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African Black Soap: What Makes It So Good

An All-Natural Skin Remedy

For decades, people have been looking for that next big thing, something that can do it all - wash, exfoliate, moisturize, and even make the symptoms of aging disappear.

But there's a new product both dermatologists and skincare aficionados alike are raving over that truly can do it all. What is it?


African Black Soap


African black soap is an all-natural soap you can use on your entire body that has a whole host of benefits for your skin.

In this blog we discuss the amazing skincare benefits of African black soap, and why you need to be using it today!


What Is African Black Soap?


African black soap is a 100% all-natural soap made from locally-sourced ingredients in West Africa.

The ingredients in African black soap - such as camwood, shea butter, honey, aloe vera, and palm kernel oil - are plant-based and great for your skin individually, and together give your skin a REVITALIZING BOOST of vitamins and minerals. (1) (2)


FUN FACT: African black soap is handmade, and can vary slightly in appearance from one batch to the next. But don't worry - they're ALL fresh and great for your skin! (2)


African black soap works for all skin types, and this is because the soap is free from all chemicals, additives, and dyes. This ensures a completely ALL-NATURAL skincare solution. (1)

The all-natural ingredients in African black soap also make it effective as a hand soap, body soap, and shampoo. (2)


Now let's talk about some of the benefits of African black soap.



Using African black soap gets rid of more than just your standard dirt - it kills bacteria that can cause dangerous skin and body infections like cellulitis and staph!

Not only that, but African black soap has also been shown to effectively kill various forms of dangerous pollutants and viruses. (3) (4)

African black soap is so powerful that it's even MORE EFFECTIVE than medicated, over-the-counter soaps at killing skin-harming toxins. (1)


Exposure To Air Pollutants (Source: CDC 14)



And African black soap doesn't just kill bacteria in the air. African black soap also fights the spread of fungal infections on your body.

In fact, seven different fungi are killed when washed with the all-natural power of African black soap. (3)


FUN FACT: Despite its strength, African black soap is great for those with sensitive skin and those who suffer from allergies to over-the-counter, medicated soaps! (3)


The antibacterial and antifungal properties of African black soap also means it kills acne-causing bacteria that may come from a buildup of sebum, the natural oil your body secretes. (5)

And don't worry if you already have a break out. The natural ingredients in African black soup also prevent the buildup of acne, acting as both therapy and a preventative measure. (6)

Using African black soap consistently will also balance your body's natural oil production, leaving you with smooth skin that's glowing and refreshed. (3)



New studies are showing that African black soap reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (7)

This is because the antibacterial and antioxidant properties in African black soap fight free radicals and reverse the effects of free radical damage. (2)

African black soap actually stops destructive reactive oxygen species (also known as ROS) from causing premature wrinkling and unevenness in skin tone and texture. (8)


FUN FACT: African black soap is also effective at removing makeup! (9)


Another problem for many people are age spots once they're on your face. But this is no problem for African black soap:

90% of people who use African black soap say it's effective at evening out their age spots. (10)


Yup, you heard that right:


90% of people who use African black soap say it's effective at evening out their age spots.


Click HERE, and restore your skin's youthful glow and texture today!





Not only does African black soap help fight bacteria and make you look younger, but it also soothes your skin from dermatitis. (3)

Atopic Dermatitis, the most common form of eczema, affects over 25 million people in the United States, leaving their skin itchy, dry, blotchy, and uncomfortable.

What's worse is eczema, which can be found all over the body, including the scalp, is chronic and worsens in the fall when the temperature drops. (11) (12)


Eczema and Skin Reaction (Source: 15)


For many, there's no hope of therapy for their dermatitis. But new studies are showing that African black soap can actually remedy the symptoms of severe dermatitis.

In one study, 100% of people said they were satisfied with the results of using African black soap to remedy their eczema. (10)


FUN FACT: African black soap washes off easily in water without the stickiness and side effects of many over-the-counter medicated soaps! (1)


Razor damage is another common problem both men and women face that can freckle their skin and leave them feeling self-conscious and itchy. But African black soap remedies that too.

90% of people say that African black soap reduces blemishes and the effects of razor damage on their skin. (10)

Those with sensitive skin, psoriasis, rosacea, and skin allergies have all said African black soap soothes their skin ailments, leaving them glowing and radiant! (3)





Let's be honest. The world is a dirty place. Throughout the day, your skin encounters pollutants, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other toxins that build up on top of your dead and dying skin cells. (13)

So to clean your face and body right, you need the right soap. And African black soap IS that soap.

Once lathered, African black soap brings to the surface the natural and unnatural oil on your skin, as well as bacteria encountered throughout the day. (10)


FUN FACT: African black soap also works great at removing dead skin cells on your scalp, and is safe for use on your hair! (1)


African black soap acts as an exfoliator, removing dead skin cells from your epidermis, encouraging healthy cellular turnover.

It then replenishes essential vitamins and minerals back into your skin, such as Vitamins A and E. (3)

And don't forget to use it on your scalp, feet, and other overlooked areas of your body. Using African black soap on your feet will help prevent Athlete's foot and other fungal infections that are common in the fall. (3)


Okay. So African black soap is the real deal. And you need it. But here's a little secret - NOT ALL AFRICAN BLACK SOAPS ARE REAL, and NOT ALL ARE ALL-NATURAL.


But there is one that contains the finest ingredients imported from Ghana with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural African Black Soap is the miracle skincare solution you've been looking for. Containing the antioxidant, skin-boosting power of revitalizing vitamins and minerals, our African Black Soap is safe to use all over your body, and works for all skin types! Simply lather and wash away!



And if you want something a little gentler, try our 100% All-Natural Foaming Black Soap, which gives you the benefits of our All-Natural African Black Soap, but in a bottle!



Also pair our 100% All-Natural African Black Soap with our 100% All-Natural Moisturizing Body Oil, which locks in your natural moisture and rejuvenates your skin with sweet almond, jojoba, and vitamin E oil. Won't clog pores!


Also pair our 100% All-Natural African Black Soap with our 100% All-Natural Normalizing Face Oil, which reduces excess oil and controls your natural oil production. Also won't clog pores!










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  • Leatha

    I’m looking for a geat hand wash for my hand eczema. Can I use the liquid black soap on my hands and will it do the same job as the soap
    Garner’s Garden replied:
    Hey Leatha, Thanks so much for your comment! This will work; we also recommend you use our 100% All-Natural Eczema Pre-Wash before bath time!

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