Why You Need Disinfectant Spray This Fall

Stay Clean ... Stay Safe



Let's be honest. Life's been tough lately.

On one hand, you're doing your best to bring some sense of normalcy back to your life, and on the other, you're faced with a pandemic that threatens everything you hold dear.

So what do you do?

You prepare.

And today we have more information than ever before.

In this blog we talk about the importance of all-natural disinfectant spray uses, and how using this spray will get your life safely back to normal today!





Our lives are filled with germs. In fact, most people encounter about 60,000 germs each day. (1)

However, not all of these germs are dangerous, and not all of these germs are COVID-19. In fact, most aren't. But that doesn't mean these germs are looking to help.

Around 10,000 of those germs we encounter each day are potentially dangerous to those with standard immunities. (2)


QUICK TIP: Don't wait for antibiotics after! Many antibiotics actually cause more harm than good. Prevention is the best way to stay safe! (3)


A few surfaces with the most germs are laundry machines, cell phones, yoga mats, bathrooms, and shopping carts. But that's just the beginning.

Germs can last on surfaces for several days, and that just compounds the problem. This is because many germs are easily transferred from common surfaces we all touch. This means you're touching many germs from many places and many people. (2)

But perhaps the greatest source of germs you need to be mindful of are those at the gym.



Source: National Institute of Health (4)


The gym is a complex place. There are sweaty people, dirty appliances, and many people doing their best to get healthy while staying safe.

But this also means the gym is a hub for germs. In fact, 25 different types of bacteria were found at random checks of four different gyms tested in 2014. (5)

A lot of the problem with gyms and germs revolves around the air circulation - or lack of it. Using a disinfectant spray clears the air of dangerous floating germs and bacteria. (6)


QUICK TIP: Viruses can live in the air for days. Spray your disinfectant spray on surfaces and in the air even if the gym is empty! (7)


Surprisingly, gyms aren't liable for federal health regulations, like restaurants . That leaves you needing to pick up the slack.

Combine that with the fact that gyms are warm and moist - perfect grounds for germs and disease - and it's clear that gyms can be dangerous to your health. (6)


But it's not all doom and gloom.


A good disinfectant spray kills dangerous bacteria and viruses on contact, and disinfectant spray causes the benefits of using the gym to far outweigh the dangers of not. So spray away and forget the rest! (8)




Allergens. Pollen. Colds. Flus.

We've covered how dangerous it can be indoors, but for many people, the fall brings diseases of its own. And there's a scientific reason for this. 

The drop in temperature causes your respiratory system to weaken and contain less healthy mucus, leaving you susceptible to more bacteria. (9)

The cold weather also causes more people to be inside, allowing germs to  spread more easily and quickly. (10)


QUICK TIP: 800 million viruses fall from the sky each year. Spray some disinfectant spray, and enjoy your time safely outdoors this fall. (11)


Chronic lung conditions worsen in the fall as we breathe in more airborne pathogens. (12)

These conditions are not the basic cold or flu - these diseases can lead to hospitalizations or further health complications down the line. (13)

And like gyms, indoor gatherings usually have less ventilation and fresh air, enabling the air to stagnate and become stale with disease. (9)




Many doctors expect a COVID-19 resurgence this fall, making it that much more important to stay vigilant and use disinfectant spray as much as possible this season.

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is causing deaths and hospitalizations to rise, and that's as more and more people return to life as normal. (14)

It can get so bad that the government predicts cases of COVID-19 could reach up to 200,000 cases a day soon, and that's because the virus transfers so easily from person to person. (15) (16)


QUICK TIP: Scientists are studying the virus and potential mutations and variants for the future. Load up on disinfectant spray and stay safe all fall and winter long!


But in the end, COVID-19 is simply a virus, and killing it is possible. And easy too.

The external membrane of the coronavirus is weak, meaning that doctors have found that the virus survives for a very short amount of time outside the body. (17)

Also, coronavirus can be neutralized with even small amounts of disinfectant, and is vulnerable at higher temperatures, humidity, and even on certain surfaces. (17) (18)

The bottom line is that this virus is dangerous, but it's beatable if you use disinfectant and are careful.


So being inside can be dangerous. Going outside can be dangerous. So what do you do? Well, GARNER'S GARDEN IS HERE TO HELP.


Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Disinfectant Gym Spray is non-toxic, and uses therapeutic grade essential oils to kill bacteria and viruses



And Don't Stop There! Pair our All-Natural Disinfectant Gym Spray with the following for the ultimate protection this fall:


Natural Organic Hand Soap - gently and effectively cleans hands; also softens skin


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