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Oftentimes, men spend much of their time and money on making sure their their skin is smooth and their style is just right. But there's an often overlooked region of their body they tend to neglect that they shouldn't, and to find it, all they need to do is look down.

That's right, men have for too long forgotten this essential part of their washing routine, and this is dangerous. In fact, not cleaning your intimate area directly impacts your overall health and fitness, and can lead to short-term and long-term health complications that could've been (and should've been) avoided. (1)

But there's no need to stress or feel embarrassed anymore, because GARNER'S GARDEN is proud to announce ALL-NEW 100% ALL-NATURAL MEN'S INTIMATE PRODUCTS that will give men the clean they desperately need.

In this blog we talk about why men need to clean their intimate area, and how they can SMELL THEIR BEST and FEEL THEIR BEST today!





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Everyone knows the importance of personal hygiene, and most women known the immense importance of WOMEN'S HYGIENE, but men's hygiene has often become a taboo subject. Well, here's a fact: using an intimate wash is important for men AND women.

In fact, men should not only be using an intimate wash, but intimate hygiene should be a part of a man's everyday cleaning and washing routine to achieve and maintain optimal health. (2)

And though you may be thinking that you shower every day and that's enough, it isn't. Normal soaps are oftentimes harsh on the sensitive and delicate skin of the genital area, which is why it's essential men opt for an ALL-NATURAL INTIMATE WASH and SPRAY free from chemicals. (3)


FUN FACT: Cleaning your intimate area helps prevent body odor, which men (and the women in their lives) will appreciate. Fight odor-causing bacteria instantly with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MEN'S SIGNATURE INTIMATE SPRAY! (4)


Believe it or not, men and women have the same chance of developing a bacterial or fungal infection in their intimate area, and that's because the sensitive skin there dries quickly, which causes a greater likelihood of infection.


Men face a greater risk of bacterial infection when they don't regularly clean their intimate area.


And if this doesn't sound serious, think again. Not cleaning your intimate area leads to serious health problems like fungal groin infection, herpes, UTI, and male thrush, all of which can lead to and cause other unwanted problems as well. (5)

Having an unclean intimate area can also lead to rashes, pimples, infections, foul smells, and itchiness. Remember: men have more sweat glands in their intimate area than most of the rest of their body, which means more sweat and potentially worse odors down there. (6)


As the first step in your personal hygiene routine, check out Garner's Garden All-New 100% All-Natural Men's Intimate Spray, which relieves itchiness and irritation, while also removing unpleasant odors!




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Another reason it's so important men clean their intimate area is because the longer you don't, the worse it is for your health. In fact, sweat and dirt accumulate in your intimate area, which leads to bad odors and a greater chance of penile yeast infection.

Making matters worse is that, like your underarms, the intimate area is usually covered. This makes your intimate area even more prone to bacterial and fungal infections, as well as odor that can result from increased sweating. (7)

Because of this, when washing, it's recommended that you use warm water and avoid artificial chemicals and ingredients that can irritate your sensitive region, such as talcs and heavily perfumed products. This region's sensitivity is why you should always choose to go ALL-NATURAL when picking an intimate wash. (8)


FUN FACT: Washing your intimate area is recommended in the same way it's recommended you brush your teeth twice a day and clean your hands after using the restroom. When washing your intimate area, opt for the gentle freshness of GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MEN'S SIGNATURE INTIMATE WASH! (9)


In addition to washing your intimate area at least once per day as part of your cleaning and washing regimen, it's also recommended that you wash after exercising and engaging in sweaty activities. And after washing, be sure to pat yourself dry to avoid irritation.


Using an intimate wash after exercise prevents a smelly buildup of sweat and bacteria.


A couple of more tips after washing down there is to put on a fresh pair of underwear (you don't want to just transfer the bacteria back!), MOISTURIZE as part of your normal skincare routine, and eat right for your basic general health and well being. (10)

Lastly, using an intimate wash is important because it keeps the pH balance of your intimate area in check. This is essential because the skin of your intimate area is on the acidic side, and having a poor pH balance means greater rates of bacteria and a greater risk of infection. (11)


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