Kaolin Clay


Net Wt 4.6 oz | Garner's Garden Kaolin Clay has proven beneficial in eliminating oils and providing minerals for the skin. It is perfect for a wide variety of applications, for example: as a facial mask, on the entire body, and as an additive to bath water for a mineralizing effect. Kaolin Clay is known to help purify, nourish, soothe, and heal different skin types. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and the Chinese were known to use Kaolin Clay.


  • Enhances Blood Circulation
  • Good for balancing oil in the skin
  • Therapeutic uses – contains essential nutrients and photo-nutrients

Kaolin Clay is recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive and normal skin. Kaolin Clay is among the best treatments that will reduce the production of sebum which is the main contributor to oily skin. Kaolin Clay helps in mineralizing the dry areas of the skin resulting in you getting and maintaining smooth and clear skin! Ensure that you follow up with Garner's Garden Normalizing Face Oil for even better results!

Ingredients: Kaolin