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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We recommend our children's oral care products for ages 6 and up. However, I do have customers who use the products on their young children/toddlers. Just be very mindful on how the children use the products - please guide them for however long it takes for them to learn how to use the products correctly.

Here is a list of products that I would advise starting with: - Antibacterial Facial Cleanser or the Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser - both products are the oil cleansing method and will help control your natural oil production. - Pure Toner or Extra Strength Facial Toner - these products will help remove excess oil and dirt from your face. - Normalizing Face Oil - this product will provide your skin the necessary moisture to help balance your skin's oil production and keep your skin from drying out - when your skin dries out, that is the trigger for your body to start producing oil - basically over compensating oil production because your skin is starving. If you are hesitant about using the oil cleansing method, then our Organic Face Wash (Soap) or African Black Soap may be the options that you prefer. But just know, it would be highly advisable to at least use the normalizing face oil to add the oil back to your skin. Overall, what you should be trying to accomplish is transitioning your skin into thinking that you already have enough oil on your skin and you will go through a gradual change in the way your skin produces and reacts to oil. This transition will take time and it is not instant. I have combination skin and for the longest time, I really tried everything I could think of to manage my oily skin. After conducting a lot of research, I realized I was missing the key thing which would help me the most, and that was the application of oil to my skin. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it works if you give it time to work.

4D Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum

Normalizing Face Oil 

Vitamin C Serum

Using oil-based products the correct way will not increase the oiliness of your skin. It will actually do the reverse. Oil-based products will help normalize your skin. I would advise using our Pure Toner or Extra Strength Facial Toner prior to using one of our facial moisturizers. The toners will allow the oil to soak into your skin a lot better. 

Hempseed and safflower are rated zero (0) on a scale of 0 to 5 that measures the likelihood of the oils clogging your pores. These oils will not clog your pores and cause acne - we specifically formulated it with that in mind.

Overall - don't be afraid of using oil on your skin. Your skin will start to adjust over a period of time and you will have glowing, healthy skin that everyone will notice! 

There are no traces of THC or any other substance in our products that would make anyone fail a drug test.