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ROOM MIST SPRAY! (9)


Not only can the right smell help your home, but it can help you too. The right smell in your home can actually make you clearer, while also making your work more efficient and proficient. This relationship relates to something you’ve probably heard of many times – aromatherapy.

Knowing this relationship is super important, because what your nose perceives can actually change the way your brain functions. This is why an ALL-NATURAL ROOM MIST SPRAY can not only clean your space, but also clean your mind and leave you feeling clearer and more refreshed. (10)

Even though aromatherapy seems like a new thing, it’s actually not. It’s actually been around for thousands of years, helping people spiritually when they’ve needed it most. Adding ESSENTIAL OILS has helped people for hundreds of years too, helping to liven living spaces and minds. (11)



Why not get the sleep you want (AND DESERVE)? Enjoy a better night's sleep with Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Sleep Mist Spray, the easy way to kill bacteria on sheets and pillows, and destressify your mind with therapeutic grade lavender essential oils!



And don't forget your baby! For a must-have bedtime and naptime essential, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Lavender Baby Sleep Mist, the easy way to eliminate bacteria on sheets and pillows, while improving your baby's sleep!



*IMPORTANT: This product MUST BE USED within 4-6 months after purchase. If not, the Oxygen atoms will start to breakdown the lavender essential oil and it will smell rancid. Do NOT store for long periods of times that is longer than the recommend storage length. 
**WARNING: Spot test a small area of fabric prior to use to avoid staining. If skin irritation occurs, stop use immediately and seek medical help.




Want to clean the air and clear your mind? Click HERE and check out all of GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ROOM MIST SPRAYS today!









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***Disclaimer: Contact a doctor/health care professional if you have any questions about you or your kid's/baby's health. Don't ignore medical guidance or delay getting help because of content on this site. The content on this site is not meant to replace or as a substitute for any advice, treatment, or diagnosis from a medical health professional. The content on this site is not medical advice or guidance. Speak to a health care professional before you or your kid/baby begin any kind of medical/skincare routine. We are not fully guaranteeing prevention or remedying of any infections, skin problems, or diseases with the content on this site or with our products. Speak to a health care professional when mixing skincare products. Speak to a health care professional before essential oil use.








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