DIY Detox Face Mask


6 oz or 3.2 oz | Garner’s Garden 100% all-natural do it yourself (DIY) detox face mask conveniently gives you the best base ingredients so that you can create your ultimate facial and body mask. Our DIY detox face mask is made with pure detoxifying bentonite clay, mineralizing kaolin clay, and activated charcoal. It is very simple to use, add three scoops to a plastic or glass container and mix with water until it becomes smooth – then add your favorite ingredient(s) based on your skin type and situation. It is very simple to use this powerful detox mask!

This mask will not only cleanse deeply cleanse your pores, but it will also pull toxins and add minerals to your skin. It may dry your skin, so it is imperative that you have a very good moisturizer. Pair this product with the following Garner’s Garden Products:

Ingredients: Bentonite, Kaolin, Activated Charcoal


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