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TONER: The Secret To Preventing Dry Skin This Fall!

Tone Down The Dryness Today!


With October here, temperatures are beginning to drop, which means you may begin to start feeling that all-too familiar dryness. And this dry skin can affect your entire body, from your face to your lips to your scalp. And as the days pass and the temperature continues to drop, these problems will only get worse.

It's important to know that dry skin is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, it has a medical name – xeroderma – and includes such problematic skin conditions like eczema, athlete’s foot, contact dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis, all of which can leave your skin patchy, cracking, and bleeding. (1)

But this isn’t something you’ll need to suffer through all fall long. Why? Because dry skin is both PREVENTABLE and FIXABLE due to a UNIQUE PRODUCT you may already be using …




In this blog we talk about the dangers of fall dryness, and how ALL-NATURAL TONER can both PREVENT DRYNESS and REMEDY DRY SKIN all fall long!





Want smooth and radiant skin free from fall dryness?

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Dry skin is both as simple and as complicated as it sounds. Basically, when your skin loses water quicker than it should, your skin will become dry. But here’s the catch: dry skin is also more common in fall because the air is becoming dryer too. And this can lead to skin that’s very, very irritated.

And the effects of dry skin don’t simply end with dryness. Dry skin that’s left to worsen can lead to permanent side effects like itchiness (which will only make your skin problems worse), irritation from simply touching everyday objects, and an increased risk of skin infections. Therefore, taking the NECESSARY STEPS to remedy dry skin now is essential to protecting your skin and bodily health over time. (2)

Sustained itchiness from dry skin can be so debilitating that it interrupts your sleep cycle and derails your day to day activities. Resulting scratching and dry cracks in your skin are also painful, especially in areas of chronic trauma like your feet and hands, which can feed into other skin conditions you don’t want, like eczema and dermatitis. (3)


QUICK TIP: Hydrating toners not only boost the moisture of your skin, but also clean your pores, helping to prevent breakouts and acne. Moisturize your skin and prevent fall dryness today with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL FACIAL TONER! (4)


The dry skin that comes in fall is not simply automatic. In fact, there is ONE WAY you can not only boost the moisture of your skin, but also bind it to your skin, keeping you hydrated, smooth, and radiant all fall long. And the best way to do this is with ALL-NATURAL TONER.


Fall dryness can leave your skin feeling dull and lifeless. Restore your natural radiance all season long with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL FACIAL TONER!


Toner has always been a bit of a Swiss-army knife when it comes to skin care, and in fall, it is absolutely your GO-TO PRODUCT to help push away dryness, while also refreshing your skin, thereby preventing allergens and environmental pollutants from irritating your skin worse. As a matter of fact, toner is so powerful that it removes impurities from tap water, which also contributes to dry skin. (5)

Not only does toner boost the moisture of your skin, it also replaces lost minerals that your skin needs, especially during the fall season. Toner will also fight the effects of low humidity, wind, and any other products you may be using that can be contributing to your dry skin. (6)


To fight dryness, inflammation, and wrinkles all fall long, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Facial Toner, which also remedies the debilitating symptoms of psoriasis and eczema!


Also available in EXTRA STRENGTH!



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Thought some people think of toner as just a remedy for oiliness and acne, its power goes well beyond that. In fact, toner makes a visible difference to your skin immediately, which is incredibly important given how fast dryness can take hold in the fall. This speed is because of toner’s ability to restore your dry skin to its natural state of acidity – that is, if your toner contains the right ALL-NATURAL ingredients.

This is super important to point out, as some of the over-the-counter toners you may be familiar with are actually drying you out because of alcohol and other artificial ingredients that can leave your skin in worse condition than before you applied it. Therefore, it’s best to make the switch to ALL-NATURAL TONER and feel the hydration when you need it most. (7)


Fall dryness can lead to your body producing extra oil, leading to oily skin and breakouts. Prevent acne all fall long with Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Toner!


Toners are also great additions to your skincare routine to prevent dryness this fall because they compliment the rest of your ALL-NATURAL FACIAL CARE SYSTEM. This is because they perform many of the tasks the rest of your routine does, such as balancing your pH levels, and adding exfoliating agents to your blast of hydration, resulting in less oiliness and dryness. (8)


QUICK TIP: In addition to preventing dryness, toner also removes leftover residue and impurities after your cleanse. Remove all impurities from your face each day with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL FACIAL TONER, and reveal your radiant skin today! (9)


As mentioned before, the ingredients in your toner are essential to preventing and remedying dry skin. And one of the most important ingredients your toner can have is WITCH HAZEL. Witch hazel is a soothing ingredient that remedies dryness and prevents oiliness by balancing your skin and fighting excess sebum production.

Witch hazel is also generally recommended for everyone, regardless of skin type, and isn’t so harsh that it will strip your skin of its natural oils. Witch hazel also works against the common symptoms of irritation and itchiness that dryness can cause, especially in the fall. (10)

Another problem many people run into in the fall is over-moisturizing. This can leave your skin oily and shiny. Toners work to fight this by removing excess oil, which targets acne and clogged pores. This is will also help get your skin to its desired pH state of 5.5, especially after washing can upset your balance. (11)


For a toner with the added power of apple cider vinegar, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, which shrinks pores, evens your skin, and eliminates acne!


Also available in WOMEN and MEN varieties!




Want smooth and radiant skin free from fall dryness?

Get 15% off our ALL-NATURAL TONERS today!



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