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WARNING: Indoor Heating Causes Dry Skin! How To Prevent It Today!

Stay Warm AND Radiant Today!


There are many things you need to worry about when the temperature begins to drop outside, but did you know some of the worst damage to your skin actually occurs once you go indoors? That’s right, and with fall here and temperatures dropping quickly, it’s never been more important to learn about the dangers of indoor heating before it's too late.

Indoor heating is extremely debilitating to your skin because dry, hot air sucks up the moisture in your body, many times without offering any kind of relief. What results is irritation that can leave you scratching and in pain for months. (1)

But there’s no need to worry about indoor heating anymore, as there are STEPS you can take today to reduce the harmful effects of indoor heating, while boosting your skin’s moisture level and skin health.

In this blog we talk about the dangers of indoor heating for skin health, and how you can enjoy YOUNGER-LOOKING and GLOWING SKIN both inside AND outside this fall!





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Though it can seem impossible to avoid, indoor heating and its effects need to be properly addressed if you’re going to enjoy smooth and radiant skin this fall. This is because cold and dry outdoor air usually means more time spent indoors.

The problem with indoor heating is that it reduces the level of moisture in the air, causing your skin to become tight and dry, leading to enhanced stress on your skin that can make pre-existing skin conditions worse, including eczema and psoriasis. (2)

This addresses a common misconception about fall, as many people believe the heat is beneficial for your skin and bodily health. However, indoor heating actually captures moisture from the air, which can have debilitating effects on your face, leaving your sensitive skin in desperate need of moisture and care. (3)


QUICK TIP: Modern day heating systems draw moisture, then release dry air, which leads to skin irritation. Protect your skin against artificial heating today by lathering on GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY BUTTER! (4)


And if you think dryness is just a way of us scaring you into moisturizing, this isn’t true. In fact, the dryness caused by indoor heating affects more than just your skin, as central heating can also cause dry nasal passages, dry lips, static electricity, and even damage to furniture and wood floors.


Indoor heating causes dry air AND dry skin. Enjoy the heat AND smoother skin this fall with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY BUTTER today!


The dangers of central heating also apply to hot water, which can dry out your skin and leave you in desperate need of hydration. Using cooler water is recommended to prevent the potential dangers of artificial heating, including in your tap. (5)

The other problem with central heating is that it takes away the moisture you already have in your skin, making your skin even duller and dryer than it would’ve been at room temperature. And without additional moisture in the air, your skin can be left to suffer over time, leading to further skin irritation and worsening skin problems. (6)


To protect your skin from indoor heating this fall, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Body Butter, which provides long-lasting moisture that locks in to your skin, no matter where you are!


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Indoor heating can be so debilitating to your skin that many times it's even more to blame for fall dryness than outdoor air. This is because during the day, central heating draws out your natural moisture, but the real dangers of it comes at night, when your skin is defenseless.

At night, central heating causes the water in your skin to evaporate, which makes your skin thirsty and dry. Therefore, the best way to protect your skin from the effects of indoor heating is by lathering on an ALL-NATURAL MOISTURIZER that will both protect AND remedy your skin from nighttime heating. (7)


As the temperature drops, indoor heating rises. Now's the time to prepare your skin for the cold and the heat by using GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY BUTTER today!


Another reason indoor heating is so damaging to your skin is because of the temperature fluctuations it causes when going from one room to another. These problems can make it hard for your skin to adapt, potentially leading to itchiness, irritation, and even infection. (8)


QUICK TIP: Indoor dryness is not just limited to central heating. Indoor fireplaces can cause dry skin too. Stay warm, snuggle up, and enjoy smooth and radiant skin all fall long by using GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY BUTTER! (9)


Skin irritation isn’t the only problem indoor heating can cause. Indoor heating can also be a factor in the increased cases of dandruff that flare up in the cold weather, and can lead to debilitating bouts of scratching that can cause other, more dangerous skin complications you definitely don't want.

So we know moisturizing helps, but there’s a catch: not all moisturizers are created equal. In fact, many over-the-counter moisturizers don’t do enough to moisturize your skin effectively, or they may be so heavy that they don't adequately form a protective barrier to protect your skin and promote necessary hydration. (10)

Thankfully, the PRECAUTIONS that will protect your skin indoors will also protect your skin when you go outside. This is essential because the heavy winds in fall, along with heavier rain, can zap your moisture, making it essential to moisturize when both indoors and out. (11)


And if you're still in summer mode, we understand! Unwind and enjoy the pleasing and refreshing depth of Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Natural Fragrance Body Butters!


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Want hydrated skin indoors and out?

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