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The Best Soap For Exfoliating Dry Skin This Winter!

New Year? Smoother Skin!


As hard as you try to keep your skin smooth and hydrated, it’s inevitable that at some point you will experience dryness this winter. And what results from dryness is dry skin. And unfortunately what results from dry skin is skin that’s in desperate need of PROPER EXFOLIATION.

Winter is especially dangerous to skin due to the drop in humidity you often experience in these cold months when both inside and outside, which directly affects your epidermis  - your skin’s outer layer. And this is on top of all the other reasons your skin dries out, such as overwashing, age, and harsh over-the-counter soaps. (1)

But here’s some good news. There is an ALL-NATURAL SOAP that will EXFOLIATE your skin, all the while RELIEVING you of psoriasis and eczema that can often worsen during winter. Its name is AFRICAN BLACK SOAP, and it’s taking the skin care world by storm.

In this blog we talk about the danger of winter dryness, and why ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP is the perfect soap for you to enjoy all winter long!




Want smoother skin this winter?



The first thing to know about your skin in winter is that it’s exposed to a lot of things that can dry you out. Aside from the cold and dry outdoor air, overwashing, indoor heating, and longer showers, you may just be naturally prone to dryness and the elevated risks these winter months provide to your skin. What results is what appears to be flaky skin.

This can even be worse when you take into consideration that some people turn to over-the-counter products that can actually dry you out even more, making the skin problems you have worse. This is why it’s so important you only use ALL-NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. (2)

In the winter, your cells also die and become dehydrated much faster than usual as a result of temperature and humidity changes. Exfoliating your skin with ALL-NATURAL SOAP is essential to rid yourself of these cells and help your new cells rise without impediments. (3)


QUICK TIP: ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP helps to improve the texture of your skin because of its own unique texture. Enjoy smoother skin all winter long by using GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP today! (4)


The reason African Black Soap is so effective as an exfoliating agent is because it basically works for everyone. In fact, the BEST ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAPS contain no perfumes, fragrances, or dyes, thus enabling it to be a safer alternative than over-the-counter soaps for those with allergies or sensitive skin.


Our 100% ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP is ALL-NATURAL, making it a better alternative than those harsh over-the-counter soaps and shampoos!


Additionally, the BEST ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAPS contain shea butter, which helps to restore your skin with moisture and hydration while functioning as an exfoliant. This ability to both moisturize and remove dead skin cells provides you with the smooth skin you’re looking for during the cold and dry months. (5)

As an additional bonus, African Black Soap helps to even out skin that can deteriorate as a result of dryness. This includes the remedying of acne that can worsen during winter months when the oil of your skin fluctuates as much as the temperature outside. (6)


If you want smoother and clearer skin this winter, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural African Black Soap, our truest and purest hygiene soap that will improve your skin's texture and soothe irritation all winter long!



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We’ve talked about some of the reasons why ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP is so important during winter, but we haven’t exactly talked about the science of why this is. Well, it all comes down to cellular turnover. The leaves used to make African Black Soap are much like charcoal, helping to facilitate the necessary cellular turnover that will provide you with radiant and healthy skin.

African Black Soap also assists with exfoliation because it provides your skin with a boost of Vitamin A, which helps to turn over your skin cells and reveal new ones, thus enhancing the radiance of your skin and evening out imperfections. (7)


Using our 100% ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP will exfoliate the flakiness that plagues you during winter, leaving a completely smooth layer of skin underneath for you to show off!


It’s also important to mention that not all African Black Soaps are created equal. As a matter of fact, they can differ based on where they’re made and how they’re made, but the best ones – the ALL-NATURAL ones, are more beneficial than potentially dangerous over-the-counter soaps that are synthetic and harsh. (8)


QUICK TIP: The BEST AFRICAN BLACK SOAPS contain antioxidants, which help improve your entire bodily health! Enjoy greater health today with the ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP! (9)


We’ve described the amazing ways African Black Soap exfoliates your skin, but the benefits don’t stop there. ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP also effectively cleans your face, which can help remove dirt and bacteria before you even need to exfoliate the remaining particles there!

This also means that using African Black Soap can remove makeup, which helps it to both remedy and reduce potential breakouts in winter. But remember, because of the soap’s exfoliating abilities, you should always MOISTURIZE after using African Black Soap, which will help restore the moisture of your skin. (10)

MOISTURIZING also continues the awesome work of the cocoa pods in ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP, which contains Vitamins E and C - known to strip away dead skin cells and ready your body for the rest of your ALL-NATURAL FACIAL CARE ROUTINE. (11)


Winter dryness can be so debilitating we recommend pairing our 100% All-Natural African Black Soap with the following ALL-NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS:






Want smoother skin this winter?







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