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Your Springtime Bug Guide: How To Protect Yourself This Spring!

A Bug-Free Spring!

Spring is here, which means many of us are gearing up to venture outside once again. There’s just one problem with this: more time outside means more exposure to bugs. And though some of these bugs are simply the kind we'll try to ignore, there are some bugs you need to be super mindful of this season.

In fact, many bugs you’ll want to avoid will begin to make their presence known once the temperature reaches the fifties (like now!). And these bugs are not just the ones you’ll face outside. Many of these bugs can wreak havoc in your home too, searching for a place to stay and eat. (1)

But thankfully, you don’t need to worry about spring bugs anymore, as there’s an ALL-NATURAL WAY you can keep your family SAFE and your home as BUG-FREE as can be as the weather continues to grow warmer.

In this blog we talk about the dangerous bugs you might see this spring, and how you can KEEP BUGS AWAY all season long!






Wanna keep bugs away this spring?




Let’s be honest. This is an exciting time of year. The weather’s growing warmer, which means it’s finally time to go outside and enjoy the sunnier weather and outdoors. Unfortunately, many bugs are thinking the same thing, and are just as excited to get out and enjoy their lives – while possibly ruining yours - this season.

This is because many bugs don’t like winter either, and usually spend it cooped up and overwintering. Some even hibernate, while others simply burrow inside your home, waiting for the warmer weather to show up and for the sun to make its presence known, usually at the cost of your mental and physical health. (2)

Another problem spring brings along is the hatching of many bug eggs. This can lead to even more bugs that'll try to burrow out of wherever they’ve been hiding, wanting to enjoy the nice weather just like you. Because of this, it’s important you PROTECT YOURSELF now before infestation can take hold. (3)


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Now that we know bugs can be a real problem in the spring, let’s talk about some of the major ones to keep an eye on. One of the worst culprits of spring bug issues are mosquitoes. Not only are mosquitoes known to be biters, but they love grass and laying eggs, duplicating quickly as humidity rises. (5)


Now it's more important than ever you protect yourself from dangerous bugs! Repel pesky bugs before the bites begin with GARNER'S GARDEN ALL-NATURAL BUG REPELLENT PACKAGE!


One of the best ways to curb the attack of mosquitoes in and around your home is by keeping an eye on water. Rainwater especially can lead to large amounts of mosquitoes, as can uncleaned areas that store water. It’s also important you keep an eye on your property in general, because mosquitoes love hanging around thick shrubbery. (5)

Another common bug during spring bug none of us want to see is the ant. Ants love coming out after it rains, and especially love find thing their way out of the rain, which usually involves finding your home. Some of the common ants to keep an eye out for are fire ants – common in the south, and carpenter ants, found in northern places. (6)



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Nobody wants mosquitoes or ants in their home or on their property, but there are a few other bugs you’re going to want to keep an eye out for this season. These include boxelder bugs, which can show up in droves during the warmer spring weather, and beetles, who love kitchens and can be a real nuisance in the spring. Especially keep an eye on larder beetles, who can even fly!

And we’re all familiar with another annoying bug that can be really, really unpleasant in spring – the stink bug. Chances are, you’ve seen these bugs just lingering around your house. Though they seem harmless, they can smell really, really, bad, and keep growing in numbers during spring. (7)


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Some other bugs to keep an eye out for include spiders, termites, wasps, and bees. Not only can these bugs hurt you, but they can damage your home, making it that much more important you PROTECT yourself and your home this spring. (8)


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Knowing the bugs that can cause you and your home problems in spring is one thing. PROTECTING yourself and your home is something else. One of the best ways to do this is with citronella, which helps repel bugs.

And the benefits of citronella are nothing new. In fact, citronella has been used for hundreds of years, capable of keeping away annoying flies and mosquitoes. This is due to the amazing compounds within it – like geraniol, citronellol, and citronellal - making it that much more important you choose ALL-NATURAL CITRONELLA-BASED PRODUCTS. (10)

Many bugs, such as mosquitoes, lice, and ticks are repelled by eucalyptus, making it essential you also use ALL-NATURAL EUCALYPTUS-BASED PRODUCTS. As another tip, it’s important to NOT use over-the-counter products with artificial fragrances, which can sometimes cause bugs to be even more attracted to you. (11)



And don't forget your kids! Find our powerful essential oils in Garner's Garden All-Natural DEET-Free Bug Spray For Kids, which will effectively repel bugs and keep pesky pests away!

Monitor children under six years of age. Do not swallow. Discontinue use and seek medical attention if irritation or rash develops.



And don't forget your pets! Keep bugs away from your pets while protecting their natural oils with Garner's Garden All-Natural Organic Pet Shampoo!

Do not swallow. Keep away from eyes, nose, and inside of ears. Do not use it on open wounds. If rash or irritation occurs, stop usage and seek veterinarian attention. This product is made for external use only.






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Wanna keep bugs away this spring?

















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