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Why Women Need To Use All-Natural Aftershave!

Aftershave And Prevent The Pain


Shaving has always been a taboo subject when it comes to women’s health, which has made a potentially difficult and painful process even worse. One way to make this process easier and more comfortable is by talking about AFTERSHAVE.

To put it simply, aftershave can mean a lot of different things, and can be categorized as any gel, liquid, oil, or just about anything you put on your body after shaving. But this vagueness can come at the cost of your bodily health when this substance - often in the shape of dangerous over-the-counter products - causes you more harm than good. (1)

But there IS a way you can not only PROTECT your skin, but also make your skin post-shave SMOOTHER and MORE COMFORTABLE than ever.

In this blog we talk about the importance of ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVE, and how to achieve your HEALTHIEST and MOST RADIANT SKIN today!





Want smooth and healthy skin post-shave?

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One of the most common questions people have about aftershave is whether or not they even need it. Well, the answer is clear: YOU NEED IT. That’s because shaving can be extremely irritating to your skin, potentially damaging your skin and leaving it vulnerable to bacteria that can make your skin problems worse.

Though it may sound obvious, shaving cuts your skin. But not many people realize the danger these cuts can cause. And that’s where aftershave comes in. Aftershave helps to prevent the cuts shaving causes from causing dangerous fungal and bacterial infections. Shaving also causes friction on your skin as you try to remove your hairs. This unfortunately can lead to bumps and itchiness, which ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVE can remedy. (2)

Shaving can also cause ingrown hairs that can be extremely debilitating to sensitive skin, and can lead to risks to your bodily health. To fight these potential dangers of shaving, be sure your aftershave DOES NOT include alcohol. Alcohol dries out your skin, which can actually create the rashes that shaving doesn’t. (3)


QUICK TIP: Alcohol in over-the-counter products burns your skin for a reason. It is a significant irritant that will dry you out and potentially damage your skin in the short and long term. Use GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN’S AFTERSHAVE, and enjoy smooth and healthy skin today! (4)


Now that we know the dangers of shaving, let’s talk about the benefits of aftershave. Using aftershave will actually cool the burning that can come as a result of shaving, even if you don’t suffer from ill effects of shaving or have had significant problems in the past. One of these reasons is because aftershave is super hydrating.


Over-the-counter aftershave gels can be dangerous to your skin and bodily health. For smooth and healthy skin post-shave, check out GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN'S AFTERSHAVE!


When you use ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVE, you are also moisturizing your skin, which is all the more important after shaving. Not only that, but aftershave will also provide a necessary layer of defense that will nourish your skin and provide a thick layer of protection to prevent breakouts and fight bacteria. (5)

To better understand the importance of aftershave, here’s a little-known fact about what shaving does: shaving literally removes the top layer of your skin. Yup, that’s right, and this causes problems that can resemble the severity of sun damage. Using ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVE can actually keep potential irritation at bay and provide protection your skin desperately needs. (6)


For healthier and smoother skin post-shave, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Women's Aftershave, which remedies the micro-cuts razors deliver, and offers a protective layer over your skin to fight ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and razor burns!



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There are many types of aftershave on the market today, and not all offer the same benefits to your skin. In fact, some over-the-counter aftershaves are excessively creamy, while others can spray or be applied so wildly that you might not actually be spreading it to your vulnerable skin evenly.

We mentioned before the importance of avoiding alcohol, but it’s also important that you avoid artificial dyes and fragrances. Dyes and fragrances can be drying and irritating, which can only worsen the effects of your life post-shave. Using an ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVE will provide your skin the necessary tools to rebuild, while also providing necessary relief to your body. (7)


Be sure your aftershave is alcohol free. This is the best way to ensure your skin is smooth and soft post-shave. GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN'S AFTERSHAVE is alcohol and chemical free, and the best way to enjoy your smoothest skin ever post-shave!


And though ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVE will hydrate your skin, it’s also important that you follow up the application of your aftershave with an ALL-NATURAL MOISTURIZER to facilitate the effects of your aftershave, and to soothe your newly vulnerable skin. This can also help stave off dryness and irritation, while boosting your skin with the moisture it needs. (8)


QUICK TIP: People with sensitive skin need to be especially careful when choosing aftershave. Protect your skin from irritation and skin complications today by using GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL WOMEN'S AFTERSHAVE! (9)


The other reason it’s important to use ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVE is because it can reduce the swelling that shaving can cause. Additionally, without the all-natural ingredients found in ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVE, the breaks in your skin from shaving can allow chemicals in, furthering irritation and health problems.

Let’s be honest. The goal of shaving is to give your skin a radiant look and smooth feeling you can feel comfortable showing off and living in. If you follow up your shave with nothing or an artificial aftershave, you may only be compounding the problems shaving can cause, such as razor bumps and razor burn, thus making the whole activity useless. (10)

Aftershave may also undo some of the problems you may not think about when shaving, including using dull blades and not using the appropriate pre-shaving products. Another important thing to remember when shaving is to avoid hot water, as this can dry out your skin, making ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVE even more important. (11)


And don't forget about the man in your life! To protect your man from broken skin, razor bumps, and irritation post-shave, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Men's Aftershave, an alcohol-free solution to all his shaving problems!





Want smooth and healthy skin post-shave?

Get 15% off our ALL-NATURAL AFTERSHAVES today!






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