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What Is Tooth Abscess, and How To Prevent It Today!

Abstain From Abscess Today!


Everyone knows the importance of GREAT ORAL HYGIENE, but people don’t always talk about what to do when something feels wrong. And knowing this is important, as many people let oral problems worsen, which can lead to dangerous long-term oral problems like tooth abscess.

Nearly half of all people experienced pain in their mouth just last year. And this is a big issue, as mouth pain is not only a symptom of a potential oral problem, but can also be a precursor of something worse down the line. (1)

Tooth abscess, one of these potentially dangerous problems, is a serious oral threat that can leave you suffering for weeks, months, or even years. But there’s no need to worry about tooth abscess anymore, as new research and 100% ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE PRODUCTS can help you to not only PREVENT TOOTH ABSCESS, but all the painful symptoms of it too.

In this oral care blog we talk about what tooth abscess is, and how to PREVENT IT TODAY!




The first thing to know about tooth abscess is that it’s the result of a problem already in your mouth. Put simply, oral infections lead to a buildup of pus in your gums or teeth – also known as tooth abscess.

Chances are you'll know if you’re suffering from tooth abscess, as tooth abscess require immediate care by a dental professional if you have it. Signs of the oral care problem include severe pain in your gums, toothaches, and a swollen face or jaw. (2)

The reason it’s best to PREVENT TOOTH ABSCESS instead of remedying it is because bacterial infections linger, developing in the soft pulp of your tooth. And these infections usually result from plaque, which sticks to your teeth after saliva, bacteria, and food create the unwanted substance in your mouth. (3)


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Not to sound morbid, but abscessed teeth do not go away on their own, and they can equally affect the young and elderly alike. So, if you want to avoid the infection spreading to the rest of your body, including your head and neck, you need to regularly practice HEALTHY HABITS with an ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE ROUTINE.


Tooth decay is a problem that worsens over time. Take the steps to prevent tooth decay today by practicing HEALTHY BRUSHING HABITS!


Additionally, to PREVENT TOOTH ABSCESS, brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes per brush twice a day, and do whatever you can to avoid cavities, which lead to tooth abscess. To do this, limit your sugar intake and take the steps every day to keep your GUMS AND TEETH HEALTHY. (5)

It’s also important to mention that sometimes, it’s not your fault when developing tooth abscess. A broken or chipped tooth can become infected and lead to tooth abscess, as well as when your enamel wears down. This situation allows bacteria into your teeth. Long-term gum problems or cavities can lead to tooth abscess as well. (6)


To kill fungi and bacteria that can lead to plaque, gum problems, and tooth abscess, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Oral Care Trio!


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Now that we know the basics of what tooth abscess is, let’s talk about the three infections that cause it. Periapical infections (by the tip of your tooth root), periodontal infections ( in your tissues and bones supporting your tooth), and gingival infections (inside your gums) all lead to tooth abscess.

Some people are also more prone to developing tooth abscess than others, including smokers. Smokers have double the chances of developing tooth infections as those who don’t smoke, and those with dry mouth also experience more bacteria than others, which can lead to tooth abscess as a result of less saliva production. (7)


Preventing infections is essential in preventing tooth abscess. Prevent infections today with ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE PRODUCTS!


Without a proper ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE ROUTINE, tooth abscess can worsen, thus requiring painful work by dentists. Root canals and drainage treatments are done to remove your infection, though some remedies are dependent upon the seriousness of your problem. (8)


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Without PROPER ORAL CARE, tooth abscesses can rupture on their own, which is why symptoms are so important to look out for. Some things you may not think of that can lead to tooth abscess include medicines that lead to dry mouth, diets high in sugary drinks or foods, and oral care neglect.

It’s also important to understand the feelings that may be signs of tooth abscess. These include foul tastes in your mouth, problems breathing and swallowing, consistent tooth sensitivity, and tooth pain extending from your teeth to the surrounding areas of your body. (10)

To protect your teeth, it’s always great to protect your enamel, which is the outermost layer of your teeth. The right ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE PRODUCTS can also protect other layers of your teeth, such as your enamel and dentin, which are your tooth’s protective layers. (11)


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